Live More With Less: Backyard Cleanup

I picked a great week for our backyard cleanup – a huge snowstorm hit our neck of the woods on Saturday morning. So, when I saw the weather report, I hustled to get the backyard as cleaned up as possible before the weekend. I put Nell down for her morning nap on Friday and Thomas and I cleaned up, cut back and raked the back yard for two hours. My goal was to plant our lettuce, kale and spinach today, but an unforecasted snowstorm came again last night. It made me cranky – when I’m ready for the seeds to be planted, I want Mother Nature to cooperate. Is that too much to ask?

So, some quick before and afters. My goal was to fill two trash bags with leaves, grass and cut back plants, and I got half of our big trash can and three trash bags filled during Nell’s naptime and just in time for the first snowflakes to start falling last week. My grandpa always filled two yard cans a week in his spring yard cleanup until summer, and I feel like that’s a totally manageable goal.

Before: Backyard Cleanup

The during:


And the afters:



Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 9.59.46 PM

It’s a start. I have a list of things to do now once the snow is gone: reseed a patch of our yard, new mulch in the gardens this year, plant our vegetable and herb garden, etc. And now I have full fledged Spring Fever. Come onnnnn, nice weather! Can’t wait to see what you accomplished this week, link up below! This week we’re clearing out the garage and starting fresh. It’s going to be another big week!


  1. good for you – our outside is a mess! but smart to take it one week at a time. and i keep telling myself each year that i want to do a garden, but it has yet to happen – can’t wait to hear how yours goes!

  2. Nice yardwork! I’m excited for this Canadian winter to end so I can start tackling our yard, too!

  3. Great work! You really worked hard to get all this done so quickly.

    This is SO something that we need to work on when the snow melts. Will the snow ever melt?