Live More With Less: Garage Cleanup

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Confession: I didn’t finish the garage this week. We started – everything you see against the walls in the pictures below was cleared out, we got rid of tons of stuff, but the kids got sick and the weather turned cool this weekend and I didn’t get around to power washing, etc. So I don’t have afters for you. Come along and gaze at our embarrassingly messy garage befores though. And know that they’re a lot better now, but not good enough to share, yet. My plan is to finish this up this week (weather providing) along with our basement and post afters of both next week.






Just picture all of that junk and scrap wood gone and the bikes and stroller stored neatly. The biggest thing left for me to do is the power washing – which will help us determine if we should epoxy the garage floor to cover up 6 years of messy cars and paint spillage, or if it’s good enough just clean. I’ve been working on getting rid of the pennants lining the walls since I came home from a business trip and found them up 4 years ago. So far, no luck.


If you are more productive than me and did finish this week (or even if you didn’t – I need company!) link-up below!


  1. Hmmm, link-up isn’t showing up for me? I was going to share my kitchen organization this week.

    I’m jealous you have a garage — we would love one, even with pennant banners, haha.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I clicked through to WYW (cute idea!) and now have a VERY important question: what is the paint color in your master bedroom? I’ve been hunting for a similar color! Thanks.

    • It’s Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage – it changes color with the light, sometimes green, sometimes blue, sometimes gray. I do love it.

  3. ha well i thought the pictures were your “afters” – looks a lot better than ours even after we clean it. and i hear ya wiht the pennants – we have gigantic jimmy buffett posters that tony “took” from various concerts in his college era hanging in our garage… granted, they do cover the unfinished walls… but it’s super tacky.

    if you do end up refinishing the floor, definitely share the process – that’s something we’d like to do eventually, it just seems like such a pain.

    (sorry i’ve fallen off the weekly cleanup wagon – i have plans to get back on it next week!)