Our Dining Room {At Christmas}

Urban Cottage Dining Room

Our Dining Room has finally started to come together. If you recall, this was the first room we painted after moving in because Mr. B informed me that he couldn’t live one more day in a house with red walls. So high maintenance. Side note: We all know that I can call Mr. B high maintenance because it is painfully clear that if anyone in this relationship is high maintenance and demanding, it’s definitely not him, correct? Not that it’s me, but you know, comparatively, I might be a teensy bit more demanding than Mr. B. But I digress. We moved on a Sunday, and I was at Benjamin Moore on Monday buying paint and getting to work taking our dining room from dark red to light gray.

When I wrote that first post about our dining room, I mentioned all the things on the list: a new light fixture to replace the ornate gold one, find a buffet or hutch to store our china and linens in, and redo the moulding (new, thicker baseboards and  craftsman window trim). I took my time to figure out what the vision might be, some things just fell into place and others I took a leap on. Here’s how our dining room sat from June until November:

So, first things first, I ordered a chandelier. After going back and forth between Ballard Designs’ Eldridge Chandelier and a different but similar aesthetic chandelier on Overstock, I finally decided I’m not a $500 light fixture kind of girl at this stage in the game. If we were to win the Mega Millions, that might change {hell, I’d buy you all a $500 light fixture}, but seeing as how we don’t play the lotto, I’m thinking I’m gonna stick with the $130 variety for awhile. The chandelier came with two broken shades. I contacted Overstock. They were awesome and immediately put through a request to the warehouse for two new shades to be sent to me. 6 weeks later those damn shades were just sitting somewhere in Singapore with a shipping label, bouncing between two shipping posts. I got a little bit cranky, the nice man in the parts department at Overstock told me he understood why I was cranky, and assured me he’d get me shades before we hosted Thanksgiving. He was true to his word. So two months of waiting, a tiny bit of being talked off a ledge, and we had a chandelier that I’m very happy with.

Dining Room at Christmas

Then, came the hutch. I already mentioned that my parents were upgrading their Dining Room furniture for their 40th anniversary gift to each other. I really need to take you all on a photo tour of Caroline’s house, it’s pretty great. My mom had been toying with getting rid of her antique pie safe for a couple years, but I kept talking her out of it. Finally, she decided to do what she wanted to do, and told me that if I loved that pie safe so much I could come pick it up and take it to my house (which actually translated into my dad and mom driving it up to me on a Monday and moving it into our house themselves. I might be a little high maintenance afterall).

Antique Pie Safe

And just like that, we went from a red room with an ornate chandelier to a much-more-our-style mix of old and new. An old rustic pie safe, a modern chandelier, a painted pedestal table and contemporary parson’s chairs. I’ve always called our style “urban cottage”, and I think the dining room in our new house is starting to take that form.

Urban Cottage Dining Room

Dining Room Christmas

Because it’s Christmas, I threw down a red plaid table cloth, my burlap runner, brought out a few Christmas balls, and whipped up a tweed moose in photoshop to throw into a frame we already had.

dining room vignette

We still intend to replace the baseboards and frame out the window someday, but that’s a whole house project down the line. And right now, the first room you see as you walk into our house makes me feel so at home.



  1. haha… I don’t think either of you qualify as high maintenance… and I love that your mom finally just GAVE YOU that darn pie safe so she could be free to get what she wanted. I laughed out loud at that. :) The dining room looks lovely!!

  2. It all looks great, Emily. You have such a knack for putting things together in your style. The plaid table cloth is great and I might be stealing your ornament idea.

  3. Your dining room looks so good. I love that light fixture – what a show stopper. And that pie safe is totally awesome. I want a pie safe in my life.

  4. Hi Emily,
    I just found your blog and am excited to find a fellow native Coloradoan. I like your style and especially your Craftsman leanings. I’ve read through the archives of your first home and new home so far. You may be just what I’ve been looking for… something a little less trendy and faux thrifty, which I find on a lot of the home/style blogs. It seems everyone in the blog world has a new style revelation……that all looks exactly the same. Anyway, I am thrilled to see your go-to green color is a spray paint! I will thank you always for that tip. It’s so Craftsman/Mission/Stickley-esque, my favorite style! Happy New Year to you!

  5. I love the simple, classic Christmas decor in your dining room, with a touch of Carolynn plaid! :)

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