• We had a great Easter (a week and a half ago now)…busy, but good. Starting with the kids coming down Easter morning to their Easter baskets. Side note: Our stairs have this diagonal in them for the bottom four steps. I’ve never loved it, but it wasn’t a deal breaker…I’d just prefer a more traditional staircase. But, Easter morning, I realized it’s perfect for three Easter baskets. It would fit four…but B says our stairs accommodating an extra Easter basket are not a compelling reason to keep having more kids. So there, one holiday transformed the way I feel about that crazy staircase layout. IMG_9203 The Saturday before Easter, we dyed Easter eggs using Kool Aid. It was perfect, and I’ll never dye eggs with one of those kits again!


Easter morning, we woke up for Easter baskets, then booked it to church to get there at least 30 minutes before Mass was slated to start. The great Catholic dilemma arose as we arrived in time to hear the Homily and watch the 7 am Mass receive Communion – if we’re there in time for the Homily and Communion, do we call it attending and leave with the early birds? Or wait for our normal 8:30 Mass.  We waited for 8:30…but the debate absolutely took place. We love the church we’ve found and the community we’ve established going to church there for the last three years, but they could use some work on their time management. After Mass, we rushed home and before hosting B’s parents for brunch, we grabbed a quick family photo: our first, I’m ashamed to say, of all five of us (bonus that Casco posed!) since Peter was born.


  • So that was Easter…Next up. Peter. We are loving life as a family of five, but it’s been loud :) . Peter is colicky and has reflux, but we’re doing whatever we can to get to the bottom of it to make our little guy more comfortable. I’m back off dairy (as I was with Nell, but for different reasons) and eliminating other foods from my diet, and we’re gonna get to the bottom of it.
  • I’m working out daily and eating clean to get back in shape (well, the clean eating was dictated by Peter, but the getting back in shape is a bonus) after Peter’s birth. My go-to workout after every pregnancy is the 30 day shred…and I’m so sick of it. But I’ll see it through the 30 days and post results here similar to what I did 3 years ago when I’m done. I am so passionate about not dwelling on body image – we have a daughter, and sons, who we want to raise to be healthy and confident young people, so I’m focusing more on being healthy than being back at my exact pre-pregnancy weight.
  • I loved Sarah’s thoughts on technology and kids from Monday. I’ve shared before that we really try to limit screen time and technology with our kids, like, the TV is rarely on unless there is a hometown sporting event in the background, and even then we turn it off if we notice Thomas paying too much attention to it. We started letting T watch an episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates, or similar, about once a week a few months ago so that he’d know what his preschool classmates were talking about, but otherwise we keep screen time to a minimum. I don’t say this to declare our way the only way…or even the right way. It’s just what works for us and what feels important to us.  But anyway, coming from a technology minimalist mindset for kids, I really enjoyed Sarah’s thoughts on technology for me to process as our kids get older, so thought I’d share if anyone else was interested.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Peter’s room is ready for me to take pictures of, so hopefully I’ll get to that in the next few days!


  1. We love koolaid for Easter eggs as well!!

    And I hate to hear Peter is colicky. That’s tough. I hope he gets to feeling better soon. :-/

  2. Love the pics of the kids (Nell’s face especially!)- and I am totally trying kool-aid next year for egg dying. I always hated the smell of the kits growing up. And knowing B, he’ll probably try to drink it.

    B was a refluxer and colicky too. It was rough, especially months 2-3. We went to formula because he would scream every time he breast fed and this new mama could NOT handle it. But eliminating dairy/soy definitely helped. OH! And probiotics. That really helped a lot- if you do those, get a dairy/soy free one. Some of the probiotics are cultured on dairy. We did garden of life raw probiotics with B, but there are other options as well. Those really helped settle his tummy. Good luck mama, I totally feel (and know) your pain! :)

  3. Love the pictures of your sweet kiddos! And I’m glad I’m not the only one who took forever to get whole family photo after having a baby.

    I have no experience in colic, but a friend just posted this on Facebook: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/best-diaper-changing-technique-newborns-reduce-colic I have no idea if that would work, and it seems a little awkward after changing two babies by the “hold the legs up” method, but it also seems easy enough to give a good shot.

    I’m impressed with your dedication to get back into shape post-baby, and your attitude about body image! The best thing I ever heard was “I wouldn’t trade my babies for my body.” It definitely helps me keep in perspective when I feel less than stellar after baby, or struggle with finding time to exercise because of their schedules. Keep up the good work on both fronts!

  4. Great family picture! This was the first year we did not get a family picture. Oh well…. That is great that you keep tv to a minimum. We always did as well when the kids were little. Even now, my son is almost 13 and we still limit technology, although not as much as I would like. When my kids were in elementary school, once they learned to read, I made them read as many minutes they wanted to watch tv, play on the computer, and so on. That worked well…
    Hope you have a great week!

  5. BEAUTIFUL family!!!! Love the Easter photo! :) I love your positivity with Peter’s colic – you are one rockstar mama!!! Will keep sending happy Baby Pete prayers your way. :)

  6. LOVE Nell’s room!! so cute!

  7. I have to try the koolaid idea next year. Sounds awesome.
    I love your little family of the kids on the steps. Too fun. And that picture of your family – wow! Such a great shot and everyone is looking at the camera? You are amazing for making that happen. I can barely get Ryan to look at the camera, let alone Henry.


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