The Nursery: A Blank Slate

On Monday night, B came home and was ready to get the rooms moved around for the baby. All of Nell’s furniture, except for her crib, were slated to be moved to the baby’s room, and I wanted to get that done enough in advance of the baby’s arrival for Nell’s sake. It didn’t go so well. As B moved furniture, Nell stood in the door and screamed, “Mine. My seat. Mine. My table. Mine. Mine.” So here’s hoping that her new, colorful room, a big new bed for her to grow into, and the safety of her turquoise crib help her come around to her room’s new look in the next few weeks. This morning she walked over to the baby’s crib and threw her favorite, “Mine” at it. To which her sweet, loving brother informed her, “Actually, Nell. This was never yours. This was my crib.” Gotta love older siblings.

But anyway, the baby’s room is a blank slate. Freshly painted white trim, freshly painted gray walls, a crib, a changing table, a chair and bookshelves. It feels so stark to me right now, and I’m itching to add color and personality, but I’m making myself wait. I’ve learned my lesson – I’ll want color and personality as soon as I know who will be living in this room, and I’m going to hold off to meet him or her before I make those decisions. So in the meantime, we have a very blank slate nursery. I can’t wait to watch this room evolve – I have a few ideas in my head of directions I’ll take the room depending on the baby’s sex, but the truth is that within days of knowing Nell, I wanted to change her whole nursery. And it wasn’t just because she was a girl, it was because she needed a room that fit her. I’d sit in the chair during midnight feedings and imagine how I could splash her sweet, but already big, personality all over the room. So that’s what the plan is in here – keep the room a blank slate until we know this sweet little one in a few weeks.

nursery blank slate

It’s far from a perfect photo, but I like to have a record of the process of a room. Consider this your “making progress” before. Not quite as before as the neon-y cobalt blue that we started with, but nowhere near as personable as it will one day be. And, you know, we’ll probably take the diaper box and other random things out of the crib and replace them with a baby.

So that’s that – we’ll get the bookshelves rearranged a bit and attached to the wall, I want to replace the globe for the ceiling fan light, and then we’ll just wait. But in the meantime, Nell’s room is so close to done and I’m excited to share that with you! Hopefully next week.


  1. This room is going to be awesome! And I love that Thomas set Nell straight. Too funny! MINE!

  2. Awww, poor little Nellerbean. I love this story. She’s so stinkin cute. 🙂

  3. can’t wait to see what you come up with! ha and poor nell. 🙂
    i love the idea of going neutral with walls in baby/kid rooms – that way you can get more adventurous with the accessories without it being a color explosion. and the room can better grow with them. you can save the crazy wall colors for the teen years when they want to express their personalities 🙂

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