About Imperfect

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Emily, a Colorado girl in my late 20s taking life by the horns. Welcome to imperfect where I talk decorating, love, budgeting, cooking and family life.

Before I was Emily at imperfect, I was just Emily. An Irish Catholic girl born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Despite my love for our mountain views, I’ve always had a love affair with small East Coast towns. After flirting with the idea of going East for college, I decided to stay and attend the University of Colorado (okay, I didn’t want to take the SAT2s, and the East Coast schools I wanted to go to required them). I met my husband and best friend, Mr. B, in college and we started dating our sophomore year. We got married at the ripe old age of 23, committed to growing-up and experiencing life together and have never looked back. Mr. B and I live in a Denver suburb with our three kids – Thomas, Nell and Peter – and our trusty golden retriever, Casco.

Some things you should know about me: I am in love with our house – and houses in general. I think Pizza is a practically perfect food.  I believe in exercising.  I think a girl should eat dessert.  I’m big into green (the color, not so much the lifestyle).  I like functional and simple family friendly decor – wear your shoes in my house, drink red wine on my sofa and let your kids wander freely.  I’m a cook – not a chef – and strive to put healthy, family-friendly meals on the table daily.  I’m a budget nerd who loves Excel spreadsheets, living well within our means and maximizing savings.   I strive daily for happiness – in my marriage, relationships with my children, home, and friendships – and have found that’s best accomplished when I laugh a lot and embrace the imperfect.

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