Let’s Talk About: Sectionals

Our new house has a few extra rooms than our current house. It’s not gigantic by any means, but has an extra living space on the main floor, a finished basement, and an extra bedroom on the second floor. Our current living room furniture will most likely live in the “formal” {that will not be formal, it will be casual and comfortable and a place people want to be} living room at the new house, and we will buy new furniture for the family room. This room is big, but not gigantic, so scale’s going to be important. We need more seating for this room, but we don’t want too much furniture or too oversized furniture.


The current owners have a great looking microfiber sectional. It’s big but clean lined and it fits well in the space. My original inkling was to go the sectional route in this room. I love the idea of a sectional for cuddling as family to read books. I can see the boys lounging to watch golf or football on a sectional – I love the idea of a sectional.

 The Pottery Barn Comfort Square sectional I’d buy in a heartbeat if the reviews and “used” pictures I’d seen weren’t scary.

But in reality? Does a sectional make the most sense. Does anyone ever sit in the corner seat? Last summer I read in BHG a quote from a homeowner about how she chooses two matching sofas over a sectional because it gives you the look of a sectional but allows you to rearrange furniture and gives room for an end table for people to put drinks down. I liked that line of thinking.

Via Emily McKevitt on Pinterest

So what say you? Are you a sectional or sofa person? Pros and cons to either? I’d also love to hear any sectional or sofa recommendations.


  1. I think the functionality of sectionals really depends on your family. My family is my husband, my nearly 2 year old daughter, and myself. We like our personal space. Sure, my daughter will crawl up into our laps to watch a TV show or have a book read, but if we have a choice my husband and I aren’t going to sit right next to each other on the couch. So while I like the idea of a sectional, I don’t think it would be the best fit for our family. I do have to say that I prefer to lay down on the couch to watch a movie and my husband also likes to lay down, and typically he gets the couch and I put my hand up and lay back in the recliner, but a sectional would be a good option for that.

  2. Danielle says:

    The corner seat is the best! We have a sectional in our basement and I love it. I actually wish we had one in our family room but we already had furniture that was used for that space when we moved in. I say do it!

  3. We LOVE our new sectional. And we totally fight over the corner seat. It’s the most comfortable part of the sofa.

    But I also think that the two sofa deal is a great option if you have the space!

    Basically, I am no help whatsoever.

  4. We technically have a sectional, but we have a chaise instead of additional seats at the end of ours. I really, really loved the “corner” seat where the chaise was until I was mostly through my first pregnancy and getting up became rather difficult. I like having this sofa in our space because we have a fireplace on one wall and our TV on another. I really didn’t want the TV to be the focus of the room, but practically we watch TV far more than we just stare at the fireplace; the sectional makes me feel like there is still focus on the fireplace.

    However, prior to buying our sectional, I had never lived in a house that had one. My parents have a sofa, leather arm chair, and two arm-less, upholstered chairs in their family room. The arm-less chairs are great because they can be used for seating for two people, separately, pushed together to make a small sofa, or pushed end to end to make a sort of chaise for movie watching. This set-up certainly gives more flexibility in seating and room design (and more furniture that moves for easy fort-building!).

    I think both are great options, but it depends on the layout of your room and your family’s lifestyle and personal preferences. Moving furniture around isn’t something I love to do and we don’t really host parties where flexible seating is needed, so that wasn’t a priority for us.

  5. We have what is awkwardly called a “chofa”- basically a sofa with an ottoman- there is one long cushion that goes from the sofa to the ottoman so it makes it into a sofa with a chaise on one side if that makes sense. Ours is easily changed from a left or right sided chaise- or if I want, I can make the ottoman a stand alone piece. What if you found 2 “chofas” so you get the best of both worlds- two sofas facing each other, with the option of a chaise so you can stretch out?

  6. We moved into our house in December and got a sectional for the family room and LOVE it. And the corner is where I usually always sit or lay on to watch TV. We like it better than two because the family room is more casual and we are usually laying around to watch TV and a sectional allows us to be closer – rather than across the room in another TV. We have an ottoman as a coffee table and it works well – although we usually have it pushed to the side anyway because our puppy dog likes to be closer on the floor to us. We had couches in the last house and definitely like the sectional route. We did search a long time for one that was comfortable but still fit the scale of the room and was comfortable sit in (and lay down). So many sectionals are oversized and fit better in a rec room type of setting. But the one we found at Ashley Furniture is perfect for what we wanted.

  7. If you read Katie Bower’s blog, you may have seen this. If you’re willing to do the work, that PB couch isn’t necessarily out for you. http://www.bowerpowerblog.com/2012/06/whitie-tightie/ Good luck on the couch/sectional hunt, that’s a tough choice!!!

    • Thanks, Erica! We actually have a white slipcovered sofa and the upkeep’s not bad, and I love being able to wash it. I’ve just read reviews of PB’s sofas not standing the test of time – the cushions sag, etc.

  8. Someone is always sitting in the corner of our sectional. My only complaint is that the other person usually sits in the chaise, which is on the other side. We need a corner seat and a chaise right next to each other w/o the apartment sofa in the middle 🙂 It would look ridiculous, but it would be cozy.

  9. We have had our sectional for over a year and we LOVE it! We ended up with leather, which I was initially against. Come to find out it is super dog and mess friendly. Spills wipe up easily and our pup is on it all the time. We got the Milano from Macy’s during one of their super-sales and are extremely satisfied. Good luck in your hunt! Took me 2 years to find the one I loved. Also I’d totally recommend getting either (sofa/sectional) with at least the back cushions attached… You can’t flip to hide stains (usually on the seat Anyway) but they tend to hold up better over long term.


  10. We all fight over the corner of the sectional. We used to have a 3-piece set (sofa, love seat & chair) and though they were large pieces, they never fight the scale of our family room the right way. I bought the sectional and it is great for our family. The kids love the chaise end of the couch, the two toddlers always sit side by side, I usually claim the corner laying down the couch side, and my hubs goes from the corner across the middle connecting piece. Downfall is room arrangement…they can usually only fit in one spot without blocking the flow of traffic.

  11. I have twin girls that are about 1 month younger than Thomas. I love sitting in the corner because there is plenty of room for each of them to sit next to me to read or play games. We have two arm chairs in addition to the sectional, and I love having plenty of seating when family is visiting, when we have friends over, etc. yes, the corner doesn’t get used as much in these cases, but we use it so much when it’s just us. Our TV is over the fireplace that is centered on one wall, because one side of the room is used as a walkway between rooms, we can’t center the furniture in the room. The furniture we have fills up the whole room better than a set of couches would.

    • Jenna…I have 22 month old twin boys,and I love the corners of our sectional for the SAME REASON! We bought our sectional on sale at Macy’s when we moved into our house 8 months ago. WE LOVE IT! We also have two armchairs in our living room, but the sectional is big enough for all of us, plus more. It’s the perfect!

  12. We moved into a house with a room that is perfect for a sectional. However, when hunting for one it was difficult. If I liked it, my hubby didn’t and vice versa. He didn’t want one with detached back cushions. We ended up finding a leather set that reclined. Great for spills from 2 little boys! And as much as my throw pillows don’t stay on the couch (they become “mud puddles” to jump into), I am thankful we didn’t get something with back cushions that aren’t attached.

  13. We LOVE our sectional for all the reasons you mentioned–we’re often all snuggled up together reading a book or watching a movie, and for those purposes it is awesome. Sometimes we even push the ottoman in the corner, and it makes a big bed area that is so comfy! The corner is my favorite spot!

    For us, it is also located in the room that our kids play in the most, so having the sectional up against two walls has given us significantly more playing space than two couches would. But obviously the importance of that floor space would vary a lot from family to family. The only “issue” I’ve noticed was that during parties, people had fewer surfaces nearby to put drinks and such. A low shelf behind the table like John & Sherry of Young Jouse Love did is a great idea if you have the room!

    To round out the longest comment ever, I think that if you’re planning to use the space mostly for entertaining, two couches is ideal. If it’ll be utilized more as a family room, I would go with a sectional for sure!

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