The Baby’s Room Part 1: Goodbye, Blue

The baby’s room was arguably the most offensive color in our house when we moved in – while none of the colors we inherited were my taste, I knew that they did appeal to other people – but the bright bright bright cobalt blue bedroom was just awful. Hard on the eyes. Not restful. And I like blue. I even like this particular shade of blue…in small doses. However, since no one was living in there and we rarely have house guests, it wasn’t a priority. Until we found out two weeks after moving that we were going to be a family of 5.


The main floor of our house will mostly be Gray Owl lightened by 50%. I’ll probably paint the office a different shade of the same color, but the goal is bright, inviting, flowing spaces. When it comes to kids’ bedrooms, I like neutral bases that can be changed with accessories, so all three kids’ bedrooms upstairs were going full strength Gray Owl (color matched to Behr’s Premium Plus Zero VOC – which is their cheapest paint – the more expensive paint and primer in one is low VOC, but with McKiddle #3 on the way, it’s Zero VOC over here for now. Side note: I had decided to be a paint snob in this house and so bought Benjamin Moore for the main floor…and because I didn’t want to pay $80 a gallon for Ben’s Zero VOC paint, I switched brands for the bedrooms and went with Behr. And I like it SO MUCH MORE than the pricey Benjamin Moore Regal we have used on the main level. And it’s a little over $25 a gallon. Can’t beat it.) My mom painted Tom’s room in August right after we announced McKiddle #3’s impending arrival, and she and my sister painted the top half of Nell’s room in September and primed the bottom for beadboard while we were out of town, so just Baby’s room and our master bedroom needed to go gray still.

But anyway, I decided to paint every kids’ bedroom the same color for a couple reasons. As previously mentioned, I generally like accessories and fabric to provide a room’s color. Also, growing up, my sister and I switched rooms all the time. Almost every summer we’d trade rooms, and I want that same flexibility in our house. It’s an awesome way to clean out rooms every year and get rid of unnecessary and outgrown items, and also I hope will help tamper any “Why does Nell get the big room?” life is unfair fits. We’ll rotate rooms whenever it makes sense.

Mr. B was out of town last weekend. B does not like to paint, so I usually save my projects for when he’s gone. While he was out, his mom, my mom and I tag teamed projects – two of us painted while one entertained tots, and then we switched. Thank goodness for family nearby.


And this is all I’ve got for the baby’s room so far. Thomas’s old crib will become #3’s crib and the double bed will move to Nell’s room (with an antique bed frame I have yet to find) in the new year so we’ll still have a bed if guests come – and eventually when she’s done with her crib, Nell will inherit the double mattress. The IKEA Ektorp Jenny Lund chair in Nell’s room will move to the baby’s room as will the dresser/changing table. But color schemes and accessories are beyond me now. I had no trouble decorating nurseries for Tom and Nell not knowing their sexes, but for some reason not knowing if Peyton Manning McKevitt is a boy Peyton or a girl Peyton is keeping me from decorating this go around. Which is fine, gives me something to do when I have 3 kids 3 & under come March. 🙂


Both T and Nell’s rooms are close to done, too, so I’ll share those soon. And we’re hiring out the painting of our vaulted master bedroom and bathroom, upstairs hall and stairwell, so sooner rather than later, the entire upstairs will be neutral. Ahhh.


  1. I love love love that color, and it’s great that you’re going to have such good color flow through your home!! Beautiful!! 🙂

  2. I love Behr paint!! It’s so great AND the no VOC is awesome. Sooooo…can you come over to my house and help me paint my kitchen? I’m sick of the color (too dark- but you may like it because it’s almost your signature green color!) and it needs to be painted but I’m dragging my feet- so much taping to be done. Now that I’ve sold you on it, you’ll be right over right??

  3. This color is truly perfection. And I’m happy to hear that you like the Behr, too. I’m seriously impressed with that Ultra with primer every time I use it.

    Looking forward to seeing this room come together. All of your nurseries have been awesome!

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