Industrial Exterior House Lights

Remember last week when I showed you our new paint colors and promised an update on the exterior lights with closeups? Well, I forgot that I had a colicky one month old (my normal blogging hours are before the kids wake up or after the kids go to bed, but those are Peter’s designated screaming time…so, yeah), a demanding 22 month old who is testing the waters and needs consistency and discipline to keep her from becoming Michelle Tanner (cute and funny and allowed to get away with s**t because of it and therefore eventually an out of control tween – our #1 goal in raising our daughter? Discipline so that she doesn’t become an Olsen twin. Or Lindsay Lohan.) and a stoic, rule following, almost 4 year old who just needs to be wrapped in a hug and told how important and special and wonderful he is. 3 very different personalities demanding attention over here at the McKevitt house these days. Happens. I’m a big believer in blog reciprocity – if you comment on my blog, I comment on yours. And hopefully vice versa. But right now the majority of my blog reading takes place at 2am…and my iphone doesn’t allow me to comment on blogger blogs for some reason. And by 6am, I forget what I’ve commented on and what I’ve just read. So don’t hold it against me, okay? One day soon, I’ll be a good blog friend again.


Anyway, our house. Originally, our lights were what every builder in our town installed on houses in the 90s and early 2000s. I called them the Olympic torch lights. They’re sitting on the workbench in our garage so that I can donate them for someone craftier than I am to transform, but I considered keeping one in case Tom, Nell or Peter ever has to play the Statue of Liberty in a school play. I don’t make fun of the lights to put down any previous homeowners: the house was built in 2oo1, and this was what the builder was offering. It never crossed my mind to change out the builder lights at our last house until we were close enough to moving that I didn’t want to put anymore money into it. And then the second homeowners made lots of changes to the house that are what made us buy it – hardwood floors throughout the entire first floor, built-ins in Nell’s room, etc. And I’m pretty sure, looking at all the other torch lights in our neighborhood, they painted these Oil Rubbed Bronze from brass to make them less prominent. But since we were painting, we decided to update and go with a style we like all around.

exterior lights before I showed you all the lights I was considering in this post and decided on this industrial style exterior light from Home Depot. It was the biggest scale of the three similar styles I liked best, which was important to me. I also liked that it had a dawn-to-dusk feature. We’re not good about remembering to turn lights off during the day, and so my electrical engineer husband opts for leaving our exterior lights off so we don’t waste precious commodities (and money). But I like the security of having lights on at night…so this works well for us.

exterior lights after

B installed the lights the day the painters finished and I adore them. gray house paint industrial lights

The Home Depot reviews are mediocre, but that’s based on a motion sensor feature we don’t use (motion sensor lights freak me out…probably the point, huh?) I will say, we accidentally had them set to motion sensor the first night and they seemed to work fine. So I love the lights, and I’d buy them again in a heartbeat.

So that’s the latest on our curb appeal updates. I love my Dark Sky Association approved lights – they definitely make our house more “ours” and less the now defunct builder’s.

The Games We Play: Preschool Edition

B and I love games. We play Gin Rummy together frequently. Bananagrams. Scrabble when we have hours. We adore playing games with friends, too. So when it came to playing games with our kids, we were all about it. But, because B and I are game people – we wanted to like the games we play with our kids, too. From my babysitting days, there are plenty of games that kids love (and that I loved) that are a bit tedious for adults. Candy Land comes to mind…

So anyway, here are our current favorite games to play with Thomas, who is 3 and a half. Nell, at one and a half, “plays” some of these too.

favorite-games-for-preschoolers From top to bottom (no affiliate links, just linking for your convenience):

Uno Moo: This is just fun. Thomas loves this game and is obsessed with skunks suddenly as a result of it. Nell also loves the game – she plays with us and on her own, but one of us helps her by giving directions like, “Nell, play your yellow chicken now to knock out Thomas’s blue chicken”.

Spot It, Jr: Santa put this in Thomas’s stocking and it’s been a favorite since Christmas. There are a couple different games you can play with it, and it goes quickly. B and I have played a couple nights after the kids are in bed, too. This is also our go-to gift for Thomas’s preschool classmates.

Zingo: I bought this based on Sarah at Clover Lane’s suggestion at Thanksgiving to play with Thomas and my nieces, and it’s a definite family hit. I couldn’t figure out what was so great about it from the description online – sounded like a fancied up bingo (it is). But way more fun than Bingo, plus it’s quick and just competitive enough for little kids without overwhelming them or making you “go easy” on them.  And I feel like my kids are now going to have a leg up on their nursing home buddies in their old age. Preparing them for life right here. Preparing them for life.

Alphabet Memory: I’ve mentioned before that we play a shortened version of this game. And honestly, Memory is not my favorite. But it’s so good for kids – it teaches focus. We pull out the letters of Thomas’s name when we play most of the time, and every now and then will do the whole alphabet, but that’s still a bit complicated for him.

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel: Since I mentioned this over a year ago, I doubt it needs much explaining, but it’s a really fun game, and goes relatively quickly, too. Thomas received this for Christmas when he was 2.5, but Nell can play this one by herself with very little direction from us, too, so it’s nice to have a game that the four of us can play together since so many of the games are a little beyond Nell right now.

Sequence for Kids: This is our newest game acquisition, and it’s Thomas’s current favorite. He loves “blocking” us from winning, and it teaches strategy – which is beyond Thomas right now, but something we talk about and work on. We play this at least once a day right now.

So those are our current favorites, what about you? Any great games you’ve played lately (kid or grown-up, I’m always up for suggestions in either category!)?

Operation Curb Appeal: Gray House Paint

I thought about holding off on this post until the grass is green and the trees have leaves, but in the spirit of sharing things as they happen, here’s a big curb appeal update before Mother Nature kicks in her contribution. Last week, we had the exterior of our house painted. The faded brown paint needed to go and I knew that our house hadn’t been painted since it was built in 2001 so was likely on the HOA’s list for needing to be painted in the next year when we bought it last summer. You can read about my initial plans for the house paint – at the time I didn’t think we’d get to paint the house any color but one of the many tans or browns that the HOA currently had available, but I attended the annual meeting in January where they were talking about adding new colors to the scheme and was excited to see that they were including a few new colors to liven up the neighborhood. I jumped on the gray option (our HOA limits how many houses can be painted a color in a general area, and I knew I wanted our house to go gray), immediately submitted my proposal to paint, and lined up our painters. We also had our garage door replaced since the old one had holes in it and was falling apart, and replaced the outdoor lights.


Here’s what our house looked like when we bought it. It was a very faded brown that had some yellow undertones in certain faded patches. And some patched paint that was a totally different color than the rest of the house. The trim color was also only one shade lighter than our house color which I didn’t love – I like white trim – and the accent color on the door and one pair of shutters was barely darker than the house. It was monochromatic to say the least.

House Before

And here it was in February, with my commentary of all the things that I wanted to change called out:

house issues

And here is our house now. My friend Jules was over the day the painters were finishing up and as she left she said, “Em, this looks like a house you guys would live in, now.” And she was absolutely right…it’s very much us. We went with a deep charcoaly-blue accent color on the door and shutters, and added shutters to the porch window and big upstairs window to balance the house and extend color. You all helped me decide to bring the shutters to the second floor, and it was absolutely the right call.


It was such a dramatic change that at first I didn’t know what to think. But as the week went on, I knew the gray with white trim and navy accents were the right call. It plays up the craftsman and cottage elements of our home and feels much more like us. And I’m quite smitten with the new exterior lights that B put up the day the painters finished up (I’ll do another post on the lights and the before and after this week – just need to get good close-ups of the new lights first).  Here’s another angle in a the bright afternoon light (which makes the gray look lighter than it really is):


It’s not unlike our old house. And I’m good with that, because from a curb appeal standpoint, I adored our first house. And now I’m loving our second house from a curb appeal standpoint, too. The outside of our home means so much to me – it sets the vibe as people arrive at our home for the first time or the hundredth time. We still have some work to do: We’ll either remove or replace the storm door (undecided – maybe remove it and if we miss the breezes replace it? We love the functionality of a storm door and the cross breezes they allow from the front to the back of the house, but prefer the look of a solid front door), add some greenery and color with flowers in planters and in the surrounding landscape and pay a little attention to the porch furniture and layout. But the garage door, paint and lights were the biggies on our list for this year, and we’re loving the outcome.

My Boys

I was really worried about how Peter’s arrival would affect Thomas. I knew Nell’s world would be temporarily rocked, but I also knew that she’s young enough (not quite 21 months older than Peter) that she’d quickly get over it and will honestly not remember life before she was the middle child. Thomas was over the moon about the idea of a new baby from the moment we told him. He’d ask us all the time when the baby was coming, and checked the calendar frequently to see when March was coming. He told me that he wanted the baby to sleep in his room – in his arms – and actually cried when B set up the crib in the nursery. I was worried that the reality of a new baby would not quite meet his expectations – especially since his memory of Nell joining our family is limited {at best – I’d say his “memory” of Nell being born is all thanks to our family photo albums, not his actual memory} since he was just shy of 2 when she was born.

IMG_8707 I was also worried because Thomas desperately wanted a brother. Not because he doesn’t love his sister, but because “I already have a sister, so now I need a brother.” And also, because he apparently has Manning brother-esque dreams for himself and Peter {we’ll worry about the fact that my sons playing football terrifies me and I’d rather they just be great soccer players and then become football kickers/punters in high school should they still have football dreams later}. I actually started to second guess our choice to keep the baby’s sex a secret until delivery because Thomas was so set on having a brother. We talked a lot about how the baby was going to be either a brother or sister, and either one would be wonderful. And I know that B and I would have totally handled Thomas being the older brother of two sisters well and made him so proud to be our boy, I know that it wouldn’t have really been an issue. But I was worried all the same about his sweet, sensitive heart.


Well, all that worry was unnecessary. As we went into the final weeks, I was pretty sure we were having a boy (my original gut instinct has been right every time -  I never wavered on Thomas being a boy and told everyone that we didn’t know but that he was totally a boy, but with Nell and Peter I was never certain enough to shout my predictions from the rooftop, and I did a lot of second guessing my gut instinct throughout each of those pregnancies, but always went back to my gut instinct when asked right before delivering what my final guess was). And when Thomas and Nell came to meet Peter in the hospital, their reactions were priceless. Nell was interested for a second and then just wanted to snuggle with me and be held by me and ride the hospital bed up and down. I was happy to oblige. Since we’ve been home she’s far more interested in “Pete the Baby” (as opposed to her other favorite Pete – the cat) and she loves to look at him, kiss him and hold him.


And Thomas? Was over the moon. He hasn’t stopped grinning from ear to ear since Peter was born, and he requests to hold him, kiss him and teach him things all the time.

Thomas and Peter

And Peter seems pretty content to hang out in his big brother’s arms.

Peter’s Arrival

My labor and delivery with Peter were super straight forward – and solidified my love for my OB and the nurses at the hospital where I deliver. It was the weeks and days preceding his arrival that were a little rough!

At 37 weeks I started having false labor contractions similar to those I experienced the week before Nell arrived – consistently about 5 minutes apart, lasting about 45 seconds to a minute. They started about 5pm and stopped around midnight and just never increased in intensity, so I knew they weren’t the real deal. But, I assumed at my 38 week appointment (which was actually at 38.5 weeks since my due date was a Friday and my OB takes Fridays off) that I’d be told this baby was coming soon – because I had one week of false labor with Nell and then she arrived on her due date. So I assumed #3 would follow the same pattern. But, at my 38 week appointment, I was dilated to a 1 and there was no sign that false labor had done anything. BAnd let me clarify – I’m a big proponent of keeping babies IN as long as they need to be in. But the nightly anticipation of whether or not this would continue and become real was putting me over the edge. For the next 4 days, I just ignored my contractions the best I could. I knew they were false labor, and didn’t want to put myself through another week of “Is it real or not?”. On Friday, February 28th I was 39 weeks and I told B I was having a baby that weekend. Not that I thought the baby was coming, but that I was officially 39 weeks so I was willing to try all the old wives tales to have the baby that weekend. I took Nell for a long walk after naps and had to stop every few minutes due to contractions. Got home and they stopped. On Saturday we woke up to frigid temperatures and snow, so we went to Costco just to walk the aisles. No progress outside of the typical, consistent but not increasing in intensity contractions.

Saturday after naps, our neighbors took Tom and Nell while B and I went out for one last date night before baby. We just did early bird special happy hour appetizers at a cute restaurant in a small town nearby, and were home by 6:30. We walked into our neighbors’ house to find them cleaning Nell up since she had just thrown up about 5 minutes earlier. Ugh. We were hopeful it was the Costco hotdog she’d inhaled earlier, but by 8:30 she’d had three baths and we’d changed the crib sheets 4 times and we knew it was a bug. I laid down with her in our bed at 8:30 and B woke me up at 9:30 to tell me he had to go into work to help with an issue that had come up, but to call him if Nell got worse. And as soon as B left our room, I started having intense contractions reminiscent of my labor with Nell. And I remember thinking…”I wanted a baby this weekend, but now we need to hold off and get Nell healthy.” B got called off on coming in about 30 minutes later, so he came home and as soon as he was in bed, I got out of bed and started walking downstairs. My contractions were 3 minutes apart, lasting about 90 seconds, and getting increasingly harder to breathe through, so I was absolutely certain we’d be heading to the hospital in the morning if not sooner. We handled a few more puke episodes from Nell, and finally I fell asleep between contractions. I woke up on and off, but knew they had tapered off as soon as I’d laid down (normal for me).

Sunday, Nell was no worse for wear but B and I were exhausted. We walked Target, got things done around the house, and I went to book club after the kids were in bed. I continued to have regular contractions, though not the same intensity as the night before. So, Monday morning, I went into my 39 week appointment (at 39 weeks 3 days) with absolutely no expectations. But I was dilated to a 3 (further than when I got to Labor and Delivery with Nell!) and my OB thought the baby would come for sure that week. I knew that she was off every Friday, and since she’d been on call the weekend before, I also knew that chances of her delivering #3 were slim if we got to my due date – Friday – with no baby in our arms yet. I had intended to ask her to induce me at 40 weeks 3 days (after a successful VBAC with Nell my OB agreed to induce me with low dose pitocin instead of scheduling a repeat C-Section if necessary) at this appointment if the baby wasn’t here yet by then – I was anxious, done with false labor, and felt better about asking her to induce me after my due date than before.

She beat us to it though. She offered to strip my membranes (I agreed) and told me she thought that with my progress over the week, that would start labor. Then she said she thought we should come in Wednesday morning to be induced if it didn’t do anything since she was on call Wednesday night and gone for the weekend and she wanted to be there for my VBAC. We talked about it briefly, knowing we could change our minds, and agreed to the plan because we also felt strongly about having my OB on hand – since I’d had a successful VBAC with Nell we weren’t too worried, but the chances of things going wrong with a VBAC had both B and I convinced that we wanted my doctor at the delivery.  And then I went home, my mom, the kids and I went for a long walk – I was definitely having more intense contractions than my normal false labor – not on the scale of Saturday night, but increasing, and I thought we were making progress. And at 4pm on Monday, I threw up. At first, I was hopeful it was the start of  real labor since I’d been nauseous before heading to the hospital with Nell and had consistent contractions for the last couple hours, but instead, it was the exact same quick, but mean, stomach bug that Nell had. Throwing up all night did nothing but exacerbate the contractions. B took Tuesday morning off to handle school drop-off, and my mom came up mid-morning to get Nell, Casco and Thomas – knowing that we were possibly heading to the hospital on Wednesday anyway, and giving me a chance to rest.

After another day of regular contractions, and finally feeling up for eating real food Tuesday night, B and I figured we should just go ahead with the scheduled induction. I didn’t love the idea of being induced, but at this point, I was done with the 3 week long guessing game. We went to bed at 8:30 on Tuesday, and woke up Wednesday morning ready to go. We got to the hospital at 7:30, they started pitocin at 9 after checking me. I was a 4 – 5 and at that point admittable regardless of being induced or not. Low dose pitocin didn’t do anything for me – I was having regular contractions but they weren’t unbearable at all, and it didn’t help that baby kept slipping off the monitors when I was walking – and being a VBAC, I needed to be monitored. A little after noon my OB came in to break my water and mentioned that if this was how my last 3 weeks had been with consistent but not intense contractions, she couldn’t believe I hadn’t come into labor and delivery weeks ago. So anyway, my doctor broke my water and then…whoa. I immediately was having excruciating contractions. I had every intention of having an epidural again this go around, but didn’t want one until I needed one. And within a minute of having my water broken, we were paging the anesthesiologist. At this point, I noticed that B was not himself. The anesthesiologist came in to give my the epidural and B turned gray during the process. I would love to say that he was just getting jittery, but I knew that look and knew he was getting what Nell and I had. As soon as the nurses were out of the room, I told B to do what he had to do – if he needed to go sleep in the car, go home, go throw up – whatever it took. I remembered how miserable I was and knew he couldn’t power through it. I also knew that he would be devastated if he missed the delivery. He left the room a couple times to regroup, but was a trooper. And luckily, after my water broke, things went fast. My epidural never really took, and they couldn’t tell if it was the administration or how quickly I was progressing. Within 20 minutes I’d gone from a 4 to a 7. Nurses were in changing my position to keep the baby on the monitor, and were worried that baby’s heart rate was dropping a bit more than they were comfortable with. Turns out, Peter was just booking it to get to the world and was dropping faster than expected. At two, they checked me and I was complete. They called my doctor, turned off the epidural that had just started working about 30 minutes earlier and waited for my doctor and all the nurses to arrive. My doctor came in, B tried to rise to the occasion and I started pushing sometime around 2:30. At some point, B had to go sit down, and my OB commented that he didn’t look good. At 2:53, baby was out and my OB announced that we had a boy. B stood up – feebly – to come cut the cord and then ran back to his chair in the corner.


Peter wasn’t named yet, but he was on my chest immediately and he started nursing within about 10 minutes. My recovery from my c-section with Thomas wasn’t really that bad – I’ve heard horror stories about people not being able to go upstairs for weeks or months, but I was back to my old antics the day we got home from the hospital. But the hardest part of that c-section for me was what felt like an excruciating amount of time between Thomas being born and getting to hold him and feed him. After Nell’s VBAC, a lot of people asked me if I’d do it again. And recovery wise, I didn’t feel that there was one superior delivery method for me, but I would choose a VBAC every single day just to get to hold my baby immediately and nurse as soon as the babe is ready. So when Peter was placed on my chest, I relished that moment, knowing it was likely the last time, and knowing how lucky we were that we had a team that supported me in my desire for VBACs after a complicated first delivery.

It took us about 45 minutes to officially settle on Peter – which was our front runner of a few different boy names going into the hospital but we wanted to be sure before we committed – but that’s another story.

Peter Michael

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Peter Michael McKevitt (initials coincidentally the same as Peyton Manning McKevitt – absolutely not intentional). Peter arrived on Ash Wednesday – March 5, 2014 at 2:53 pm after a quick and relatively easy second VBAC.





We are all over the moon – Thomas especially. He spent 5 minutes this morning teaching Peter how to pass a football. I’ll be back with more details on Peter’s arrival soon, but right now, B and I are juggling and snuggling our three babies (plus Casco!) and feeling like the luckiest people in the world.

Just Checking In

To say that Peyton Manning McKevitt is not here yet…but two and half weeks of consistent, but false, labor contractions have me thinking about very little beyond getting our family through each day and PMM’s impending arrival. I’m officially due this week, so I’ll keep you all posted when he or she does choose to arrive!

Operation Curb Appeal: Exterior Lights

I have been obsessing over finding the prefect lights for our curb appeal makeover this Spring. Like, asked Mr. B on our date night on Saturday if we could please please please drive around neighborhoods before dinner to look at outdoor lighting options. And then could we maybe just swing by Lowes and Home Depot on the way home to see what they have and so I could get his opinion on styles. Because he adores me, and is a good man, he agreed, but he did say, “Em, I honestly don’t even know what lights we currently have on our house. And I probably don’t have an opinion on lights like you do.” I said, “Don’t worry. They’re ugly.”

Since I’d been obsessing about the correct light for our house for months, I had quite a few pinned to help me narrow down styles. And I was torn between going pseudo-Craftsman to play up the Craftsman elements of our exterior, or going transitional-industrial. So I put together this compilation and realized I knew what style I liked:

outdoor lighting options

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.

Turns out, what I thought I’d choose (the Craftsman-esque lines) isn’t what I love most. I’m drawn to the industrial/transitional down lights, at least aesthetically. When the house is painted (and shutters installed – thank you all for your feedback on that!), we’ll make sure we like the actual look and light output, but for now, that’s what I like. And if I like it, apparently in the world of exterior house lights, Mr. B likes it. And after looking at all the options in the store, I picked #5. It’s got a dusk to dawn feature, which I like and scalewise worked will with our house. The reviews are mediocre, but that appears to be about the optional motion sensor feature which I don’t intend to use, so I’m holding onto my receipt, but for the time being we’re going with #5. #4 was my next choice, but I couldn’t see it in person. So if 5 doesn’t work out, 4 it is.



Tom’s Room Reveal

Thomas’s room has been mostly “done” for six months – but it took me until now to get things on the walls and declare it done. I’m going to have a nursery to decorate soon, I needed to get Tom and Nell’s rooms done before #3 is here. So let’s start with Thomas’s room, which I really should have shared pictures of months ago. When we moved into our house in June of last year, Thomas’s room looked like this:


You know how I feel about neutral paint colors in kids’ rooms – that a neutral base allows the decor to change and grow with a kid easily. But the bottom line was even though blue is Tom’s favorite color, baby blue wasn’t working with his navy blue, white and orange scheme. So the baby blue had to go. Tom’s room was the first upstairs room we painted – I wanted it ready to go for him before he started preschool. But I’m pretty sure I never posted pictures of that. So here you go:


All Fall, Tom’s chalkboard had the Broncos schedule on it – we would write a W for a win and an L for a loss. We’re waiting for baseball season to fill up the chalkboard again – but being that we’re Colorado Rockies fans, it’s going to be a hell of a lot more disappointing than the Broncos season was (you know, save for that whole Super Bowl blowout thing…).

bedside table

None of the furniture or bedding or decor is new – it was all in Thomas’s room at our last house. But it’s funny how the same pieces can take on a different vibe in a different room. I love the pegboard we hung above Tom’s bookshelf (also in our old house) – it provides a nice textured backdrop for photos and other things.

peg board

Here’s where it becomes obvious that I’m not a good blogger: I didn’t straighten the books for these pictures. But this is real life! We don’t have books to make ourselves look well read or to provide colorful art and vignettes for a room – we have books because we LOVE to read. And a bookshelf full of hastily shelved books makes me happy – it means that Thomas has crawled out of his bed during his rest time and picked books to read as he rests. It means that he’s talked us into more than 3 bedtime stories. Books – hastily shelved or scattered on the floor – tell me that we’re doing alright. So that’s what you get to see, real life:


And because I believe that the closeups are nice but that you need to see a room in its entirety, here’s the whole picture. Bed-rail and all.

gray owl boys room

This room is just Thomas. His favorite colors: blue with pops of orange and red, a neutral gray background for everything to play off of. A nod to his love for sports without being a sports themed room. It hints at his love for numbers, letters and maps. It’s just so perfectly my guy.

Spring Pillows

I made winter pillows, and shared one of them here, but never shared the rest of them. They were okay in person, but they didn’t photograph well and I wasn’t all that enthused. Winter- and Christmas especially – are tough for me, decor wise, because I don’t really love to decorate with the warm, rich reds and other colors that the season envokes. But as soon as Valentine’s Day is over, I feel like I can move to a winterized version of Spring. I’m not saying that I’m busting out the flip flops and pastels – we’ve got at least two more months of snowstorms ahead of us in Colorado, but sprinkled among beautiful days – but I think that after mid-February, it’s perfectly acceptable to start adding touches of Spring.

Spring Pillows

I’ve been loving navy for the last year. Loving it. And luckily for me, navy mixes really well with my signature green. But I hadn’t yet brought any navy into our main living area – all of the bedrooms have a touch of navy, but our main floor was missing out. The kids and I were at Target on Friday getting soap and paper towels and as I passed the table linens, I saw these clearanced geometric, navy blue and white napkins. At less than $5 for 4, I threw them in my cart faster than you can say “No Spending January is over”. Then I saw these gray, yellow and khaki napkins at the same price – thought of my BFF Emily and her khaki couch and walls but recent love for gray and yellow and a conversation we recently had about how she wasn’t sure she could mix the colors and threw those in my cart to make spring pillow covers for her. Every non-skiing Coloradoan just needs a little happy in February to get them through to Spring, I think.

And one naptime later, I had six pillow covers whipped up, and just enough color to hint at sunnier days ahead.

Indigo and Green pillow covers

My mom gifted me those green, linen Pottery Barn pillow covers 4 years ago when we bought our white couch as a “Couch Warming Present”. Every time I switch out pillows, those work and they stay. I love how a good, classic basic can work for so many years depending on what you pair it with. Will I still love the geometric navy pillow covers next Spring? Probably not. But at $2 a pillow cover, I can just donate them and move on.

Indigo and Yellow pillow covers

So that’s the latest over here – just a hint of spring on the sectional with some updated pillow covers. What projects have you taken on lately?