Tom’s Room Reveal

Thomas’s room has been mostly “done” for six months – but it took me until now to get things on the walls and declare it done. I’m going to have a nursery to decorate soon, I needed to get Tom and Nell’s rooms done before #3 is here. So let’s start with Thomas’s room, which I really should have shared pictures of months ago. When we moved into our house in June of last year, Thomas’s room looked like this:


You know how I feel about neutral paint colors in kids’ rooms – that a neutral base allows the decor to change and grow with a kid easily. But the bottom line was even though blue is Tom’s favorite color, baby blue wasn’t working with his navy blue, white and orange scheme. So the baby blue had to go. Tom’s room was the first upstairs room we painted – I wanted it ready to go for him before he started preschool. But I’m pretty sure I never posted pictures of that. So here you go:


All Fall, Tom’s chalkboard had the Broncos schedule on it – we would write a W for a win and an L for a loss. We’re waiting for baseball season to fill up the chalkboard again – but being that we’re Colorado Rockies fans, it’s going to be a hell of a lot more disappointing than the Broncos season was (you know, save for that whole Super Bowl blowout thing…).

bedside table

None of the furniture or bedding or decor is new – it was all in Thomas’s room at our last house. But it’s funny how the same pieces can take on a different vibe in a different room. I love the pegboard we hung above Tom’s bookshelf (also in our old house) – it provides a nice textured backdrop for photos and other things.

peg board

Here’s where it becomes obvious that I’m not a good blogger: I didn’t straighten the books for these pictures. But this is real life! We don’t have books to make ourselves look well read or to provide colorful art and vignettes for a room – we have books because we LOVE to read. And a bookshelf full of hastily shelved books makes me happy – it means that Thomas has crawled out of his bed during his rest time and picked books to read as he rests. It means that he’s talked us into more than 3 bedtime stories. Books – hastily shelved or scattered on the floor – tell me that we’re doing alright. So that’s what you get to see, real life:


And because I believe that the closeups are nice but that you need to see a room in its entirety, here’s the whole picture. Bed-rail and all.

gray owl boys room

This room is just Thomas. His favorite colors: blue with pops of orange and red, a neutral gray background for everything to play off of. A nod to his love for sports without being a sports themed room. It hints at his love for numbers, letters and maps. It’s just so perfectly my guy.


  1. It looks great! And certainly a room he can grow up in without growing out of the decor. Good job!

  2. Now this is a room I’d be proud to call my own! Love the subtle nautical/explorer look. And thanks for keeping it real. Even so, it’s spiffier than Quinn’s room right now! #fortmadeoflaundry

  3. I LOVE those lights above his bed, and that you didn’t straighten his bookshelves. You’re awesome 🙂

  4. Looks great. I love how it is simple and uncluttered. (Not a surprise coming from you!) And I love the pegboard. I will have to keep that in mind for further use. And I completely agree on keeping it real. Half the time I don’t even notice the little things in my pictures because that is what our home is really like. ☺

  5. I love this room so so much. And you are so right that all the pieces “feel” different in the new space. The peg board and chalkboard will continue to be my faves. Just awesome.

  6. Love the colors, love the pegboard, love that chair – you are good at pulling a room together!

  7. This looks great!! I love his bedding! You may have shared this before, but where did you get it? I’m looking for simple bedding for my toddler and love the stripes!

  8. i love it! and can’t wait to see what you did in nell’s room. and yes, i think we did deliver at the same place. i actually met the ob that you use a few times since she was scheduled for a few procedures that my midwife couldn’t do. everyone was so amazing that it made me want to have a third baby. 🙂 we’ll see though. and not having a name was sorta nice BUT it was all charlie wanted to talk about while i was in labor and at that point i really didn’t want to talk about anything!

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