Inspiration for the Boys’ Room

In preparation for Quattro’s arrival, we’re getting Thomas and Peter ready to share a room. Thomas is so excited about the idea of sharing a room with Peter. When reality hits, I have a feeling it’s going to be quite the adjustment. And sleep-personality wise, it probably would be a better fit to put Nell and Peter in the same room. But this is what we’re doing for now. No guarantees that it won’t change. Because I like to change things up over here, anyway. Long term, I kind of predict that Peter and Quattro (who at the rate of progress we’re making on boys’ names over here will probably end up actually being named Quattro…) will share a room, as they’ll be closer in age than Tom and Pete. But who knows. We’ll see how personalities emerge over the next few years. For the forseeable future, Tom and Pete will share Thomas’s current room.


boys shared room inspiratoin

The overall feel of the room is going to stay the same – we just have to squeeze a lot more into the space and do it in a way that looks good. The boys’ rooms have always played off of each other, so moving them together will not be too tough. I still love the navy blue rugby stripe duvet cover (from Pottery Barn Kids) that we bought for Thomas when he was still an only child and his orange star sheets. Peter received a navy rugby stripe and orange star crib sheet as his “needs” for Christmas. Tom’s bed and Pete’s crib are stylistically similar (similar to the current Elliott bed and Kendall crib but purchased many years ago and no longer made by the retailers I purchased them from), so that will work well. Tom’s bed is not what I would pick if I were shopping today, and when Peter’s out of the crib I may re-think the bed situation all together, but for now, the furniture remains.

We’ll likely have to lose the bookcase that’s currently in Tom’s room. I’m okay with this. If we are able to make it work in the room, I will likely give it a little makeover to reduce the amount of dark espresso wood in the room. As I was dreaming up a plan for the boys’ room at the end of the summer, I envisioned metal beds. But, switching out the beds now isn’t practical as our bed needs will definitely evolve over the next few years – who knows how long Pete will last in the crib (but I learned after springing Nell from her crib at a little over 2 that I shouldn’t mess with a good thing, so he’ll be crib-bound as long as he stays in there safely!), and who will share which rooms long term?  So, I envision lightening the room up with a different bookcase that can double as a night table between the two beds, and adding in a mix of metal to help the room feel a little more fresh.

With the boys sharing, we’ll definitely need more storage, so I’m planning to put trunks at the end of each of their beds for their stuffies. I’d love to do some industrial-inspired wall shelves if we have room for artwork and containing the treasures of an almost 6 and 2 year old. All of the artwork in the inspiration above is already in either Tom’s or Pete’s rooms, but we’ll pull it all together for an eclectic mix that suits both of them.

So, that’s my vision for Tom and Pete’s shared room. A lot of what actually happens will depend on how things work out when we start moving things around – measurements only tell me so much, I have to play with the furniture placement before I can commit! Thomas thinks it would be best if Peter moved in when he was two (all that maturity that two brings, you know), so he’s decided that moving day will be March 6th. Nice to have a kid who plans like I do. As soon as I have the boys together, I’ll start thinking about tweaking Peter’s room for Quattro. It will stay mostly the same, but I think every baby deserves a little bit of a refresh.


  1. Jennifer W. says:

    was it determined you’re having another little boy? How fun!

    • Yes! Quattro is a boy – and so the naming conundrum continues! But we are all so excited – Nell especially. She loves her brothers 🙂

      • Jennifer W. says:

        How exciting! You get to have that wonderful mom-daughter relationship from the other side of the relationship and you get to have a house full of boys, too. How fantastic!
        I can’t wait to hear his name!

  2. I love your style – in all of your house, but especially in your children’s rooms. I’m looking forward to hearing how this all goes. I often wonder what we’d do if we have another baby one day. I think Katherine and John (I like the name John, btw… 😉 ) would end up sharing a room, but that would be quite the decorating adventure.
    Though… I guess then I could newly decorate TWO rooms for the price of one new baby! Hmmm…. 😉 (j/k lol4ever Rob would kill me. Even good babies are hard. We do NOT need nearly-Irish-twins… haha)

  3. Love your blog! I read the end of your post twice, and I didn’t see it either time, so would you mind sharing the source for that rug? It looks more herringbone than chevron to me, and I love it!! Also want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I appreciate your no nonsense approach to organizing (I have little ones and am starting to drown in boxes of too-small clothes but am emotionally attached! Argh! So hard!) and your decor style. Also am super inspired by your whole 30 results (super sweet tooth here) and am determined to follow in your footsteps!


  4. Where are those ADORABLE trunks from! I am IN LOVE and want one for my boys playroom!

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