Peter’s Nursery: Gray, Blue and Rugby Stripes

You all saw the blank slate nursery that was ready for #3 to be born so we could personalize it based on the baby and their personality. I had no real clue what to do with the room if Peter was a girl, though I’m sure I would have figured it out, but I was ready to run with a boy nursery plan when Peter was born. It’s mostly done now…I have a few projects to finish up, but I figured I’d share it now and share updates later.


Peter’s nursery is very similar in shape to the nursery at our last house (here as a nursery for Thomas, here as a nursery for Nell), it’s just about 21 square feet bigger and has a wall in front of you when you enter, so we kept the furniture layout pretty similar because we knew it worked. Crib on the far wall, changing table on the opposite wall, chair floating in front of the big window.


The bookcases we bought to flank the crib in Thomas’s nursery are some of my favorite things in the house. I adore them. But I wasn’t feeling the same layout for them, so I chose to just install one on the wall as you walk into the room. I’m planning to add a giant P for Peter above it soon, but taking three kids to Hobby Lobby is torture. If they don’t have a cart that fits at least a car seat and a toddler, I’m not going there anytime soon. That’s why Costco and I are so close these days. And you guys know I’m frugal – if I can make it myself, why pay major markup for something? But I’m tempted to just order the giant Pottery Barn P already painted navy blue and call it a day…sometimes $60 is worth your sanity, right? I digress.


Peter’s crib is the same one that Thomas slept in. Thomas likes to tell Peter that a few times a day. “Your crib used to be my crib Peter. It was never Nell’s crib.” Siblings, man. Pete got his own crib sheets though. 3rd baby has to have a few things that are just theirs.


We moved the IKEA Jenny Lund chair from Nell’s room to Peter’s room before his arrival, but I bought the pouf for an ottoman the week after he was born when it was on sale at Target, and I’m smitten with it. My mom made Peter a gray and white strip quilt just as she did for Tom and Nell.


My absolute favorite piece of furniture I own is that $30 vintage dresser I found on Craigslist when I was pregnant with Thomas. It’s been the perfect changing table for all three of our kiddos, and I always remember putting Casco in my little red bug and racing to South Denver to pick it up after work one day. I’ve realized that I like at least one piece of old furniture in every room. Not beautiful, ornate antiques…I’m not fancy enough for that. Farmhouse style, simple, sturdy antiques. That dresser will always have a place in any home I live in, hear me now. I’m looking for a small scale, industrial-esque shelving unit to go above the dresser. I know exactly what it looks like in my head, just haven’t been able to find it in reality yet.


The whale changing pad was just fun, so I bought it. It’s from the same collection of sheets that he has and was his baby gift from my parents, but I like that they’re not matchy-matchy…just coordinated.


And although I love everything in the room, I think the rugby stripe curtains make it. Caroline and I made them when Peter was one week old. Because we had nothing better to do with our time. We cut a king size duvet in half and hemmed the edges. Peter’s window has a shade that pulls down that darkens the room, so we didn’t bother blackout lining the curtains, but I can always add blackout liner later if needed.

So that’s Peter’s nursery. It’s come along way from the bright blue make-shift guest room it was when we moved into the house 11 months ago.


Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Gray Owl color matched in Behr paint

Bookshelves: Target circa 2010 (but knock-offs of these Pottery Barn shelves that are still available)

Crib: JCPenney 4 years ago

Sheets and Changing Pad Cover: Land of Nod

Crib Skirt: Pottery Barn Kids, no longer available

Chair: IKEA Jenny Lund

Ottoman: Target

Rugby Stripe Curtains: DIY from king size duvet cover (available at Target)


  1. I love it so much! The navy and white is sort of my favorite. (Gasp. Are you shocked?) And I love all the details and that it feels organically pulled together and not matchy matchy.

    I also totally feel you on the old piece in every room thing. And I would go further to say an old piece with wood-tones. I love me some painted furniture, but there is just something about the warm tones of wood. I love the dresser in here and the changing pad is adorable.

    And don’t even get me started with the rugby curtains. I seriously almost picked up two of those duvets last year because I wanted them as curtains in a room that didn’t exist in my house. So I stopped myself, but I really want some striped curtains in my life. And I love that using a duvet makes them lined.

  2. Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!!!! I don’t know how you do this… decorate a room after the baby arrives. And with THREE children, no less. You are wonder woman. 🙂

  3. I am in love with this nursery. I want to live in a room like this. I love how every thing matches, but just like you said it isn’t too matchy matchy. Beautiful job.

  4. I love everything about it!! Nice work momma!! I’m especially loving the curtains (and that whale changing pad!)

  5. Danielle says:

    so many things that i’m going to cram into one comment because i’ve been reading on my phone and cannot stand commenting on there. so, here goes: 1. i love peter’s room. i actually think you have the same ‘curtains’ that we do in avery’s room since i got those from a target duvet although i was too lazy to hem. they look much better in his room! 2. i really love nell’s room. the colors are awesome. 3. also love the west elm bedding. i sort of love all of their bedding. 4. i hope mr. peter is doing less crying these days for you. that was basically all that ellie did the first three months and man it was really, really hard. i felt like i was coming out of a fog once she stopped the round the clock screams.

  6. i love this soo much! i’m doing a lot of navy in our new nursery, so of course i’m drawn to it anyway! the curtains make the room, for sure. i actually saw that whale fabric at joann today and wanted to get it just because i love it so much in that room. i also like the bunting above the crib – seems like a great thing that can be moved when needed and you don’t have to worry about something heavy dropping.

    love your style!

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