Do More Knowing Your Child Is Safe: The Ayden Video Monitor (and a giveaway!)

I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Levana Ayden baby video monitor…and it’s awesome. Click through to read my review of the monitor and to enter for a chance to win one of three baby monitors Levana is giving away! [Read more…]

How We Integrated our “First Born” into our Family Once we had kids

When we brought Casco home when he was a puppy, he was our baby, and for three years, he was our only one. We doted on him. We made him birthday cakes. We gave him weekly baths. He rode shotgun in my VW beetle and I took him everywhere I possibly could. We taught our golden retriever to swim for crying out loud. And then, 6 days after Casco’s third birthday, we brought Thomas home.

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Adventures in Budgeting: Making the Leap to One Income

In October of last year, after years of working in some capacity after having kids, we made the jump to being a one income family. There were a lot of reasons for the jump, and I know that this topic can get touchy, so all I will say is that every family needs to do what is right for them in the moment, with the understanding that what is right for your family very likely may change on any given day. On paper, it was really hard for us to make the leap from a dual income family to one income. The logical part of my mind thought that B’s income had to completely replace mine before we could take this step, but as you’ll read, we have made it work with some diligent budgeting, foregoing some unnecessary expenses, and a commitment to frequent conversations about how the budget and our current setup is working for our family.


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January Organization: Kid’s Closet Makeover with Rubbermaid® All Access™

I made two other January resolutions is addition to our commitment to “No Spending January” (which I’ll have an update on for you tomorrow!). The first was to order a credit check as a result of the hacking fiasco before the holidays, and the second was to organize 31 spaces in my house before the 31st. My goal is to get our entire house in order before February so that I can focus February on getting the baby’s room ready, and spending every extra second with my family before we become 5. So, when I was challenged to makeover a space with the new Rubbermaid® All Access™ storage containers from Home Depot, I readily accepted.

Rubbermaid All Access Containers

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Tips for An Inviting Home and Less Stressful Holiday Entertaining

I’m excited to share my tips for creating an inviting home and steps I take for less stressful holiday entertaining today! Click through to read more:


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A Little Help for the Holidays from Kraft: Great Holiday Party Appetizer

I feel like this time of year I’m always trying to come up with a good, go-to dish to take to parties. In the past, our big hit has been my pomegranate guacamole, but I’m pretty sure I’ve inundated our friends with that one, so this year I needed a new go-to. I’m going to share with you pretty much the best, and easiest, dip recipe I’ve ever tasted. Truth: I’m not an artichoke dip fan, and I feel like that’s a staple at many holiday parties, so when I had this onion dip at a friend’s baby shower last month, I stalked my friend who was hosting until she gave me the recipe, and made it as an appetizer for Thanksgiving. Instead of making the whole recipe, because we were only having 7 adults, I made 2/3 of the original recipe, and that was a mistake because it was gone in about 30 minutes. And I’m now on tap to make this dip for every holiday gathering from now until Christmas…and let’s be honest, probably New Year’s Eve.


Hot Onion Dip

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Britax Advocate 70-G3 Giveaway and Review

I’m so excited to get to share with you a review of the Britax Advocate 70-G3 car seat, and also giveaway a car seat to one of my readers this week! Read on for more about this great car seat, and your chance to win.
Britax giveaway
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One-on-One Back To School Shopping Dates (and a Giveaway)

As a kid, I loved back to school shopping. I so looked forward to the one-on-one time with my mom to search for the perfect backpack, new clothes and shoes, and school supplies. So, with Thomas off to school next week, I was so excited to have that same experience with T. My mom took Nell for a day so that Thomas and I could have our one-on-one time. As soon as Nell and Gigi were off for their day together, T and I made the most of our day date. We headed out to breakfast, and then stopped at the golf store to practice on the putting green before hitting up a couple stores. We hunted down the perfect backpack, some new shoes, and some good basics to get him back to school in style. After our shopping morning, we headed back home where all Thomas wanted to do with the rest of his day date with Mama was play and eat lunch. It was precious time with my sweet boy before he starts school.

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Baby Milestones: Cherishing the Everyday

Baby milestones are such a funny thing, aren’t they? Is there any one thing that can cause new parents quite so much anxiety and simultaneous joy as baby milestones? Fretting over whether your baby is developing correctly, comparing your baby to other people’s babies, it can all get to be a little much. But, there’s something so joyful about your baby’s milestones, too. Who will forget the feeling the first time you could sit your baby up in a shopping cart and didn’t need the wrap or the car seat in the store? Just last week I had a glimpse of my future when Thomas learned to buckle the top buckle of his carseat. “Oh, someday I won’t HAVE to buckle everyone into their seats!” Milestones – big or small – are something to celebrate.

Thomas Walking in August 2011

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How To Host an Unpretentious Wine Tasting Party

Right after we moved, I was set to host my book club. The other ladies in my book club all offered to change up the rotation to give me the month off, but like the crazy person I am, I said I could handle hosting right after moving. I’d also been recently contacted to try Black Box wines, and I knew that with the wine portion of book club handled, we could keep things really simple and light by hosting a casual wine tasting. Wine tastings have always enchanted and terrified me – people swishing their glasses and talking about notes and aromas is beyond my scope of knowledge. But the chance to try different wines and decide what you like best? So fun! So I set out to host an unpretentious wine tasting.

Casual Wine Tasting

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