June Goals

May Goals

April was kind of a biatch.  I told B the other day that I was “in a mood” and he said, “Em, you deserve to be in a mood”.  Which is true. But I’m choosing not to be from here on out.  We have a healthy and happy son and dwelling on the what could have happened scenarios isn’t going to get us anywhere.  But April? Not so great on the goals. I committed all my time after the daycare fiasco to holding Thomas close to me, trying to cram his childhood development into the short awake periods between his naps, and cranking out work during naptimes and after B got home at night.  And let me tell you, that’s no way to live. So luckily we have found a solution to bring that work-life balance back and it’s going swimingly right now.
So, onto May.  With brighter spirits but more timid hearts.  If anyone has any recommendations for first birthday gift ideas for friends’ kids, I’m all ears!

April Goals

Workout and healthwise, March was a very successful month.  I worked out daily (starting a week late because the flu took up residence in our house the first week of March) to Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred and lost 7 pounds (I’ve been about 3 pounds above my happy/wedding/pre-pregnancy weight since the week after Thomas was born, but 4 pounds below is a super fun place to be), lost inches and feel like I’m in really good shape.  And I suddenly feel like working out daily is normal.  Must. Keep. This. Up.  I have 5 days left and am looking forward to seeing the final results.

I haven’t done great at the lack of sweets for lent, but I’ve rocked the lack of fried food (with one tiny slip up when I forgot that tortilla chips were fried).  I’ll get back on track this month.  The cold season veggies are peaking out in the garden and the seeds are chugging along on our kitchen counter.  All in all, March was a good month.  Bring it, April.

March Goals

February recap:
February wasn’t super successful goal-wise (actually, the only goals I didn’t do well with were work-out goals), but it was very happy and fun-filled and I felt an immense amount of support and love throughout the month, so I feel like I win no matter what. 

Workouts weren’t super well thought-out, but I did get some miles run and logged additional ones on the elliptical.  I read two books – In the Woods was a good one.  B had a great birthday party/Denver Brewery Tour and we had several fun date nights.  Thomas and I did go to the pool weekly (and therefore I bought swim diapers - I opted for reusable ones rather than pricey – and leaky – disposables because I’m pretty much a pool fiend and intend to raise Thomas to be one, too).  While I love my long weekends with Thomas, most mom and baby activities are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays when I’m working and Thomas is at daycare.  I’m not a huge believer in scheduling myself (and my kid) into activity after activity, but I do like having something we can do together that gets us out of the house and active.  Our local rec center offers a Mom and Baby Water Aerobics class on Fridays, so Thomas and I started doing that and we both love it.  We also head to the library together once a week for a Mom & Tom date - self-directed since baby storytime at our local library falls on a day that doesn’t work for us.  I love our outings.  I love that I’ve found the perfect balance for me and my family.  And I love where we’re at in life right now.

Looking forward to one of my favorite months – Happy St. Patrick’s Day Month!

February Goals

January was semi-successful.  Except for finishing the office and losing 5 pounds.  Apparently giving up Diet Coke for calorie-laden drinks doesn’t help you lose weight.  Thus the water goal for February. Anything you’re planning to tackle in February? It’s a short month…the sky’s the limit!

January Goals

I Resolve

I’m not a big one for New Year’s Resolutions.  But this year, I’m feeling inspired to:

1. Give up Diet Coke once and for all. 
2. Drink more water.
3. Run a race (preferably the Bolder Boulder).
4. Save money.
5. Lose 10 pounds.
6. Be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece and friend.
7. Get exercise daily.
8. Really clean my house weekly.
9. Put clothing away as it comes out of the dryer.
10. Live in the present.

What are you inspired to do this year? Any vices you’re planning to conquer? Trips you’re dreaming of taking?  Recreational goals?  Here’s to 2011!

December Goals

Let’s take a look at a less than successful November:

1) Workout 4 times a week. 2 of those need to be swimming (because I have a free gym membership [thanks to a 24 hour fitness class action lawsuit I didn't know I was a part of] and I should use it).  I injured my knee and am in PT, but other than that my activity has been limited.

2) Find new doctors across the board and make my yearly appointments since we’ve met our yearly deductible.  I went to new doctors (general and ob/gyn) but definitely have not found my new doctors.  In fact, I could write an entire blog post about how rude the OB was, but I think I’ll skip it for the sake of my sanity.

3) Limit my sweets and refined sugar intake to once a week.  Not a snowball’s chance in hell this lasted more than 3 days.

4) Eat lots of vegetables.  Note to self: Upping your veggie intake is great, but you probably won’t see results if you also up your sugar intake.

5) Cook one new recipe a week.  Most of them were terrible.

6) Read two books – one work related, one for fun.

7) Refresh my wardrobe.

8) Finish Christmas shopping.

9) Plan our trip to Florida for Tommy to meet his great grandparents.  This one is fully dependent on B’s work and class schedule – which has been busy this year.

10) Take, design, and address Christmas cards.  I successfully designed them myself this year and found a reasonable printer.
December Goals
1. Finish physical therapy.
2. Mail Christmas cards.
3. Host a Christmas get together.
4. Celebrate my niece’s first birthday.  I have to teach her young not to let her birthday get side swept by the holidays.  Her mom and dad will hate me for it in 20 years, but that’s what Auntie Ems are for.
5.  Make a birthday present for our favorite little neighbor (who’s also plagued by a Christmas birthday).
And that’s it.  Otherwise I’ll be focusing on a few big projects at work and enjoying the holidays with my little family.

November Goals

A quick look back at October:

1) Exercise routinely. Run, elliptical, or some workout DVD 3 days a week.  I did really well at this for the first half of the month.  Then I got sick and fell out of the habit.  Fail.
2) Swim at least once a week. See above.  The good news is I can still swim the 500 without drowning.  The bad news is that I have totally forgotten how to judge distance to the wall for a flip turn.  The alumni swim meet should be fascinating.

3) Go to a pumpkin patch..  We had so much fun.

4)  Date night.

5) Take Tommy to one of Mr. B’s soccer games. He followed the action and was the least cranky he’s been since he was conceived for that full hour.  Soccer might be my new parenting technique between the hours of 3 – 7 pm.

Now onto November. 
1) Workout 4 times a week.  2 of those need to be swimming (because I have a free gym membership [thanks to a 24 hour fitness class action lawsuit I didn't know I was a part of] and I should use it).

2) Find new doctors across the board and make my yearly appointments since we’ve met our yearly deductible. 

3) Limit my sweets and refined sugar intake to once a week.

4) Eat lots of vegetables.

5) Cook one new recipe a week.

6) Read two books – one work related, one for fun.

7) Refresh my wardrobe. 

8) Finish Christmas shopping.

9) Plan our trip to Florida for Tommy to meet his great grandparents.

10) Take, design, and address Christmas cards.

October Goals

Apparently three goals were far too many for me last month.   Here’s a quick recap:

1) Run routinely. I didn’t run once after starting back at work.  That will change in October.

2) Go to a pumpkin patch.  Nope, but I have it planned for a weekend in October. 

3) No TV or Computer during Tommy’s awake time. I’m giving myself credit.  I wasn’t perfect, but I was very conscioius about this and did really well.  Weekends were tough because Mr. B likes to watch football – and apparently so does Tommy.  This will be ongoing for me, it was a very helpful goal everytime I was tempted to read a blog while Tommy played on his play gym.

Now, onto October:

1) Exercise routinely.  Run, elliptical, or some workout DVD 3 days a week.

2) Swim at least once a week.  We have an alumni swim meet coming up the weekend of Thanksgiving.  I haven’t swum laps in…um…I can’t even remember.  I was the captain of our team my Senior Year of high school…I can’t show up and, you know, sink to the bottom of the pool.  People would talk.

3) Go to a pumpkin patch.

4) Date night.  We’ve done a good job of getting out together without Thomas every month since he’s been born and it’s such a nice break.

5) Take Tommy to one of Mr. B’s soccer games.

And ongoing… No screentime during Tommy’s awake time.