A Vintage Vignette

Our house, built in 2000, has a few cutouts and ledges (or as my hilarious sister-in-law calls them, “Crap Catchers”) where you’re supposed to display things. They’ve always driven me crazy, but since we love the bones and layout of our house, I deal with them. I conquered the giant window-to-nowhere in our living room by hanging a vintage window there (pre-Fixer Upper days, even), but there’s a ledge at the top of our stairs that has always just collected the things that need to go somewhere else. I was over it being an empty space and feeling inspired to do something there, when my cousin gave me a great vintage window that she had laying around her house. And a little vignette was born.

farmhouse decor



vintage window vignette


  1. It looks great. Did you make the chalkboard? Love the style and I’m such a sucker for old windows.

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