B asked me the other day, “So, do you blog anymore?”.  Uhhh, I guess not, huh? The truth is, these little people of mine are growing like weeds – they demand (and deserve) all of my time and energy, and so no, I don’t really blog anymore. When school rolls around this Fall, I might have time to upload pictures from my phone and camera to recap all we’ve been up to and share some of the updates we’ve made to the house over the last few months, but for now…just checking in to say hello, and then run to get sunscreen on faces for an epic sprinkler run. Happy summer friends, enjoy the rest of it!

Ladies’ Night Winner

Congratulations to Bessie Viola (Commenter #1 picked randomly by, the winner of the Ladies’ Night book and kit. Email me at emilymckevitt at gmail dot com for details!

Thanks to everyone for participating!

Find Me At Work Your Wardrobe Today

I’m sharing another outfit over on Kim’s new women’s fashion blog today. Click on over to see my latest favorite dress (it has pockets!) and the rest of the contributors fabulous outfits at Work Your Wardrobe. Thanks again for having me, Kim!

Claire let me know that my blog hasn’t been allowing comments lately – I’m still figuring things out from the switch over to WordPress, but I think it’s fixed now. Thanks Claire!

Day of Silence

Social Media Updates at Imperfect

For anyone who had trouble with the link from earlier this morning, that appears to be fixed. Click through to see what I know now that I have two kids that I wish I knew when I had only one, and the first 350 to reply get coupons for diapers, wipes, formula, etc. 
In other news, I finally broke down and created a Facebook page for imperfect. Feel free to like me if you’d like – I’ll post updates about blog posts, but also more realtime updates. This seems to be the way the world’s going.
And for anyone who hasn’t found me already, I’m on instagram. I held off for a long time because I didn’t think I could handle another social network, but I love the social aspect now! And of course you can find me on twitter and Pinterest as always.
That’s all…finally getting with the times for this little old blog. Would love to see you all elsewhere on the interenets, too!

What I Know Now and Baby Coupons

I’m thrilled to be a part of an awesome campaign with Comforts for Baby that polls second (and third and fourth) time moms to find out about things you learn with your second kid that you wish you’d known with your first. I would love for you to hop over to my ad-free page and share your own tips – the first 350 to comment will receive coupons for diapers, wipes and other baby essentials from Comforts for Baby, too! (For anyone having trouble with the links above try

My Fall Top 20

Top 20 Things I love About Fall

1. The changing leaves. Red, orange, yellow. I’ll take them all.
2. Mountain drives to look at the leaves
3. Sweatshirts and jeans
4. Sweater weather
5. Ugg boots
6. Pumpkins on the porch
7. Pumpkin Patches
8. Pumpkin flavored everything! Lattes, beer, cookies, bread.
9. Football
10. Open windows
11. Fall Cleaning
12. Coffee in the morning
13. Cooking with the garden harvest and freezing for winter
14. Candy corn
15. Halloween with kids
16. Christmas prep – my lists for family and friends are pretty much complete, now to shop!
17. Christmas showing up in catalogs.
18. Crockpot recipes
19. Chili on cold nights
20. “Hunkering weather” – the nights that are just warm enough to sleep with the windows open, but you wake up hunkered under all the blankets on your bed.

What are your Fall Top 20?
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Put a Sock In It

Let’s talk about baby (and toddler) socks for a minute. I know, most exciting blog post ever.  My neighbor said to me the other day, “I’ve been meaning to tell you, I took your advice and bought the boys Walmart socks and it has changed my life”. Life changing might be a bit extreme, but here’s my sock saga:

When Thomas was born we got tons of socks. I don’t know why…maybe because most people think boy clothes are boring (I love shopping for Thomas…Nell’s clothes are harder for me) and shoes and socks in baby sizes are always cute? Anyway, most of them fell right off his foot, and I was constantly losing matches…in the laundry, at the park, in the car. I still find his infant socks in random bags/strollers/corners to this day. We had expensive boutique socks that were supposed to stay on, random Target brands, you name it, we had it in the sock drawer.

And then, we received a pair of Faded Glory baby socks. They were a little big, so I put them in his closet in the bin of clothes he’d grow into and forgot about them until I was hunting in his sock drawer one cold Colorado morning, had nothing, checked in the next size up bin of his closet, found these socks and threw them on his feet. And they stayed on. And when he started cruising, they had no slip grips, which was great for my little guy who was unsure about mobility.

So I went to Walmart the next day and bought five packages of these baby socks ($1.87 for two pairs/pack) in white and threw every other sock in our house away. If one got lost, they all matched so it wasn’t a hunting and gathering expedition. 

It was a sad day when I realized T’s feet were too big for the Faded Glory baby socks and he probably didn’t need the no slip grips for his shoes. So, I threw a pack of their low cut toddler socks in my cart sure that they would fall right off his chubby little 13 month old foot. And they were awesome, too. 

So now I only buy the kids’ socks at Walmart. And I *try* to only buy white socks for matching purposes (the baby socks have proved difficult to come by lately, unfortunately, so I broke down and bought Nell some pink ones the other day because she didn’t own any socks and it was cold. Maybe I should stop telling my neighbors about Walmart’s awesome socks that stay on baby feet for less than $1 a pair so that they’re not always out of stock when I go to buy them). 

Little Nell kickin’ it in her cheap white socks…but not kicking her socks off.

So here’s what I do. Twice a year, or when they grow out of them, whichever comes first, I throw out every single pair of socks in our house and buy Thomas and Nell each 10 pairs of socks (Santa usually puts new socks in everyone’s stockings, as well). The twice a year thing seems to be just about right -by then they’re either too small or have holes form being worn outside without shoes, etc. T’s socks come 10 pairs to a bag for 6.97, and Nell’s come 2 pairs to a pack for $1.87. Again, I only try to buy white, to make laundry matching less of a chore, but this week I had to add some pink to the mix because my Walmart only had one pair of white 0 – 6 month baby socks. And normally, I don’t even fold them together, I just throw them all in the sock drawer in each kiddo’s respective closet and grab two every morning knowing that they’ll match. 
In fact, I do the same with Mr. B’s socks. He has work socks and athletic socks and I only buy the same brands and colors for him so that I don’t have to deal with orphan socks – but I only replace his socks once a year unless otherwise needed. This system has revolutionized my laundry day(s).
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What would you…name twins?

My cousins are in town this week and over the weekend my cousin and I were discussing baby names…how we picked our kids’ names, how they picked their girls’ names, names we like that our husbands have vetoed, names we like that we can’t use because close friends or family have used them, if we’re name secret keepers or share before the baby arrives namers (B and I fall into the secret category)…typical name talk stuff. I could talk about this all day, every day for the rest of my life, happily.

And then at book club Monday night, one of my friends announced her pregnancy and we got to talking about baby names, too. And so I threw out my favorite question: What would you name twins if it were just up to you and they were going to be born tomorrow?  This is how I got Mr. B to continue to talk about baby names when we had decided on what we’d name Thomas if he was a boy or a girl (Thomas or Nell – the boy name was far more difficult to decide upon during my pregnancy with Nell). “Okay, but pretend that we had surprise twins – two boys, two girls, or a boy and a girl. Then what would we name them?” I still ask B this. “What if I found out I was pregnant with twins tomorrow, what would we name them?” B likes to mention that we’d probably be in lifestyle and budget shock if we found out that A) I was pregnant tomorrow and B) I was pregnant with twins. But this girl likes her hypotheticals.
So let’s play! What would you name twins? Ready for mine? (Note: If we have a third child, the name likely won’t come from this list because this is what I would name twins…and apparently B likes a say in the naming of kids and has vetoed all of these for one reason or another when I’ve mentioned them in the past).
Boy Twins: Luke Patrick and Andrew Michael…Luke and Drew…Tom, Nell, Luke and Drew.
Girl Twins: Mary Margaret (Maggie) and Jane Elizabeth…Maggie and Jane…Tom, Nell, Maggie and Jane.
Boy/Girl Twins: I’d probably go with Luke Patrick and Mary Margaret….Luke and Maggie. Tom, Nell, Luke and Maggie. (I almost feel like I should hunt down the Luke and Maggie who wronged Mr. B in his past life and give them a piece of my mind, because those have always been my two favorite names and they’re Mr. B’s two least favorite due to playground and high school mishaps. I pushed for Luke every single day of my pregnancy with Nell should she have been a boy, and every single day Mr. B said no. C’est la vie.)
Girl Twins if I didn’t care about sticking with relatively similar naming styles for all of our kids: Olive and Matilda.
Your turn. What would you name twins? You can give me actual names you’ve decided on, or what you love today but won’t tomorrow, or what you love but will never happen because the other person with a say in the matter doesn’t. Sound off!