Kids’ Bathroom Mini Makeover

The kids’ bathroom remained the only honey oak cabinets in our house after we renovated our master bathroom last year. I thought that it was the perfect room to do something a little different in because the vanity is small and we can always repaint if we want. So, on a whim one week while B was gone, I picked up a quart of Benjamin Moore advance cabinet paint in Kendall Charcoal (same color as Graham’s crib) and painted when the kids were in bed at night. The next week while B was out, I painted the walls (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter) and hung some shelves over the toilet, and then just this last weekend B installed a new vanity light and hardware for us. And we have a fresh little bathroom makeover for right around $300 (most of which went to the light).


Here was the before: Honey Oak cabinetry, Hollywood bulb vanity light, and never painted builder-primed walls.

dsc02113   The whole point of this mini-makeover was to make the laminate counters and linoleum floors work with what I updated. I know no one likes laminate and linoleum anymore, but with kids who can’t manage to keep the toothpaste off the counters and 3 boys that will all be using this bathroom, easy to clean counter tops that I’m not worried about and no grout lines to scrub toilet misses out of are a little slice of heaven. I knew that I wanted to do the cabinets Kendall Charcoal, so I grabbed some greige paint swatches at Benjamin Moore and just held them next to the linoleum and picked a greige that was the same as the darkest gray in the linoleum, which just so happened to be Revere Pewter. It perfectly brought the beige and gray together and I love this color.

dsc02544 The shelves were fun – I needed something above the toilet but didn’t want anything that would stick out too much for kids to hit their heads on as they grow. These added just enough warmth and texture and let me add little moments of personality to the kids’ bathroom.

dsc02548 It was a simple little update to bring the bathroom up to speed with the rest of the house. Next Honey Oak on my list? The bannister. Oy.



  1. This looks great, Emily. Love the color of the vanity – makes such a big difference. And I think I”m going to try to add shelves like yours above our toilets. Our bathrooms are still totally and completely bare. I was just too tired to do anything for a while. Maybe after Christmas?

  2. Ellen-Elizabeth Lee says:

    This looks amazing! And please do keep blogging. I have followed you for years, even prior to having kids and now my wife and I have our own little blessing who just turned 1. I need you now more than ever! Take care and blessings for the new year.

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