Live More With Less: Master Bedroom Organization

When B and I were first married, making our bedroom a pretty place was a priority. We ordered new bedside tables and a dresser as our wedding gift to each other and we bought a king sized mattress as our first married Christmas gift, and I made the nail head trim burlap headboard after that. The bedroom has evolved over the years – see that evolution here.

But our master bedroom has become kind of a mess. It’s easy to just put laundry baskets full of clothes on the floor rather than folding and putting laundry away daily (terrible habit!). I rarely have time to make the bed in the morning before one of the kids needs attention, and then I forget about it until late in the day. Chairs pile up with things and because our room is pretty much the biggest in the house, it tends to inherit things we don’t have other places for. So this room was probably the biggest project facing me for this challenge. I had hoped to have time to add some new, fun decorative elements along with purging, but I had my hands full just getting rid of things this week. Keeping it real, here’s the disaster of a before:

Master Bedroom Mess

A hot mess. I started by tackling the bins on the floor of our closet. The first to get the wrath of Emily handed to it was my box of maternity clothes. I hate maternity clothes and wear my regular clothes as long as possible when I’m pregnant, so I really don’t need much in terms of maternity wear. B and I think we’d like a third child at some point should that be God’s plan for our family, but we’re not there, yet. So, it’s not time to get rid of maternity clothes completely, but it’s also not time to keep things just for the sake of keeping them. I got rid of about half of my maternity clothes – most of the white t-shirts were dingy, there was a pair of Gap maternity jeans that were never long enough on me, etc. I’m taking the good quality stuff to a resale store and threw out the stained and hole ridden stuff. And that bin went into storage in the crawl space.

Maternity Clothes


Next up, summer clothes. We have enough space in our closet to hang all seasons of clothes, but when I do, I never wear half of my wardrobe. So B and I both have one laundry basket of summer clothes on the floor of the closet, and we transfer our winter clothes to that basket when it’s time to hang up the warm weather wardrobes. I went through the baskets and got rid of everything I didn’t love – there were a lot of old tank tops that no longer meet my standards of length, sundresses that are far too short for a mother of two to wear…you get the picture. All of those went to Goodwill.

OntoΒ  drawers. I got rid of old yoga pants, tank tops, pretty much all the dingy stuff I shouldn’t being wearing because I’ve worn it to death. I pared down my pajamas, re-organized my underwear drawer, and got rid of about 50% of the clothing I store in the dresser. Here’s a picture of the bags I have to donate:


Finally, every surface in our room needed to be cleaned off. Things just pile up in here. I scooped everything off the dresser and got rid of most of it and found the appropriate homes for the rest of it. I put together an entire bag of books that need to be returned to their original owners (my mom and sister, mostly), a pile to donate to our library, and a small and manageable pile to read within the next few months.

And the after: Nothing too drastic in terms of decorative changes, but at least there’s less stuff.


Cleared Surfaces

I still have a few decorative changes I’d like to make to the room, but that will have to wait for after Easter – this week I’m tackling the backyard! Cutting back shrubs, planting our spring greens, and getting the patio and grill area in order. How’d you do this week? Link up if you made progress!


  1. I desperately need to do this. Our master bedroom looks just like your before shots, and our closet is a disaster! I still have the mix of maternity/regular clothes happening and it’s time to purge! You must feel so much better having your room more organized!

  2. Looks fantastic. You’ve inspired me to go through my maternity clothes, too. I’ve been avoiding that part!

  3. it looks great! i’m totally jealous of all of your space. i think the only thing that saves me from having an even crazier closet is the lack of space. but i’m totally the worst at leaving laundry baskets on the floor. ugh. that’s my nemesis.
    i definitely have a lot to tackle when i get my summer stuff out – like you said, lots of tank tops that are no longer appropriate somehow now that i have a baby.
    also – is it bad i recognized the jingly bird toy in your trash pile? πŸ™‚
    allllso – i did a bad job here at week 3 – will hopefully get on it and blog about it soon! πŸ™

  4. turned out great!! organizing makes me soo happy!!

  5. Looks great πŸ™‚
    laundry is also my most hated chore- i swear our next house has to have a laundry chute and a robot to put the clothes away like the jetsons! πŸ™‚
    i linked up but an a slacker- not sure ill make it every week- but ill post when i get something accomplished πŸ˜‰

  6. Great work! Our master bedroom is large, too, and becomes a dumping ground.