Lamp Revamp

See this lamp?

It – and it’s taller counterpart which I failed to take before pictures of – were hand-me-downs from when we first moved in and had no furniture, no lighting and no desire to spend money too quickly.  I never loved the shades, but figured that if we kept the lamps long term I could just replace it with something simpler – despite my Boulder education and love for flip flops, I’m about as far from bohemian and carefree as you can get.  I like plans.  And walking in single file lines.  And following rules.  

But getting back on track, when I bought my beloved green lamps for the living room, the floor lamp made its temporary home in the guest room.  Out of sight, out of mind.

Until I re-focused on the upstairs of our house.  And the tawny brown finish and beads were still not working for distracted-by-shiny-objects me.

So, I bought some Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint.  Because ORB is the name of the light fixture game here at imperfect.

A little cleaning, taping off the electrical parts, a few light coats of spray paint later, and a $14 drum shade and we had a much improved lamp.

And I love it – especially it’s $17.98 project price tag.  This is not the lamp’s final home – I have bigger plans for it down the road – but it’s a reading lamp in the guest room for now.

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Mother Knows Best

I’m in the process of revamping our guest room a tiny bit.  Nothing too out there – mostly cleaning, shifting furniture a few inches here and there and just making sure that it’s a cozy and welcoming place to stay.   Remember how my mom has told me for years that I am rug and lamp challenged?  She’s harped on me about the lamp next to the guest bed for about three years now.

Now, it wasn’t great – didn’t make much of a statement – but I didn’t mind it.  And lamps are like shoes to me – I can appreciate good ones, but they’re not the thing I look for first.  Well, this winter, Caroline redid her basement for my dad – got him a new comfy football watching chair, reupholstered his favorite napping couch (because he wouldn’t part with it for a new one), just did a little updating.  And somewhere along the way she handed me the lamp she was replacing in the basement and said “Put this in your guest room, it will look so much better than that gross lamp you have now”.  

Being her daughter, I rebelled and it sat in our garage for three months – until last weekend when Caroline was up visiting and just went to the garage, grabbed the lamp, and moved it to the guest room.  You know how only your own mom can get away with something like that?

And you know it pains me to admit it, but this lamp is so much better.  Granted, it was an outcast to Caroline, but she knew it would be an improvement for this room.  Now we just have to get some blinds for that small window so we don’t have to tack a beach towel over it when people actually stay with us and a few more finishing touches and we’re close to done with this room!

Yellow and Turquoise Bedroom

I have a lot of free time on my hands now that B’s back in class for the spring semester. And after cramming the first three (and in my opinion only funny) seasons of The Office into my work trips in January, I’ve got some spare time.

That Anthropologie quilt I posted last week sparked something in me. I wanted to decorate a room around it. Without actually buying it – we’re full up on bedding here at imperfect. So I pretended – and redid the guest room around two Anthropologie quilts. And I decided to re-do it into a shared room for sisters because looking through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog that comes to our childless home’s door makes me gag from an overdose of bubblegum pink and lavender. Nothing against pink (but plenty against lavender).

I doubt we’ll live in this house long enough to see two siblings of the same sex (let alone girls) and both out of cribs sharing that back bedroom, but you never know.

There’s no turquoise in the quilts that inspired this pretend, “I want to indefinitely borrow the 5 year old twin girls who live next door just so I can paint some Jenny Lind beds for them to sleep in” room, and I like that. The turquoise works with the yellow (in my spring craving mind) without screaming matchy matchy. And I love that these two different quilts coordinate but aren’t the same – kids need their own things, ya know?

Anyone want to lend me some 5 year old girls? I’d like two of them. I’ll provide the yellow and turquoise.

Preppy Nightstand

My new favorite place to shop is my mom’s basement. She was about to place a great beadboard chest in her garage sale – and because I got roped into helping her price everything going into the sale I also played the role of “you can’t get rid of this”.

Here’s how it went:
Me: “Mom, you can’t get rid of the stuffed animals that Daddy bought for Kate and Paul the day I was born.”
Mom: “Fine Em, then you can store them.”
Me: “Meh, I’m good. Sell ’em.”

But when she fed me the “you store it” line with the beadboard chest I said “gladly!” It’s got great lines, a beadboard front with board and batten sides. Fits perfectly into my east coast wannabe life guest room.

It was painted cream with its fair share of fingerprint smudges when I received it and featured old brass hardware. I pulled out my trusty gallon of white paint that I use for all white painting projects, a foam brush and went to town while Mr. B was at class a few weeks ago. Then I ran to Home Depot with our last remaining gift card from our wedding (I will cry long and hard the day that gift card runs out) and bought some brushed nickel pulls.

It needs another coat of white paint, I was painting in the dark and missed a few spots. But placed next to the bed it looks a lot nicer than the TV tray did. Stay tuned for other guest room updates coming soon!

Patience Not So Much

Patient is not a word that would ever be used to describe yours truly. It’s why this English and Communication major never seriously considered teaching as a career option. It’s why this good student spent a majority of middle school (and a good portion of high school) in the Principal’s office. It might have something to do with why I got an “Unsatisfactory” review of my group work skills during 1st grade group reading. And it’s definitely why our guest room now has ruffled pillows. You know, two days after I found them on Jesse’s blog and posted about them.

I used some of the leftover ticking from the headboard slipcover for the ruffles. The ruffles took a little practice, but once I got the hang of it, I was golden. I did my own thing with them – didn’t follow the instructions I found earlier, and they turned out. First time for everything.

I wanted another pattern in the room so things weren’t screaming “THEME”, but I wanted the ticking to keep things coordinated. So I found some cheap white fabric with blue polka dots for the base of the shams.

And one more shot.

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty much in love with these pillows. And with myself for figuring out how to whip them up.

DIY Slipcovered Headboard

You’ve never seen our guest rooms. There’s a reason for that: they’re about as exciting as a root canal. We have two extra bedrooms upstairs, and they’ve been wholeheartedly ignored, collecting the castoffs from the master bedroom as we’ve made that our priority.

After my sister-in-law and I made the Burlap Upholstered Headboard with nailhead trim in January, the four poster bed went to the bigger guest room to act as a bed frame for the mattress that was on the floor in there. It was a temporary solution – one that was much too big for a not very big room.

After buying our king mattress, the mattress company sent us a coupon for accessories. So I marched over to the store this week, coupon in hand, and brought home a full sized bed frame for $9. Then my mom and I disassembled the four poster and brought up the wicker headboard that was in my room for about a year as a kid.

But I wasn’t feeling the wicker. It was screaming 1989 more than 2009. So I bought four yards of classic ticking stripe fabric, some natural colored muslin, and whipped up a slipcover for the wicker.

I love ticking and I love this solution for the guest room. Please excuse the wrinkles, I don’t iron things that people flop on.

So, what do you think? Now I have to tackle the rest of the room – beginning with window treatments for that awkward square window. Any awkward window solutions out there?