A Navy, White & Gray Nursery…Take 2

Sweet baby Graham got a few tweaks to Peter’s Navy & White Rugby Stripe Nursery to make it his own. Peter was taking his crib with him to his new room (Tom and Pete’s shared room). So we pulled Nell’s turquoise crib out of the crawl space knowing we’d be painting it because the turquoise made the gray paint in the kids’ rooms read a bit turquoise. After keeping our baby’s sexes a surprise for rounds 1, 2, and 3, we found out that Graham was a boy at our 20 week ultrasound. So the turquoise crib went dark gray for baby boy McKevitt.

 kendall charcoal painted crib

We kept the navy and white rugby striped curtains my mom and I made for Peter’s nursery, the dresser I’ve used as a changing table for all four babies, and the paint stayed the same.

gray painted crib

If we could play a game called “Stupid stands stubborn Emily took that she should have just caved on in the beginning”, the glider in the nursery would be at the top of the list. Luckily, these are first world problems. But, really. When I was pregnant with Thomas, I was 25, married for a minute under two years, and having a baby a few years earlier than we “planned” in the midst of a bad economy. So I took a stand on not buying a glider and used the wooden rocking chair my mom rocked my sister, brother and I to sleep in in Thomas’s nursery. Two years later, Nell came along and I wanted to change the nursery up with more color and less brown, so I bought an IKEA chair that didn’t glide and used that in both Nell and Peter’s nurseries. When we announced that Graham was on his way, my mom said, “I am just buying you a glider, I love rocking your babies and it drives me crazy that I can’t rock them at your house.” Now, 2008 scarred me for life so I’m always going to be budget conscious and I picked the glider out when Target had a great baby sale in January, but that Caroline was right. Should have listened to her and let her buy me the glider 6 years ago when she offered the first time…or two years later when she offered again…or a year and a half after that when she offered the third time. Oh well, we’ll thoroughly enjoy it for this last sweet baby to make up for it.

gray glider in nursery

A new changing pad cover on the dresser I’ve changed all my babies on. I love this dresser (and the $30 price tag…told ya, that 2008-2011 Emily was scrappy with a penny).

antique dresser changing table

A sweet little magazine rack bookshelf right as you walk into the nursery.

pottery barn kids bookshelf

And the sweetest little pumpkin that occupies this room. Though we’re still working on getting him to occupy it all night long, he loves looking at his mobile and playing in his crib.

graham 3 months

And you all know I love a “big picture” picture to really give the lay of the land.  That’s our sweet Graham’s nursery.

navy gray and white nursery

To take a look back at all my nurseries: Thomas’s Brown and White Board and Batten Nursery. Nell’s Nursery with Painted IKEA crib. Peter’s navy and white nursery.


  1. Caldwell Price says:

    Hi, just found your blog and loving it! I was wondering if you made or purchased the pallet letter above the crib.

  2. I love it!! And him. He is such a handsome baby. I’m so glad he’s being (relatively) (now) easy. And… haha! When I clicked over here from Feedly, your blog matches Graham’s room. You know what you like, my friend. So happy for you!

  3. Oh my goodness I totally feel you on the glider. I couldnt justify the money with Henry and went with my moms wooden rocker. There were many late nights I regretted it and I will definitely be getting one if we ever have another baby. Love the one you chose. And the entire room looks great (not surprised, i always love your kiddo rooms).

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