Weekly Menu: What I’m Cooking the Week Before Christmas

I used to share our weekly menus a lot more often. And then the world jumped on the Paleo bandwagon and I kind of shrunk away from those posts. So here’s the deal: I have always been an everything in moderation, no strict dietary requirements (other than those that are required due to allergies) type of family cook. I find the new diets very interesting and worth researching, I’m tempted to try the Whole 30 challenge this spring when the baby is born, but generally, I believe moderation is the key. We strive as a family to eat healthy, home cooked meals. That does not mean that I never feed my children processed foods. That does not mean that during a really busy week it’s not Tortilla Chili made out of 10 cans in a crockpot. We try to eat lean meats, I try to make fish – normally salmon since my kids will eat it – at least once a week, and pasta is usually only a once a week thing (not this week, you’ll see shortly). Generally I make sure that we have fruit with breakfast (usually bananas),  fruit as part of our morning snack (clementines, pears, whatever is on sale/ in season at the store that week), a fruit and veggie (usually apples and carrots) on our lunch plates, and a veggie with dinner (usually a routine side salad, honestly) to get our 5 servings for the day – but it doesn’t always happen. But anyway, all this is a very long justification for saying, if you like ideas for what other people feed their families or are in a recipe slump, read on to see what I’m making this week (no original recipes – all link out to my sources).


During the holidays, it can get really easy to have no dinner planned, not want to think about food on top of all the things you have on your schedule, and too easy to run to the store for a frozen pizza for dinner (nothing wrong with that…but when it becomes a multiple night a week habit, then I know I need to get back on the meal planning bandwagon). The Girl Who Ate Everything is my go-to for easy, family friendly meals, and so the majority of this week’s menu comes from her site.


Sunday: Leftover Night – I pull everything we didn’t quite finish the previous week out of the fridge and it’s a free-for-all. Sometimes we do leftover night’s twice a week, but I’ve been relying heavily on leftovers the last few weeks so planned out meals for all but Sunday this week.

Monday: Baked Salmon with Rice Pilaf and Broccoli – sometimes I spread a little adobo sauce on the salmon for a spicy flair, sometimes we go lemon and rosemary, sometimes soy sauce. This week it’s chipotle salmon for me and B, I leave the adobo sauce off the kids’ portions since it’s too spicy for them.

Tuesday: Taco Pasta with green beans

Wednesday: Asian Turkey Meatballs on Rice with salad on the side

Thursday: Crock Pot Lasagna with Baked Zucchini Spears

Friday: Party Night

Saturday: Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup


So that’s what we’re eating this week…what about you?


  1. Mr cherry was looking for what he could pack in his lunch this morning and said, “We have lots of sweets, but not much else.” So true right now in this busy week leading up to Christmas. Your menu looks amazing!

  2. We love that Taco Pasta – I think you may have introduced us to it. We are doing two crock pot meals and leftovers. ;)

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