My Loves: January

Mr. B – Snowshoeing, spending hours putting together the new chair, remembering to water the plant so it doesn’t die, resubscribing to HBO for our Big Love fix, walking Casco in the frigid cold, your workout routine, reminding me to take my daily vitamins, wearing sweatpants under your jeans to brave the cold temperatures.

Casco – How you put yourself back to bed now in the mornings…I wish I could do the same every monring!

Top 3 Things:
1) Snowshoes – We don’t own them, we borrowed them from my brother-in-law’s family, but we LOVE them.

2) My new lamp – it’s love.

3) The Scotch Fur Fighter. I’m waiting for the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair to make it to stores in Colorado, but in the meantime, this works great!

My Loves: December

Oh, 2008. I’m glad to see you go. Aside from a wonderful wedding and the ability to spend every day with my best friend and husband, 2008 was the most trying and heart-wrenching year of my life so far, so I’m looking forward to a brighter 2009.

But, before we can embrace 2009, we’ve got to remember December. So, for this month’s loves:

Mr. B – Being so excited to get out of our old, small bed; my Christmas ornament; not being able to wait to give me my big Christmas present; the surprise party – and being terrified of my potential reaction; playing games with our families; taking care of me when I was sick for days; putting your Ninja turtle ornament at the back of the tree just so I didn’t have to look at it; being you. I love you.

Casco – Loving the snow and cold weather; staying away from the Christmas Tree on your very own this year; being so gentle with all the little kids at Christmas; your plaid bow tie.

Top 3 Things:

1. My new job

2. My new camera

3. Trivial Pursuit 25th Anniversary Edition Don’t be deterred by the creepy girl on the front, it’s very fun.

My Loves: November

I’m still sick, but at least I can hold my head up, so we’ll give the November loves a try today.

Mr. B – Our trip to Florida to see your grandparents, walking on the beach with you and talking about our goals for the future, how scared you were when I told you there would be lay-offs, how well you handled it when I was one of the lay-offs, bringing me “Happy 1st lay off” flowers, coming home from work and saying “I know we’re on a budget, but I cannot wear these shoes for one more day”, mattress shopping, cooperating so nicely with the Christmas card picture, being my best friend. I love you.

Casco – Adjusting pretty quickly to having me home during the days, being my running buddy, staying next to me ALL weekend while I was sick.

Top 3 Things:
1) Our vacation to Florida

2) This jacket from JCrew – which it’s finally cold enough to wear:

3) A little piece of heaven for my feet every morning and night:

My Loves: November Postponed

We interrupt this regularly scheduled monthly “My Loves” post because I’ve caught the plague and if I actually wrote it now it would look something like this: “November sucked, I hate being sick, how much more HGTV can a girl watch?”

A lot of great things DID happen in November, so we’ll just cover this when I’m feeling better and more friendly. Mmmkay?

My Loves: October

Mr B: Suggesting a Mountain leaves tour and getting up early on a Saturday to “beat the traffic”. Jumping to my “rescue” when I was headed to the airport in tears. Leaving work early to meet me at my gate and give me a hug before I boarded my plane. Telling my high school crush at my brother’s wedding that he was, indeed, my high school crush. Asking me every time I start a house project if it’s so I have something to blog about. Humoring me when I decided to make my own slipcover. Carving pumpkins with me. Dressing up as Juno and Bleeker with me for Halloween. I love you.

Casco: Refusing to stay in the backseat on our mountain leaves tour. Running home when you slipped out of your collar on a walk instead of running away (searching for the positive here). Adjusting fairly well to your new harness so that you can’t slip out of your collar on walks. Finally sleeping in!

Top 3 Things:
1) The 5th Avenue Throw from Pendleton, an awesome gift from Mr. B’s uncle for our wedding, and the best blanket ever!

2) Firepits. Enough said.

3) Paul and Sarah’s wedding – such a fun day!

My Loves: September

And just like that September flew by, I didn’t even realize it was October until I had to type 10/1/08 about 98 times this morning at work. I know that Copy and Paste would make that less tedious, but when I’m in a number typing groove, hitting copy and paste throws off my rhythm. So, in honor of the much too short September, here’s are my loves:

Mr. B – Talking to my cousin on the phone EVERY night to figure out my bro’s bachelor party and trying to hide from me how excited you are for the trip to Vegas, deciding that it’s time for Casco to learn to swim, playing in my dad’s fantasy golf league – your rough season is finally over, babe, Fall TV nights together, meeting me at the door with a glass of wine when you know it’s been a long day at work, going into work even earlier than normal to help out with the charity. I love you, Mr. B!

Casco – Really, really hating swimming, but loving splashing on the shore; the one week when you were all about me and followed me everywhere instead of Mr. B; that you’re sleeping in so much later in the mornings and look just as upset as I do when the alarm goes off.

Top 3 Things:
1. Minced Garlic. I like garlic in everything, and while I love my garlic crusher, sometimes peeling and crushing is a lot of work. My mom’s been trying to talk me into buying the pre-minced stuff for months, but I’ve resisited saying “I find mincing garlic to be therapeutic”. This stuff is awesome, easy to heap into meals when I want a little zest, and by far my favorite cooking find of the month. Thank you, Costco, for supplying me with a lifetime worth of Garlic for $3.99.

2. This Book:

3. The J.Crew sale that found me this skirt for $8 – My summer uniform is skirts and t-shirts, and now that Fall’s rolling in, I didn’t want to leave my beloved skirts behind. A little bit dressier fabric, pockets!!!, and cute tights and boots and I’m ready for fall.

My Loves: August

I’ve seen these monthly recaps on a couple different blogs, and have decided to mix up my own little version. G&D does a fantastic recap of her favorite things every month, check it out.

Mr. B – You were “Mr. House Projects” this month, and everything looks beautiful; Watching the Olympics with you and all of your questions about my own swimming career: “Em, how fast did you swim the 500? Do you think you could do a 50 in the time they do a 100? Could you swim underwater as long as Michael Phelps can? “. Answers: 5:19, no and no. Going to the Parade of Homes with me and loving it. Car shopping and being so unsure – are you an SUV or a sedan kind of guy, walking out on the pushy salesman, and being so happy to have air conditioning once again.

Casco – The way you dig through your box of toys to find ones you haven’t played with in awhile, how you wait by the door for me to get up in the morning so you can go on your walk, that you finally got big enough to fit into your big dog collar.

Don’t you love our classy family photo? Nothing’s cuter than a refrigerator and a toaster I forgot to put away after breakfast in the photo background. But, Go Buffs!

Top 3 Things:

1) The Olympics, hands down.

2) My Everything Drawer Organizer

3) Our wedding photos, I’m thrilled with our photographers and love the moments they captured on our wedding day.

My Loves: July

Mr. B – Surprising me with our honeymoon but really wanting me to drag it out of you before the big day; our nightly walks with Casco exploring the neighborhood; our “no wedding talk date night” a few days before the wedding; how you immediately wanted to buy all of the accessories for our new bedroom furniture; relaxing with you on the beach and talking about our goals for our first year; being so worried about me after the “incident” at the wedding; DANCE LESSONS!; how you stole a kiss before you were allowed to at the ceremony; saying “I Do”. I love you.

Casco – Getting healthy and finally finding a food you’re not allergic to; how you have started running through sprinklers and trying to drink all the water that comes out of them; gaining 5 pounds – way to go buddy; being a cute and friendly face to come home to after work.

Top 3 Things:

Bare Escentuals: After a harrowing wedding make-up trial experience where I walked out looking like the bride of Frankenstein, I decided to do my own. This was the perfect fresh face look for the day – and everyday. I’m in love.This Sunscreen – I hate sunscreen, but I like Aveeno, and I like my skin, so I thought I’d give this a try. Loved it – it wasn’t greasy, it sprayed evenly, and it kept me from burning.
“Loving Frank” – I was an architecture major for a solid semester my Freshman year of college before I decided that I hated shading 64 squares in different techniques every day of my life. In my one semester, I learned a lot about Frank Lloyd Wright. I really enjoyed this book – and would have even if I’d never been an architecture dropout.