A Week of Toddler Activities

The last two weeks have been tough. Nell started randomly throwing up and refusing to eat two weeks ago and for five days I was convinced we needed to be watching her for a food allergy. Then she spiked a temp, developed croup, and I realized that she just had a long bug. And just as she was on the tail end of it Sunday (she still has her croup cough), Thomas came down with the 10 day multi-bug – though he started it off with the cold and croup, and added the stomach bug into the mix on day four. We’re on day six with him, so here’s hoping that in 4 days we’ll all be well.

Couple the sick kids with some dreary days and I’ve got a bad case of spring fever. Which have led to what I call “lazy mom days”. Now, granted, when the kids are sick, sometimes you have to do what you have to do to survive, but I’ve parked T on the couch in front of the golf channel too many mornings while I disinfect the house, and his behavior is showing it. So, I’m going back to my three intentional activities a day deal from 2011. We’ll start off with quiet activities because I don’t expect him to be 100% tomorrow, but here’s what’s on the docket for T ( and Nell when appropriate) and me in the next week. I thought I’d share in case any other mama’s out there are in my rut.

When I’m doing my three (sometimes only two if one of the activities gets us out of the house for an extended period of time) intentional activities a day thing, I try to mix them up so we get something active, something thoughtful, and something fun mixed in there.

Today:  Water the Garden; Write letters to B’s Grandparents; Paint Easter Egg Rocks


Monday: Swimming at the Rec Center & Easter Egg Letter Match;


Tuesday: Morning at the Playground; Springtime Sensory Tub; Paint flower pots



Wednesday: Bike Ride; Easter Storytime at Home; Plant seeds in our painted pots

Thursday: Gymnastics & Carrot Matching



Friday: Field Trip to the Zoo (weather permitting)

What have you been up to with your kids lately?


  1. Great projects, Emily. Sorry that your two have been so sick. Hopefully they are on the mend and we kick this cold season to the curb. While my two have been pretty healthy, I have to admit to being a lazy parent myself lately. I love your goal and may have to follow in your footsteps. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ugh – sorry it’s been such a rough time there. i imagine that 2 sick kids at once leads to one tired mom!

    these are great activities – i love that you’re being intentional with these and planning them. obviously we aren’t to this stage yet, but i could see how easy it would be to just end up doing the same things over and over and leaning towards non-stimulating stuff. pinning this for the future 🙂

  3. Love these ideas! Isaac is out of school next week for spring break, so we’ll be trying several of these. We’ve done a bunch of Easter crafts lately – he’s really into crafting. We’ve made cotton ball lambs, bunny masks, paper Easter eggs…we even dyed Easter eggs. The weather has been hit or miss lately, but we also get outside every chance we have!!

  4. You are awesome. All of these ideas look amazing and I’m sure they will be loved. Heck, I would love them.

    Hope everyone’s back to 100 percent soon. Sick kids are no joke.