Master Bedroom: New Bedding and Curtains

How’s that for a creative post title? Killing it. We’re coming up on our 1 year anniversary of living in this house, and so I’m trying to get progress photos taken in every room…so get ready for small updates on the house  and a house tour of sorts over the next few weeks.

When we moved into our house last June, the master bedroom had yellowed-by-the-sun faux wood blinds, white frilly sheers and plastic hardware including curtain tiebacks. Works for some styles, but not mine. We took the curtains down immediately and eventually removed the hardware before we had the room painted last November. The blinds are still up there while I decide what I want in their place (I’m leaning towards bamboo for the texture).


For my birthday, I asked for new sheets for our bed and new shams. I loved the shams, and was getting tired of the quilt (still love it, but like the option to change it up), so when the duvet cover that matched the shams went on sale, I waited for a free shipping day and ordered it. I also bought long navy blue curtain panels (at IKEA) and new hardware and B hung those a few weeks ago…and our master bedroom changed dramatically with those two changes. I also bought some new, graphic lampshades for our existing lamps and moved the white drum shades to my green living room lamps that were in need of new shades. Just little, pretty inexpensive overall, tweaks. I have an evolving vision for this room – eventually I’d like to go away from our matching dresser and bedside tables. They were some of the first things we purchased for our last home before we really had a keen sense of what our style is – and it turns out our style is a little more eclectic than matched furniture sets – I’ve always called our style “Urban Cottage” and I think that’s still on the money. And that boxspring needs a tailored bedskirt on it as opposed to a cheap sheet, but we’ll get there.



So that’s where we are for now. I’m still hunting for a navy accent pillow to anchor the bed and the bedskirt, and the furniture is absolutely fine so if we find something more our style, great, if not, oh well. It will continue to evolve, but that’s where our bedroom stands almost one year in. Here’s a peak at it on move-in day.


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the change!!

  2. so… is your signature color slowly becoming navy??? i’m seeing a lot of it around here these days! don’t worry, i won’t tell green.

    i’m wanting more bold pattern in our house – love how you did this with yours. and pretty easily too it seems!

    • It’s definitely making a run for my affections, but I have a feeling green will always be my strong and steady, main man :). I’m working on the living room now and it’s a lot of green – luckily, green and navy and trendy right now so I look like I pay attention to those things.

  3. Nice updates. But, please tell me that your nightstands aren’t always so neat… If so, I am truly jealous. Mine is always a jumble of odds and ends like chapstick, kleenex, bobby pins, a glass of water and usually a binky or too. Such a mess! 🙂

    BTW – love the date art on the nightstand. Did you make that? Super cute!

    • B jokes that I collect water glasses on our nightstands! They are definitely never this clean, but I was purging last week and decided to take pictures while things looked decent. I did make the art – it was a super easy project!

  4. Your room looks gorgeous! Refreshing and relaxed. I thought about asking for new bedding for my birthday too, but decided to wait a bit. I love the curtains and how you hung them! Perfect taste as usual.

  5. Love it all! And the blue curtain panels are a nice, dramatic touch for a bedroom, I think.

  6. Love the new room and am also a fan of the date art!

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