House Tour: Living Room

So, I’ve been meaning to update pictures of our house for years. We’re coming up on 3 years in our house, and I’ve just not gotten around to getting pictures of everything all in one place. But as I was taking down the very limited Easter decor I put up this year last week, I figured I’d snap a couple pictures as I went room to room and just get it all done. Now, as you know with me, this is imperfect. I believe in real and I believe in honest. I’m not a designer, I’m not a career blogger – I’m a casual, Colorado girl who’s current role in life is to provide a warm, inviting home for my family and raise these young pumpkins of mine to {hopefully} be kind, loving, upstanding members of society.  You will not find perfectly styled, magazine-worthy vignettes in my home. There are 5 (countdown is on to 6) humans and a golden retriever who live their lives in this house every single day. The floors are scratched, the walls are dinged, and any flowers I were to put in a vase would be demolished by a football in 30 seconds. We live here, and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. There is likely a basketball or a coloring book under a chair here, there and everywhere. And I take pictures of full rooms because I think you should see a full room, not just the pretty pillows on the one clean section of the white sofa or a stack of pretty books styled to perfection (if you’re looking for that, move along right now. I don’t know how to do that :)).

We live in a suburb of Denver in a home that was built in the late 90s. You can see what the house looked like as we moved in here and after unpacking (and making do with some things that didn’t quite fit in this house from our last house) here. We spent the first year of living here neutralizing all the paint, and since then we’ve gotten rid of some furniture that just didn’t work, rearranged about 30 times, and bought a few new pieces to put a little more of our touch on the place.

Let’s start today with the Living Room. My goal is to get the first floor done and blogged about before #4 arrives in a few weeks. So here we go: You walk in the front door of our home to a pseudo-entryway and our informal “formal” living room. I love this space and we use it a lot. Since moving in, we’ve painted the walls (Benjamin Moore Gray Owl lightened 50% – when we repaint if I stick with Gray Owl, I will just do full strength everywhere. The lightened version looks a bit blue in certain lights) and replaced the curtains. Next on my list is to replace the blinds – the blinds that came with the house are all orange-y wood and were never my taste, but they were fine and did the job. But that front blind isn’t functional anymore, so it’s time.

urban cottage living room

industrial cottage living room

I took away most of my signature green accents in my house last Fall. Simultaneously, I just felt like something was off in our house, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. The rooms didn’t spark joy as I walked through them. In a use-what-you-have-and-for-the-love-brighten-up-the-house-for-Spring moment a few weeks ago, I pulled out my old green pillow covers and spruced up the pillows on the living room sofa. And bam! Energy and good vibes came flowing back through the windows. (Might also have something to do with the fact that green is returning outside and I’m a Spring and Summer girl over Fall and definitely over Winter…but regardless, green in my home makes me happy. So what if Pantone and their color of the year disagrees. Do what you love.)

white ektorp sofa ektorp sofa with pillows

The antique window I hung in our 90s cut-out niche is still one of my favorite things and adds character to a feature I otherwise don’t love in our home. And I love it even more since I hung that puppy long before I’d ever heard of Fixer Upper. Not that I was the first person to hang an old window, far from it, but you know…it’s the little things.

how to decorate a niche cutout

  green black and white living room  living room

 So that’s our Living Room as it stands today. Stay tuned for the dining room…

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