The First Floor House Tour: 2 Months In

So, we’ve been here for almost two months, which is hard to believe. And we’re slowly making progress turning our new house into our family’s home. Thomas still calls our house the new house – I wonder when it will just be our house to him. We love this house, and we love the potential as we gradually make it even more our style. The neighborhood is proving to be wonderful, too, but as always, it takes time to get to know people and settle in.

The biggest thing we’ve done since I shared a photo tour the week we moved is paint – the dining room, the family room, and the kitchen, back hall and laundry room. The rest of the house will be painted this year, too. Hopefully. We bought a sectional for the family room which moved our other furniture to the living room. I just ordered a new coffee table for the family room, and we’re on the hunt for a rug we love that plays well with the gray but also warms up the room a bit. We also purchased bar stools for the island, but that’s about all.

The Living Room:

On the day we moved in, it looked like this (I snapped this picture after I already took down one set of red curtains, which you can see the matching set of on the window on the right).

No significant changes in here other than adding our furniture and taking down the red drapes. We’ll paint this room soon, and will add photos above the sofa. I’m on the hunt for a chair to replace the big green guy eventually, too. Also, not a top priority, but over time we’ll replace the wood toned blinds with white to work with our style a little more.


Dining Room:

On move-in day:

Now: I painted this room the second day we lived here.

We’ll replace the light fixture fairly soon in here and eventually would like to find a storage piece for where the bookshelf – a place holder – is.

Family Room:

The night we got possession:

We hired someone to paint this two-story room the week after we moved in. I’m painting the entire main part of the house – downstairs and upstairs – the same color for a light and airy, cottage feel and will add color with furniture and accessories.

With our old furniture for the first two weeks we lived here:


And with the new sectional (look for an update next week on this room when my coffee table…and maybe a rug?…arrives):





On move-in day (pure kitchen chaos)


And Now: We painted the green and brown paint (Benjamin Moore Gray Owl cut to 50% strength) and put all of our crap away :). We also purchased black counter height stools for the island.


Plans: We’ll paint the cabinets and add moulding to the island eventually. Now that the paint is lighter, the cabinets are really screaming to go white, so that might happen sooner than I originally planned. We’d like to replace all the trim in our house with thicker craftsman baseboards and window/door trim, so we’ll hold off on any woodwork projects until we decide which style we want.

Breakfast Nook:

On Move-in Day:


Now: We moved in our furniture, painted this room (Benjamin Moore Gray Owl cut to 50% just like the rest of this house will be eventually), and took down the heavy brown curtains and sheers and replaced them with simple white panels.


The Office:

On Move-in Day:

Now: Not much has changed except a lot of stuff has been added – the office is always a challenge for me, and generally a last priority. Someday we’ll make sense of this room, but for now it works for me to do a little work and the kids have a little play area.


Powder Bath: Nothing has changed, but I can’t wait to take down that valance and paint:

Laundry Room (which I never shared originally and don’t have a move-in picture of, but it was a dark brown paint color):


Back Hallway: I have plans to add rows of hooks here for bags, keys and backpacks, but for now we just painted it.


 So that’s our first floor just about two months into living here. We haven’t really done a ton, but paint makes a world of difference. I’ll share the upstairs (where we’ve done nothing but place furniture since I last showed you the upstairs) next week. My goal is to get the first floor paint done by September and start on the kids’ bedrooms this Fall.



  1. Everything looks great, Emily. I love the paint color and I can’t wait to see your new coffee table.

  2. It looks great! I love the grey you chose and paint changes everything! I love how it changed the family room fireplace. What a beautiful home!

  3. I loooooove it. You’ve done such a great job already! Can’t believe how much it’s changed in just two months.

  4. You have been busy bees! I love all your changes and the entire house just looks so much more welcoming and airy, now. I love that family room and your big sectional – looks so cozy!


  5. Umm, so I’m obviously catching up on my blog reading. I love the idea of the thicker base boards. That will look awesome! And also? Your fridge is pretty. (random, I know)

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