A Gallery Display in Thomas’s Room

A year ago, I was scrambling to get Thomas and Nell’s rooms “finished” after moving in before Peter’s arrival. We worked with what we had, not wanting to spend a ton with a new baby on the way. So, a year has gone by, and there are a few things that just weren’t working in the kids rooms. So, I’m taking it one room at a time, getting things in working order, adding finishing touches and just giving the rooms a little new life for Spring. Thomas’s room is the first up. I’m excited to share pictures with you soon of his space soon, but we rearranged his furniture last week, I ordered him new sheets for his bed, am on the hunt for a solution for his windows, and am now focusing on getting something up on the walls.


This was what Tom’s room looked like a week ago (minus the safety rail) – I had been wanting to move his bed out from the wall for awhile, and as much as it pains me to admit it, he’s suddenly a little boy and not so much a toddler. He was ready to sleep without a wall for safety. So, with the furniture rearranging, we have a big empty wall to decorate now. So I’m planning and scheming.

Thomas loves maps, so his US states map will be remain and be a part of the new setup, along with numbers and a few of my favorite snapshots of T. But, as I was perusing all of the adorable and fresh feeling kids birthday invitations on Minted for Peter’s big 1st birthday party — just family, but with our families, that’s big! — I discovered their art marketplace and was immediately smitten.

I love Minted for holiday cards and the aforementioned kids birthday invitations, but I didn’t know about their Art Marketplace until recently and I’m loving it. I’ve picked a few favorites out for T’s mini-room makeover:

Lucky 7

Nice Work Art Print

Choose Adventure Art Print

And this pink penguin print will be making it’s way to Nell’s room very shortly…her’s is next up on my list of rooms to add a finishing touch to:

I’m excited for how it will all come together and excited to share it when it’s done. I’m on a roll, so hopefully soon!

*Minted provided me with credit for this post, the opinions are all mine.


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