Babies 101: Just Ask Children’s

Babies. So sweet and snuggly. But there’s a steep learning curve when it comes to a new baby. And honestly? Three kids into this parenting gig, and I can tell you with confidence that each baby comes with their own unique learning curve for the parents. There were so many things that I couldn’t have prepared myself for, but somehow, through the magic of motherhood, you figure it out, and it doesn’t take long.

I remember shortly after Thomas was born, once we’d figured out breastfeeding (no small feat), I took him to the grocery store with me. And as I pushed the cart back to the car I realized that I would never again be able to load my groceries into the car and run the cart back to the cart return and then hop in the car and drive away. Now I had a baby who I couldn’t let out of my sight. Now I had to figure out this balancing act of loading the groceries, while keeping my hand on the car seat, then one handed carry the car seat while pushing the cart to the cart return, then lug that heavy car seat back to the car, lock it into its base…you get the idea. It seems silly, but it’s a good example of the learning curve of a new mom. {Side note: I will park as far out in a parking lot as I have to to park directly next to a cart return now. And when I can’t find a spot near the cart return, I just return the cart to a safe spot next to my car, and vow that when I don’t have my children with me, I will always return the cart}.

I’ve learned in my years that it’s wonderful to have other mom friends who you can bounce ideas off of. Who can tell you that it’s just a phase and not to lose too much sleep over a particularly difficult one. And I’ve learned that it can be so wonderful to be that friend, too – to reassure a worried mama in the preschool pick-up line that they are a great mom, and they will figure out how to get through whatever rough patch parenthood is throwing at them at any given moment.

These little things, and bigger things, are all a part of the new mom learning curve. And every parent figures out what works best for their family pretty quickly. Children’s Hospital Colorado, as part of their Just Ask Children’s Online Q&A, is focusing on babies this month. Head on over to Just Ask Children’s and ask the team of medical professionals at Children’s any questions you have about babies.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Children’s Hospital Colorado. The opinions and text are all mine.