Thomas-isms: Denver Broncos Edition

A few key Thomas-isms from watching the first half of last night’s (what turned out to be heartbreaking) Broncos game with my Broncos loving boy.

T: “Mom, I am REALLY good at saying Sports Authority Field at Mile High”. I’m absolutely certain that will take him far in life…

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 9.37.53 PM


Regarding Peyton Manning’s throw right into a block in the 2nd quarter, I asked: “What was that???”

Thomas: “We can’t ask him, mama. He’s all the way far away down I-25″.


Thomas: “Mom, when I play for the Broncos, I’m going to be a wide receiver and I’m going to wear #84. If the Broncos buy me number 84, then I will play for them.”


Thomas: “Do you know why I love the Giants? Because Eli Manning is Peyton’s brother. When my brother* plays for the Giants and I play for the Broncos, I’m still going to love them. Won’t that be so nice of me?” Pressure is on, apparently, to provide Thomas with a brother.



  1. Oh Thomas, you make my ovaries ache for a little boy. ;) I luf him.

  2. So adorable :-)

  3. Oh Thomas, you are too cute. I can’t wait to write up my own B-isms :)

  4. Won’t that be so nice of me?

    Ha!! Funny kiddo. :)

  5. I love this! What a sweet boy!

  6. Thomas reminds me of my Paul, who when he was about 8, was interviewed on radio as being the biggest, littlest broncos fan outside the USA by the guy who was then “the voice of the Broncos.” Paul once nearly broke his father’s heart by innocently telling him he wished John Elway were his dad, cause then he could go in the locker room and watch his heroes at practice. Now Paul is 22 and living in France and he still stays up late, late, late to follow the Broncos via internet when they play.

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