It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

At our first house, B and I always oogled the beautiful, big Christmas lights that perfectly outlined rooftops. We had small white twinkly lights at our old house and I had my wreaths on the windows, but we never invested the time or money into new lights for our roof line – partially because our upper roof line was so steep that B told me from the get-go lights up there weren’t going to happen.

But at this house, the roof is just ever so slightly more walkable, making the upper roof line Christmas lights-able. So, I started looking for Christmas light inspiration, and the first image I came across was basically a slightly grander version of our house. I jokingly sent it to B with text along the lines of, “I expect our house to look like this this year. And if we ever need more room, we can just add on over the garage and add dormer windows!” And B was equally as impressed with the lights (not so much the fact that I’m already doing additions to our house in my head. This girl just likes to be prepared.). So, we went out Christmas light shopping. And then I started to feel guilty, so I declared that the lights and his labor were my “Want” for Christmas this year.

House at Christmas

Every time I pull up to our house I just smile. I think one of the smart things we did was that we immediately started making memories here – from hosting Tom and Nell’s birthday here a week after we moved to just welcoming poeple in regardless of the state of a room or the entire house, moving in and living our real lives here has made a huge difference in making us feel at home. But, there’s something magical about decorating a house for its first Christmas with your family – the decorations inside and out just make it truly feel like its ours.


  1. Awwww!!! I love it!!!

  2. OHHH, I love your decorations!! So pretty. And the snow just adds to the magic. Nice work you two!!

  3. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing!!! Magazine-worthy for sure.

  4. It looks like a house from a movie. Beautiful!

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