A Gallery Display in Thomas’s Room

A year ago, I was scrambling to get Thomas and Nell’s rooms “finished” after moving in before Peter’s arrival. We worked with what we had, not wanting to spend a ton with a new baby on the way. So, a year has gone by, and there are a few things that just weren’t working in the kids rooms. So, I’m taking it one room at a time, getting things in working order, adding finishing touches and just giving the rooms a little new life for Spring. Thomas’s room is the first up. I’m excited to share pictures with you soon of his space soon, but we rearranged his furniture last week, I ordered him new sheets for his bed, am on the hunt for a solution for his windows, and am now focusing on getting something up on the walls.


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Kindergarten. Oy.

So, it’s January 2015. Which for some reason that I really struggle to come to terms with, means parents have to make decisions on school for their kids 8 months from now. I have to make a decision for my 4 1/2 year old that will go into effect when he’s 5 and 3 months. That’s insane to me. Since I found out I was pregnant in September 2009, our first baby’s June due date gave me a bit of anxiety. People I barely knew would bring red-shirting up with me. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has an opinion on when a summer birthday kid should start Kindergarten. There is study after study showing that older kids do better in school and have more confidence. And there is study after study refuting those exact claims. So how the heck does a parent decide? I have friends with kids on both ends of the spectrum, and they all swear by the choice they made for their child. And I think that’s what it comes down to, you have to make a choice for each kid individually.


I remember when Thomas was brand new, our neighbors who had a boy 6 months before Thomas came down with dinner and a baby gift one evening. And as we were sitting in our living room politely chatting, it donned on me that this 6 month old would be in the same class as my infant. This sitting, almost mobile kid and my baby who couldn’t even hold his own head up, would someday be expected to walk to Kindergarten together. And I remember thinking, “Well, that’s that. Thomas will be the oldest in his class. No one can tell me that those 6 months don’t make a difference, even at age 5.” And then T started talking and walking and being a kid. And we kind of forgot about those 6 months. I say this simply to state facts, but T is a bright kid – he’s got a hell of a memory and an incredibly thoughtful persona. He knew all 50 states at the age of 2, he’s been reading since he was 3.5 and he asks questions that I don’t expect to hear from a 4 year old – he’s just an old soul. So, we knew that the school portion of Kindergarten would be easy regardless of when he started. But when T went off to preschool at 3, there was a pretty obvious difference between Thomas and his classmates. Size-wise for sure – he was the shortest in his class. But he’s also just a cautious kid. He’s an observer. A perfectionist. He’s a pretty typical oldest child, and in his class these past two years, he’s the only oldest – everyone else has older siblings, which makes a difference in how kids play.
And so, after much hemming and hawing, we’ve made a decision. Thomas is enrolled for five day a week, half-day Kindergarten at his current preschool – which has an excellent and accredited Kindergarten program. The intention is that he will do Kindergarten twice – so we’ll call this Kindergarten 1 and the following year he’ll do Kindergarten again at our local elementary school. The beauty of this arrangement is that because the class is accredited, if T’s teacher next year thinks two years of Kindergarten would be a disservice to him, then we will reconsider our plans and he can go straight into first grade. So really, we’re calling this a “buying time” year, but in a Kindergarten program that is incredible. And Nell will start preschool at T’s school next September, as well going two days a week. Thomas is so excited to have Nell at school with him, and Nell is so excited to go to school because she wants to pick out a pink backpack, a pink folder and a pink water bottle. Whatever it takes, right? And we’ll be in the same boat two years from now figuring out what’s best for Nell – and by then our experience with T will have shaped our own opinions, so I’m sure it will be an entirely different ball game. But right now,  I’m feeling pretty grateful that Peter has a March birthday and there’s zero gray area with that.

Favorite Toys For 4 Year Old Boys

Every year after the kids’ birthdays, I post about the toys they are loving. When I first found out I was pregnant with Thomas five years ago, I was determined to keep plastic and baby stuff to a minimum. Well…that is laughable now. BUT, I do try to limit the toys to things that are truly loved and (when possible) higher quality toys that will last through all of our children. When possible, we gift experiences and time rather than things to our children, but sometimes, you just need an idea of what to get a kid. So, that’s why I do these lists.

We really struggled when Thomas’s birthday came around this year with what to get him because he had a lot of the “big” gifts that we would normally have gotten him for his fourth birthday already – hand-me-downs from friends, etc. We ended up getting him a new bike helmet, a new swimsuit and towel, and a Fisher Price doctor kit (not on the list below, but he and Nell love it, so maybe it should be). Not exactly a “big” birthday, but some years are like that. I try to remind myself that not every birthday needs to be some big production and that gifts are such a small part of a birthday experience. So when it came time for me to put together a list of things Thomas has loved over the last few months, I struggled. So finally, I just asked him what his favorite toys were and we put together this list (as always, these are just regular old links and not affiliate links, so click away!). Disclaimer: Thomas loves to be outside playing and is obsessed with sports – playing them and analyzing them – so if you’re kid is not a sports fan, this list is probably not going to help you out.


4 Year Old Toys

1. Sports Guys. We gave Thomas Football Guys for Christmas last year and it was a hit. He plays with them every single day. So, for his birthday, he asked my parents for Baseball Guys and Hockey Guys. And those are equally as loved. I step over sports fields all day long, and I’ve just accepted it as a way of life.

2. Going along with the Football Guys, Thomas also got these mini NFL football helmets last year for Christmas. They don’t get put away during football season, and every weekend Thomas sets up the teams that are playing that week. This weekend with much of the NFL on a bye week, he lined them up across our entire family room in rank order of his first favorite team (Broncos, obviously) to his least favorite team (the Seahawks).

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 3.14.01 PM

3. Fisher Price Triple Hit Baseball.  This was a favorite for the whole neighborhood this last Spring and Summer…Thomas calls it his Pitching Machine. It’s a lot of fun – we use it simply for pitching and not as a tee, though you can do both.

4. Nothing new here, Plasma Cars continue to top our list. They are just so fun – kids and adults love them. T got his for his second birthday and it’s a coveted toy by many kids who come over to play.

5. Gears. One non-sports oriented toy on the list. This has been really fun, T likes to build lots of different gear designs, and it’s something to make him think differently, which we like. B is an engineer, and though Thomas does not seem particularly engineering geared, which is just fine, we do like to have a couple things around to encourage him to look at things differently.

6. 12″ Bike with the training wheels discarded for transitioning from a Strider (link is to a similar bike – the one I was planning on purchasing before we received one as a hand-me-down). Thomas was ready to pass his Strider bike down to Nell by the time he was 3.5. I was still going to hold off until his birthday, but after doing a ton of research about what bike to move kids to after a Strider without much help, I finally just asked my friend whose twin boys never used training wheels. Her answer, “An inexpensive 12 inch bike, just take the training wheels off. I bought ours at a consignment sale and the boys are done with them, you can have one.”  This was the best advice ever (and the hand-me-down was great, too). Thomas will be ready for a bigger bike by the time he’s 5, so I’m glad I didn’t invest a lot of money in a 12″, but I think it was really important to keep Thomas on the small frame (Strider’s are about the size of a 12″ bike) for him to get used to pedaling. It took a couple days of working on balancing the heavier bike in the street and he was off and pedaling about a month before his 4th birthday – and thinking he was the king of the road.

So that’s what Thomas is loving these days in the toy department. He also loves all kinds of books and someday I’ll get together a roundup of our favorites, but honestly, his favorite reading material is a Fantasy Football magazine my dad gave to him. Weird. I know.

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Our Favorite Games

My Boys

I was really worried about how Peter’s arrival would affect Thomas. I knew Nell’s world would be temporarily rocked, but I also knew that she’s young enough (not quite 21 months older than Peter) that she’d quickly get over it and will honestly not remember life before she was the middle child. Thomas was over the moon about the idea of a new baby from the moment we told him. He’d ask us all the time when the baby was coming, and checked the calendar frequently to see when March was coming. He told me that he wanted the baby to sleep in his room – in his arms – and actually cried when B set up the crib in the nursery. I was worried that the reality of a new baby would not quite meet his expectations – especially since his memory of Nell joining our family is limited {at best – I’d say his “memory” of Nell being born is all thanks to our family photo albums, not his actual memory} since he was just shy of 2 when she was born.

IMG_8707 I was also worried because Thomas desperately wanted a brother. Not because he doesn’t love his sister, but because “I already have a sister, so now I need a brother.” And also, because he apparently has Manning brother-esque dreams for himself and Peter {we’ll worry about the fact that my sons playing football terrifies me and I’d rather they just be great soccer players and then become football kickers/punters in high school should they still have football dreams later}. I actually started to second guess our choice to keep the baby’s sex a secret until delivery because Thomas was so set on having a brother. We talked a lot about how the baby was going to be either a brother or sister, and either one would be wonderful. And I know that B and I would have totally handled Thomas being the older brother of two sisters well and made him so proud to be our boy, I know that it wouldn’t have really been an issue. But I was worried all the same about his sweet, sensitive heart.


Well, all that worry was unnecessary. As we went into the final weeks, I was pretty sure we were having a boy (my original gut instinct has been right every time –  I never wavered on Thomas being a boy and told everyone that we didn’t know but that he was totally a boy, but with Nell and Peter I was never certain enough to shout my predictions from the rooftop, and I did a lot of second guessing my gut instinct throughout each of those pregnancies, but always went back to my gut instinct when asked right before delivering what my final guess was). And when Thomas and Nell came to meet Peter in the hospital, their reactions were priceless. Nell was interested for a second and then just wanted to snuggle with me and be held by me and ride the hospital bed up and down. I was happy to oblige. Since we’ve been home she’s far more interested in “Pete the Baby” (as opposed to her other favorite Pete – the cat) and she loves to look at him, kiss him and hold him.


And Thomas? Was over the moon. He hasn’t stopped grinning from ear to ear since Peter was born, and he requests to hold him, kiss him and teach him things all the time.

Thomas and Peter

And Peter seems pretty content to hang out in his big brother’s arms.

Tom’s Room Reveal

Thomas’s room has been mostly “done” for six months – but it took me until now to get things on the walls and declare it done. I’m going to have a nursery to decorate soon, I needed to get Tom and Nell’s rooms done before #3 is here. So let’s start with Thomas’s room, which I really should have shared pictures of months ago. When we moved into our house in June of last year, Thomas’s room looked like this:


You know how I feel about neutral paint colors in kids’ rooms – that a neutral base allows the decor to change and grow with a kid easily. But the bottom line was even though blue is Tom’s favorite color, baby blue wasn’t working with his navy blue, white and orange scheme. So the baby blue had to go. Tom’s room was the first upstairs room we painted – I wanted it ready to go for him before he started preschool. But I’m pretty sure I never posted pictures of that. So here you go:


All Fall, Tom’s chalkboard had the Broncos schedule on it – we would write a W for a win and an L for a loss. We’re waiting for baseball season to fill up the chalkboard again – but being that we’re Colorado Rockies fans, it’s going to be a hell of a lot more disappointing than the Broncos season was (you know, save for that whole Super Bowl blowout thing…).

bedside table

None of the furniture or bedding or decor is new – it was all in Thomas’s room at our last house. But it’s funny how the same pieces can take on a different vibe in a different room. I love the pegboard we hung above Tom’s bookshelf (also in our old house) – it provides a nice textured backdrop for photos and other things.

peg board

Here’s where it becomes obvious that I’m not a good blogger: I didn’t straighten the books for these pictures. But this is real life! We don’t have books to make ourselves look well read or to provide colorful art and vignettes for a room – we have books because we LOVE to read. And a bookshelf full of hastily shelved books makes me happy – it means that Thomas has crawled out of his bed during his rest time and picked books to read as he rests. It means that he’s talked us into more than 3 bedtime stories. Books – hastily shelved or scattered on the floor – tell me that we’re doing alright. So that’s what you get to see, real life:


And because I believe that the closeups are nice but that you need to see a room in its entirety, here’s the whole picture. Bed-rail and all.

gray owl boys room

This room is just Thomas. His favorite colors: blue with pops of orange and red, a neutral gray background for everything to play off of. A nod to his love for sports without being a sports themed room. It hints at his love for numbers, letters and maps. It’s just so perfectly my guy.

Thomas-isms: Denver Broncos Edition

A few key Thomas-isms from watching the first half of last night’s (what turned out to be heartbreaking) Broncos game with my Broncos loving boy.

T: “Mom, I am REALLY good at saying Sports Authority Field at Mile High”. I’m absolutely certain that will take him far in life…

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 9.37.53 PM


Regarding Peyton Manning’s throw right into a block in the 2nd quarter, I asked: “What was that???”

Thomas: “We can’t ask him, mama. He’s all the way far away down I-25”.


Thomas: “Mom, when I play for the Broncos, I’m going to be a wide receiver and I’m going to wear #84. If the Broncos buy me number 84, then I will play for them.”


Thomas: “Do you know why I love the Giants? Because Eli Manning is Peyton’s brother. When my brother* plays for the Giants and I play for the Broncos, I’m still going to love them. Won’t that be so nice of me?” Pressure is on, apparently, to provide Thomas with a brother.


A Walrus Costume (and mini-tutorial)

My 3 year old decided last year on November 1st that he was going to be a walrus for Halloween 2013. His walrus obsession began when his Gigi took him to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for a “Thomas Day” shortly after Nell was born, and continued into our trip to DC last November when we took the kids to the National History Museum. So, the walrus costume has been on my mind for a year, but I wasn’t going to get started until October since Rickie Fowler (I vetoed on account of no one in Colorado really following PGA golf outside of my dad, Mr. B and Thomas) and Peyton Manning (pretty sure he decided that he dresses like Peyton every day, so what’s the fun in being Peyton for Halloween?) were both thrown around as Halloween costume options for awhile.

 DIY Walrus Costume

Nell’s costume is a Carter’s Elephant (she loves elephants and we sometimes call her Nelephant, so it fit) and is basically a well padded sweatshirt with an elephant trunk on the hood, and her costume inspired me to create the walrus out of a brown hooded sweatshirt. We live in Colorado – chances are good there will be snow on Halloween, so Colorado moms know that costumes need to fit over a snowsuit (or just act like a snowsuit itself). When T was firmly decided on the Walrus on October 1st, I ordered a brown hooded sweatshirt from Amazon and found brown sweatpants at Walmart (of course they couldn’t sell a hoodie with their sweatpants, that would be too easy). Then, I googled around for my favorite walrus – the walrus costumes out there are kinda meh, so I just found a stuffed walrus whose face I liked and made the walrus face based on that.

Toddler Preschool Walrus Costume

First, I cut two bean shapes out of carmel covered felt to make up the walrus snout. Then, I cutout a quick heart shaped felt nose from black felt and hand stitched it onto one of the bean shapes at the top. I turned the bean shapes inside out and sewed the two sides together, turned them right side out and stuffed it to make a Walrus snout.  My mom was over while I was doing this and decided that a simple stitch around the snout would add detail and also that classic home-grown Halloween costume feel, so Caroline is responsible for the detailing. I also used the same colored felt for the walrus stomach – just to provide some variation in the costume. The tusks were the same idea – I cut four long curved tusks out of white felt, stitched two together twice to make two tusks, stuffed them, and sewed them to the snout. Then I attached the snout and tusks to the hood with a hand stitch, and cut two oval black walrus eyes to hand stitch on, too. Overall, it took me about an hour, and Thomas was giddy watching his long awaited walrus costume come together.

Walrus Costume

I love making Halloween costumes for the kids, but I’m also a reasonable person. Carter’s made a damn cute elephant and I bought it at Costco for $12.99. I spent more than $12.99 on T’s hoodie and sweatpants alone, though his costume didn’t total more than $20. Sometimes you have to make a costume (when your three year old decides he’s going to be a walrus, for example), and sometimes it’s okay to buy one (when your one year old’s only opinion is that every costume she passes in any given store is “MINE!”).

Walrus and Elephant costumes

Our walrus and Nelephant are pretty happy with their Halloween gettups – and Thomas is already scheming for Halloween 2014. Let’s hope it’s something I can make out of a sweatsuit. So, Happy Halloween from our zoo! Hope you all have fun and safe trick-or-treat adventures!

Traveling With Kids: Beach Vacation

We just got back from five days on Siesta Key, Florida. It’s one of the best beaches I’ve ever been too, and the fact that Mr. B’s sweet grandparents live nearby makes it pretty much our number 1 vacation destination at this point in our lives.  We try to go down to Florida once a year to visit B’s grandparents and get some beach time – it doesn’t always work out to be exactly on the calendar year – it was a year and a half between our first visit with Thomas and when we took both T and Nell last Fall, but less than a year between our November visit last year and this one – but in five years of marriage, we’ve made five trips to Siesta Key, so I’d say we’re doing well with our goal.

We love traveling with our kids. I know it’s not for every family, but B and I find so much joy in watching our children discover the world. Whether it’s Nell’s first real encounter with sand – she was meh about it – or Thomas discovering that he loves the ocean and body surfing waves after a summer of refusing to be anywhere near water without pitching a relatively large fit (which broke his swim instructor mama’s heart), it’s almost like we rediscover the world through our children’s eyes. I think the biggest key in enjoying a vacation with your young kids is to manage your expectations. The plane ride (or car ride) will have its tough moments. You won’t stay out late drinking and eating like you used to. What used to be my idea of quality beach time – at least half a day every day in the sand and the surf – has evolved to mean that two 90 minute beach sessions a day = success. Rather than walking the entire beach hand in hand with Mr. B talking about our goals for the next 5 years, we’re now running the same 20 yards of beach over and over again after two kids and talking about how to survive bedtime with four people in one tiny bedroom in our hotel. Our late night extravagant dinners have changed to early dinners, and drinking wine on the beach at sunset has become eating ice cream on the beach at sunset. And I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

Siesta Sunset Ice Cream

On the first night we were at the beach, we walked up to Siesta Village from our hotel and grabbed ice cream to eat on the beach and watch the sunset. And for the first time in my life, I saw the green flash. Well, I’m calling it a partial see, because I had my camera up to my eye to take the picture above of the sun setting into the ocean and definitely saw the flash, but had to wait for confirmation from those around us that they saw it too before I felt comfortable saying I’d seen it and it wasn’t just some camera effect. Thomas’s mind was blown seeing the sun set into the ocean. “The sun goes Night Nights in the water?!? Can I sleep underwater? Pllllllease.” These are the moments that make playing musical Nell for 3 hours on an airplane so worth the trip.

Beach with Thomas

Thomas adored the ocean. I was nervous, as I mentioned earlier, because this summer he gave his mama a lot of trouble refusing to swim. In typical Emily fashion, I said since before I had children that I would never use any kind of floatation device for my kids and never, under any circumstances, would I put them in water wings. When my friends asked me for advice, I said, “If you HAVE to have something, please pick a life vest so that they learn their torsos are how they float, not their arms.” I mean, honestly, I’ve probably deterred 5 friends from putting their kids in water wings. And last Tuesday when T was at school and I was running last minute trip errands? I threw the freaking clearance Target water wings in my cart, because our summer had been such a mess and I was willing to do anything to at least have T enjoy the water again. I didn’t break them out until he’d already been out in the ocean with me, jumping waves and having a blast, and then I gave him the water wings and he had an absolute blast. He loved floating with the waves. We held hands in the ocean and kicked our feet up together towards the sky. And I looked at B and said, “I don’t care how lame they are or the fact that I think water wings look dorky. I don’t care that I think they’re the worst invention ever for teaching your child to swim. He’s loving the water. I’m sold.” Sorry, friends who I’ve told to avoid water wings. Do whatever you need to do for your kid. Oh, Emily.

Thomas on the Beach

Nell on the Beach

Little Miss Sis was hit or miss about the beach and the water. Some moments she loved it, some moments she wanted nothing to do with it, marched herself over to the umbrella stroller, climbed in by herself and sat with her arms crossed staring at us playing. She’s hilariously herself and we love every spicy little part of her personality.

Tom and Nell going to the Beach

This was one of my favorite moments of the trip. The second morning we were going to the beach, B and I were still packing the beach bag and finishing sunscreen and T and Nell were ready to go. Thomas took Nell’s hand and said, “Come on sister! Let’s go to the ocean! Mommy and daddy will catch up wif us.” Ha. 5 minutes later he fell on the walk to the beach and his skinned knee was apparently impossible to recover from, so it diverted our entire beach trip – we ended up driving to Longboat Key to see it and hope the kids fell asleep in the car.

It was a fabulous vacation, and one that we look forward to every year. So that’s where we’ve been the last little while, now I’m ready for Fall.

First Day of Preschool

Thomas started preschool today. He did awesome when I dropped him off, and I only shed about 5 minutes of tears as I drove away to pick up Nell at my friend’s house. He’s over the moon. We chose a little Christian preschool near our house. We have a history that made handing our son over to a relative stranger pretty tough on me, and with T’s June birthday we will have to make a decision next year about whether he should start Kindergarten when he’s 5 or 6, so I considered not starting him in preschool this year at all. But I know that preschool is what’s right for T – he’s been asking to go to school for a year – I know he will love it, and I know that it’s an important aspect of early childhood education. I can’t wait to pick him up later this morning and hear all about his day…and hold him…forever.


And so, we have a preschooler. And with the start of school, Fall is unofficially here.

A Combined Sibling Birthday Party: Bubble Birthday Brunch

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Two things you should know: 1) Entertaining and parties don’t come naturally to me. 2) If I’m going to throw a party, I want it to be a good one. Enter: Bottle Pop Party Company. When Shannon announced she was taking her party planning business virtual, I emailed her pretty dang fast to see if I could hire her (not a sponsored post, I hired Shannon to plan the party and it was worth every penny and then some) to plan Thomas and Nell’s joint birthday bash. Because, referring to #1, if I’m going to have kids with birthdays less than a week apart, I’m definitely going to combine their celebrations into one for as long as I possibly can. And referring to #2, if I’m going to get away with a combo birthday party, it’s going to be a good one!

bubble birthday party

So, I approached Shannon with a few ideas I had and she gently steered me in a better direction. Love that girl. And when I threw out bubble party, she ran with it and made it awesome. Shannon came up with a navy, seafoam, coral and teal color scheme for this boy/girl birthday party and I was so in love with it, I used it for our family pictures we had taken in May, too.

Shannon’s plan was awesome. She laid out everything from the decor from the entrance to the backyard, from tablescapes to entertainment ideas, and having her plan made this party so much easier for me – especially considering we’d moved to our new house six days earlier. The house wasn’t in the ideal state I’d love to have it in for the party – would I have loved to have had every room repainted before inviting 50 people over? Sure. But you work with it. Here’s the party:

The entrance. A bubble machine greeted guests with tons of bubbles! A clump of coral, navy, sea foam, and polka dot (bubbly) balloons said “Party’s here!” and at Shannon’s suggestion I laid bubble wrap at the entry so guests would pop bubbles as they walked in (happened to have about six rolls worth around anyway, we could have bubble wrapped the entire house).


bubble birthday entrance

As for food, Shannon recommended a bubbly brunch which was perfect with the morning party I was hoping for – love to get a party wrapped up before lunch so everyone can go about their days. The food choices included a bagel bar with all the fixings, a bubbly bar, and donuts for dessert! Of course, Thomas apparently has an opinion now and demanded cupcakes, so we had both cupcakes and donuts. Obvs. You can never have enough sugar at a 1st and 3rd birthday party.

bagel bar

Bagel Bar Birthday

bagel bar birthday party

These cute utensil and napkin pouches were one of my favorite touches. I normally would have thrown a chunk of silverware in a bucket on the table, and after I put these together I texted Shannon that I would never present silverware and napkins another way again. Even my dad, who’s been known to not notice when my mom has had the exterior of their house painted for months, came up to me and said, “Em, I love these.” That’s saying something, right there.

Napkin Utensil Pouches

The Bubbly Bar. I offered three different juices and Champagne and Pellegrino (for those few friends of ours who don’t drink at 10am on Saturdays). I loved Shannon’s idea to anchor balloons behind the table, and I wish that we had another blank wall at our house to have set this against, but you work with what you’ve got, I guess. Like 13 different wall colors.

bubble birthday bubbly bar

A highchair full of balloons for the 1st Birthday girl (and the 3rd birthday boy had a regular chair full of balloons, no one was left out in this party plan).    1st birthday highchair

And some very happy birthday kiddos. Which is all that really matters in the end. It was the best party I’ve ever thrown (from my standpoint – I wasn’t stressed AT ALL) and we got tons of compliments so I assume our guests had a good time, too. Out back we had bubble stations setup, bubble hop scotch, and another bubble machine, but I failed to get pictures before guests arrived in true Emily fashion.

Birthday Collage

So that was our Double Bubble Birthday Brunch. What do you think?