Graham Patrick McKevitt

Oh the blog. Last on my priority list these days. Graham Patrick McKevitt was born on April 28th and is just about as sweet as can be. We’re totally smitten with him. His delivery was rough – I had really hoped to go into labor on my own (Nell was my only kid who decided to show up on her own terms), but after weeks of regular contractions but making no progress and missing his due date (seems to be a common theme for my boys), and my OB being concerned about me going too far past my due date due to heart rate issues we monitored through the end of my pregnancy, I was induced. I had Mother’s Day tea dates with my biggest kids the next week at school, and when my OB gave me two date options – one that would have me out of the hospital in time to attend those teas and one that had me in the hospital and missing them, I opted to make the teas.  My induction was easy – no progress even with pitocin until my water was broken (just as I told my doctor and the nurses to expect), at which point things happened quickly. Graham was born “sunnyside up”, which made the actual delivery and my recovery a bit rough. If I had known what my recovery would be like, I might have opted for a C-Section, but we are ending our baby having years with a 3rd healthy VBAC – I don’t know if I ever would have thought that was possible 6 years ago after that traumatic C-Section delivering Thomas.


Graham is a wonderful baby. He gave us all a scare and ended up in the NICU at two weeks old for monitoring after a scary night of choking in his sleep. They weren’t sure what was happening and tested him for infection after infection, and all came back negative (Thank you, God!), and he was eventually discharged with a diagnosis of silent reflux. I’m a pretty calm mama when it comes to medical stuff, but I was a wreck about the whole ordeal and barely sleeping after we came home just listening to him breathe. A little over a month out from that experience and we’re all doing much better – I’m sleeping again and Graham is a much happier little pumpkin. I’m off dairy and that has made a huge difference in his reflux (and also combated the colic that was starting to show up after our NICU stay) so now he’s back to being the best baby we’ve ever had (though I vaguely remember thinking Nell was the best baby ever…so maybe Graham’s awesome sleeping evens out with the fact that Nell never required a scary hospital stay :).


Graham’s name threw most of our friends for a loop. Not the Apostle name they (or we!) were expecting, but the names we had on the top of our list just didn’t seem right. Our landscape designer actually suggested Graham on an Instagram post when we announced he was a boy. I mentioned the name to B, and he said, “I LOVE THAT!” I said, yeah, I do, too, but it’s not a Saint. We kind of cast it aside but kept coming back to it. You have to love the name you give your baby. Graham Patrick just fit and plays well with our other English/Scottish/Irish name picks. I remember talking to one of my best friends before Graham was born and saying, well, we definitely have a Catholic thing going with our boys’ names, but all of our kids’ names are all also far more popular in the UK than they are in the US – so maybe I need to consider that route.  In the end, Graham was our top choice going into the hospital, but it still took me 5 hours to commit after he was born. We also toyed with spelling it “Graeme” and would have if we lived across the pond – and we also would have used that spelling for sure if we were using it as a middle name – but we decided to give him a spelling that he won’t have to correct people on for the rest of his life here in the US.


So that’s that. Almost two months old and just getting his announcements addressed and his post written. Welcome to the McKevitt family, 4th baby 🙂




  1. Congratulations! He is so cute :-).

  2. Ohhh such a sweet boy and handsome name. Glad you are all doing well.

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