Industrial Exterior House Lights

Remember last week when I showed you our new paint colors and promised an update on the exterior lights with closeups? Well, I forgot that I had a colicky one month old (my normal blogging hours are before the kids wake up or after the kids go to bed, but those are Peter’s designated screaming time…so, yeah), a demanding 22 month old who is testing the waters and needs consistency and discipline to keep her from becoming Michelle Tanner (cute and funny and allowed to get away with s**t because of it and therefore eventually an out of control tween – our #1 goal in raising our daughter? Discipline so that she doesn’t become an Olsen twin. Or Lindsay Lohan.) and a stoic, rule following, almost 4 year old who just needs to be wrapped in a hug and told how important and special and wonderful he is. 3 very different personalities demanding attention over here at the McKevitt house these days. Happens. I’m a big believer in blog reciprocity – if you comment on my blog, I comment on yours. And hopefully vice versa. But right now the majority of my blog reading takes place at 2am…and my iphone doesn’t allow me to comment on blogger blogs for some reason. And by 6am, I forget what I’ve commented on and what I’ve just read. So don’t hold it against me, okay? One day soon, I’ll be a good blog friend again.


Anyway, our house. Originally, our lights were what every builder in our town installed on houses in the 90s and early 2000s. I called them the Olympic torch lights. They’re sitting on the workbench in our garage so that I can donate them for someone craftier than I am to transform, but I considered keeping one in case Tom, Nell or Peter ever has to play the Statue of Liberty in a school play. I don’t make fun of the lights to put down any previous homeowners: the house was built in 2oo1, and this was what the builder was offering. It never crossed my mind to change out the builder lights at our last house until we were close enough to moving that I didn’t want to put anymore money into it. And then the second homeowners made lots of changes to the house that are what made us buy it – hardwood floors throughout the entire first floor, built-ins in Nell’s room, etc. And I’m pretty sure, looking at all the other torch lights in our neighborhood, they painted these Oil Rubbed Bronze from brass to make them less prominent. But since we were painting, we decided to update and go with a style we like all around.

exterior lights before I showed you all the lights I was considering in this post and decided on this industrial style exterior light from Home Depot. It was the biggest scale of the three similar styles I liked best, which was important to me. I also liked that it had a dawn-to-dusk feature. We’re not good about remembering to turn lights off during the day, and so my electrical engineer husband opts for leaving our exterior lights off so we don’t waste precious commodities (and money). But I like the security of having lights on at night…so this works well for us.

exterior lights after

B installed the lights the day the painters finished and I adore them. gray house paint industrial lights

The Home Depot reviews are mediocre, but that’s based on a motion sensor feature we don’t use (motion sensor lights freak me out…probably the point, huh?) I will say, we accidentally had them set to motion sensor the first night and they seemed to work fine. So I love the lights, and I’d buy them again in a heartbeat.

So that’s the latest on our curb appeal updates. I love my Dark Sky Association approved lights – they definitely make our house more “ours” and less the now defunct builder’s.


  1. These look great! Also, I had no idea there was such a thing as a dawn-to-dusk feature. I’m looking into that if we replace lights in our new house, because my engineer husband also likes to leave our exterior lights off all the time. I like to not trip and fall trying to get inside after dark.

  2. These look great!! Your house is definitely looking so much more you! 🙂

  3. I love your house!! Those lights look great! And no worries about visiting my blog. There was once a time many years ago that I had 3 little ones under the age of 4 so I totally understand! I’m just glad you are still posting on yours – I always love your updates. 🙂

  4. Seriously….why is it so hard to comment from phones? I wish the various platforms would get on that and make it easier, because I read from my phone 99% of the time and wish it were easier to comment!

    Second, I really do love these lights. They’re a good “warm” industrial to me (opposed to “sterile industrial”) and I think they bring such a good element to the style of your house!

  5. Girl, I don’t know how you can handle three. I feel like I already have an Olson twin on my hands. He’s currently napping on my lap. At 4:30 p.m. After trying to get him to sleep for almost 2 hours in his big boy bed because he won’t stay in a crib any more.

    All that to say, you are my mommy hero. Because I can barely keep one alive. And commenting on blogs has become a thing of the past.

    But not for you, friend. Because I love love love your blog and you, of course.

    And I adore the lights. They really look amazing with your new updates outside. This is the style I think I want to go with on the house when we build. Should probably find a house plan first. 😉

  6. I love the lights and the new paint colors!! Looking fabulous — it’s amazing how big of an impact the paint color can make isn’t it?! Never gets old (for me anyway!) And I must say, I’m in the same predicament as you — blogger hates allowing comments from mobile devices. sigh. Unless I’m reading on the computer like I am now (which is almost never), I can’t really comment! 🙂

  7. Speaking as the mom of a sassy, rambunctous, never-been-a-good-sleeper 2.5 year-old I am floored that you do all that you do with THREE. My blog reading/commenting fell by the wayside 2.5 years ago! That being said, my heart soars & I sorta see rainbows when I get a comment from you. And I feel terrible for not doing the same back! Do know that I lurk a lot these days. I’m that girl out in public who checks you out using my peripherals because I really like your outfit or something but don’t get a chance to tell you because I’m wondering if I remembered to put on pants or I have to go wipe someone’s butt (not mine).

    All that to say I LOVE the light & your house exterior & curb appeal!!! Classic & timeless, as always. Makes me want to put an offer on your house!!!


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