Losing It: 30 Day Shred After Pregnancy, Clean Eating and Moral Support

Okay, fitness and healthy living post coming at you. A little backstory:ย  When I got pregnant with Thomas, I was at my “happy weight”. I gained 22 pounds during my pregnancy and lost 18 of those by my 6 week postpartum checkup. I fluctuated over the next 9 months back to my pre-pregnancy weight and up to that 4 pound above mark, which I was fine with. When Thomas was 8 months old I did the 30 Day Shred every day to tone up and loved the results – I didn’t drastically change my eating (but tried to be conscious of making good choices). When he was 10 months old, a lot of crap happened all at once and I just stopped working out and started eating like crap. When I got pregnant with Nell when Thomas was 15 months old, I was 10 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. I gained 22 pounds during that pregnancy as well and lost all of them by my 6 week postpartum checkup, and lost the 10 stress pounds by the time she was 6 months old. So, when I got pregnant with Peter, I was back at my “happy” weight. And I fully expected to gain 22 pounds and lose them by my 6 week postpartum check. Ha. Ha. Ha. I gained TWICE what I gained in my previous pregnancies, had a 6 day period where, I kid you not, four people asked me if I was having twins when I about lost my mind (some people just don’t think), and though I was down 20 pounds by my 6 week check-up, I was not feeling great about the fact that I had no clothes that fit and that three people in the first three weeks after Peter was born asked me when I was due. “Um, he’s 3 weeks old.” I didn’t even enjoy watching the back pedaling “Oh, I didn’t even look at you, I just hadn’t heard the baby had been born!” take place. Yeah, right.

So, needless to say, I had some work to do. At 4 weeks postpartum, with my OB’s guidance that I should workout as much as I felt up for, I was down 20 pounds with 25 to go, and started the 30 Day Shred. And I started to feel strong again right away. I love and hate the 30 Day Shred workout – the repetitiveness can get really old, but the workouts are effective and the 25 minute thing is key for a busy mom. I did most of my workouts after T and Nell were in bed and while B was hanging out with Peter, and as Peter started to sleep a bit more and his colic and reflux started to get under control, I was able to workout more during naptimes. And while I definitely felt stronger, and noticed muscle and toning, I didn’t notice any change on the scale, which was frustrating. I felt strong and lost 5 pounds in the first 25 days and a couple inches, but for the work I was putting in, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to see.

I think, in retrospect I was suffering from a little bit of baby blues all along, but between Peter’s 7th and 9th weeks we had some really tough days over here. Peter’s reflux and colic were bad and he screamed all day every day. And finally, I just started crying in the shower one day. And then I realized why: I love hanging out with my kids. I love playing games with them, getting down on their level and learning with them, but since Peter had been born, all I could do was hold a baby who didn’t feel well. And since my older kids weren’t getting the individual attention they were used to, they were pretty tough, too. And, because I was exhausted and my patience was low, I would snap at them instead of listening to them. It was a vicious cycle. But acknowledging it – to myself and then out loud to B – was what it took to get me back on my feet. B picked up what I couldn’t do when he got home after work – sitting on the floor and playing games with Tom and Nell. I started saying “No” when people asked to come visit when I wasn’t up for company and hoped that people would understand that it wasn’t personal, but it was necessary to my sanity to have some free time. I started taking my mom, mother-in-law and aunt up on their offers to help entertain Thomas and Nell without feeling guilty about it. And I prioritized working out and eating clean (partially to eliminate any trigger foods – other than dairy which I took out of my diet when Peter was 3 weeks old – for Peter but also to reset my body after 9 months of pregnancy. And that – I followed the Whole 30 strictly for 30 days, and am now continuing to eat that way (essentially a slightly stricter Paleo) with the occasional cheat meal – not day.

So, my recap of the 30 day shred: Eating as I normally did and doing the shred, I lost 5 pounds in the first 25 days. I absolutely felt stronger, but I was hoping for more weight loss. As I did the first time around, I loved Level 1, but this time around I really disliked Level 2’s heavy arm work and was better about Level 3’s ab work. However, while I felt stronger, the pounds weren’t melting off. When I started eating clean, I had 5 days left of the shred and lost 7 pounds in those 5 days (honestly, I looked kind of like the before picture until Day 25 when I started my Whole 30). In the last 4 weeks, I’ve lost an additional 8 pounds (only 5 more to go!), started running again, noticed muscles from the 30 Day Shred that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and feel incredibly strong and healthy. I’ve become so much more focused on how I feel than how I look – even clothes that were a little tight when I got pregnant are fitting comfortably now despite the fact that I still have 5 pounds to lose.

30 Day Shred Results

I definitely lost inches doing just the 30 Day Shred and eating as I normally did (I eat pretty clean for my meals, but I had a tendency to snack on un-clean foods), but changing my diet absolutely had the most impact on my results. The 30 Day Shred was a great workout, but this time around, it wasn’t the single answer for me in losing weight. I was doing the 30DS every single day, and I was eating within my calorie limit every single day leading up to the Whole 30, and while I felt stronger, I didn’t see the results I wanted. The picture of me in the coral tank top was the last day of the shred and the 5th day of my Whole 30 – I was already noticing a big change in my body shape just 5 days in – and starting to see those muscles that I’d been building with Jillian over the last 30 days. Because I’m breastfeeding, I’ve still been keeping track of my calories to make sure I’m eating enough on this plan to sustain my milk supply, and I go over my limit most days and still lost 15 pounds.

So, with results like that, it’s hard to go back to eating any other way. Plus? I felt SO SO good during it. I had a Margarita last weekend after the challenge ended and couldn’t sleep that night – I think from sugar – when I had slept like a baby for the entirety of the Whole 30 challenge. My friend Jessica, who runs a motivational fitness challenge group I take part in says something along the lines of it’s 80% what you eat and 20% how you workout, and I couldn’t agree more. I even took pictures of myself in a two piece on Monday and while I’m not going to post pictures of me in my skivvies here, I have to say I was really proud of the way my body looked – but even more importantly, I’m so proud of how healthy and strong I feel!

So now, life after the 30DS and Whole 30. There was a 4 week difference between the middle picture, on the last day of my 30 Day Shred, and the last picture, on the last day of my Whole 30 (which I finished last Friday). As soon as the 30 Day Shred ended, I started the Couch to 5K program. That program has me doing a walk/run hybrid three days a week. Two days a week, I still use the 30DS (and occasionally another video when I just can’t take a day of Jillian) but I alternate through the levels – so on Tuesday I might do Level 3, and on Thursday Level 2, then the next week Level 1 and Level 3 which helps make Jillian more bearable. I do a Yoga DVD or go to Yoga one day a week, and rest one day a week. If I’m feeling up for more or have time on a run day, I add in more cardio or yoga. And I’m starting to feel like an athlete again. I’ve got a month left of the C25K program, but intend to up my cardio a little more in June, too. Now that my Whole 30 is over, I intend to keep eating clean, but allow myself the occasional beer, glass of wine, or dessert (though with dairy out for Peter, there’s not much dessert that appeals to me). I can’t say enough about the Whole 30 – it completely changed the way I approach food, really helped me feel good about myself and my energy during a tough time postpartum, and improved my sleep while I was at it.

*PS – I kind of scoffed at the Whole 30 for a long time, until Claire posted about her experience and results (Part 1 and Part 2). I was pregnant with Peter at the time and filed her posts away to revisit after he was born. Right around the time I’d started my whole 30, Laurel posted that she’d just completed her first one. Her Instagram account has been a huge help to me in coming up with meals for our family and lunches and breakfasts. These two are great resources, check them out! My original 30DS recap is here.


  1. Emily! You look amazing! Girl, you should be so proud of yourself. I’m hopping on Laurel’s Instagram right now to pull some new meal ideas because we really need to clean it up over here. I’m curious- did you find that it had a significant impact on your grocery budget? I’m worried once I start focusing on 100% clean foods our food spend is going to go through the roof, especially with two kiddos who are always hungry. p.s. I am lucky enough to be friends w/ Claire in real life and I loved her posts on the whole 30 too- so helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Our grocery budget definitely increased, though, to be honest, I haven’t run the exact numbers to tell you by how much – I did a lot of combo shopping at Costco during the Whole 30, but I’ll try to run some numbers so I have a better idea and let you know! With that said – we ate out once during all of this. So, I’m willing to be that the money we spent, we saved by not eating out.

    • ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You look amazing! It’s not easy to eat right and exercise with one kid (cough, cough: I don’t do it). But with three? Girl, you are my hero.

    I’m also fascinated by the idea of the Whole30. Ryan and I really need to get our eating back on track. But, I’m just such a flake. Because I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it, I just don’t. That’s terrible, right?

  3. Dude! You look fantastic, and this is suuuuuper encouraging to me! I am totally scared at the thought of having three kids and getting my life together, and just knowing someone has done it makes me feel like its totally achievable. This is also a good kick in the pants to get my current eating a little more under control. I felt great coming off my Whole30 but fell majorly off the bandwagon between a surprise pregnancy, surprise job loss, selling a house, and just generally being overwhelmed by life.

    Thanks for being my three-kid, clean eating hero!

    • Yep, do not fret, you will be back in control of your life after this baby is born! Sometimes I think I don’t have time for a workout, and then I remind myself (or B reminds me if I’m really letting me talk myself out of it) that I feel so much better when I do workout and it’s worth making the time. You’ve got this – and this little blogging/instagram community will be here to cheer you on when your nugget shows up!

  4. Congrats on becoming stronger and more fit! I was just going to recommend the Nike+ app for 5k (10k, etc) training. They’ve added a coach feature this year and I’ve really enjoyed how it pushes me and my limits. Plus the stats it offers is great, if you’re in to visual stats.

    • Thanks Kylie! I will check it out – I’m honestly pretty out of the running technology loop – does Nike + still require their shoes and their thing you put in the shoe, or is it all through the iPhone now?

      • It’s all through the iPhone and is a free app! I used it for 5K training and running and really like it. I used to keep an eye on my pace and also to track all the miles I ran – I was very motivated to see how many miles I ran when I was running consistently for my 5Ks!

  5. Wow! What awesome results!! I am currently 8 weeks postpartum and want to start the Whole30 diet but am so nervous about loosing my milk supply. How long after you had your baby did you start the Whole30? Any tips you can offer me? I gained 40 lbs with my baby and have 15 lbs left to shed. I run 3 miles a day but eat terribly (my excuse is that I ran and need extra calories for nursing). I would love to hear your thoughts and any advice you can share. Thanks!!!

    • I sent you an email Aubrey! I started this when Peter was a little less than 8 weeks old and because I was on top of making sure I ate enough and drank enough water, I didn’t have any milk supply issues. But if this is your first baby and establishing your milk supply has been tough, I’d recommend talking to a lactation consultant about if it’s a good fit for you! I had a really hard time establishing milk supply with my first, so didn’t start any diet changes until he was about 9 months old – I’m sure I could have started sooner than that, but I was scared!

  6. You look fantastic. Major props for working hard to be healthy and fit, not just skinny. I’m working on losing weight and building muscle – because I want to have at least one more baby and I need a stronger body to do that. This post encourages me!

  7. You look AMAZING, Emily! I’m filing this knowledge away for after this baby is born. I had no problem losing weight after Isaac was born…actually, I think it was all gone by about 2 weeks post partum and even ended up 10 pounds under starting weight by the time he was a year old, thanks to breastfeeding. Miriam was a different story though, and it wasn’t until I drastically cleaned up my diet that I saw a change. I expect about the same this time around, and actually look forward to the challenge of the Whole30 again. And I think I need to check out 30DS. I’ve heard so much about it, and with limited time and no gym facilities here, that could be the perfect solution for me!

  8. Oh my heavens, I am so excited for you!! I think whole30 is amazing! Thank you for the shout out! You are an amazing mom!

  9. i know i already gushed all over other outlets, but you really do look fantastic! and most importantly, you feel good – that’s what really matters, especially as a busy mom of 3! the w30 really does work in that it retrains how your brain thinks of food. i too felt so good after, and the months following it… then i got pregnant and it tanked! i can’t wait to be able to do it again, or at least eat more closely in line with it. i really can tell a difference in how i feel eating this way vs clean.

    and thanks too for the shout out! glad my posts helped! :))
    also – oh jillian. i loved/hated her there for a few years. might need to add that into my post-baby routine too to see better results, like you did. i just always had to mute her and play my own music

  10. You rock, momma. I can’t believe how firm you look!! And you totally busted me drinking my wine and eating whatever sweet I could scrounge up. I have been contemplating the 30DS since I already have the dvd and it seems like I could fit it in to my mommy schedule. I will have to look more into W30. I know that my eating could stand some improvement. Keep us posted as you continue on!

  11. Mary Margaret says:

    You look amazing Emily! I just started C25K last night. I so afraid of failing. Talking to other people about goals has helped me in the past, I’m hoping it does this time around too. Congrats on being helathy!!

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