Live More With Less Week 2: Nursery Organization

7 Weeks to a Clean Home

Nell’s room was the target for Week #2 of my self-imposed Live More With Less challenge for Lent. Much like Thomas’s room last week, my main focus for Nell’s room was cleaning and organizing the closet. We were given so many clothes when Nell was born and I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it all. But now that she’s grown out of most of the things we’ve been given, I feel like I can make sense of the closet again. I made piles of everything that belonged to someone else that we needed to return and boxed up the clothes we can keep that I love to move to the basement during basement week.

Here’s the progress. Nell’s closet before:




And Nell’s closet now.


Let’s break that picture down. The wire tower holds socks and shoes in the top drawer, along with leggings. The 2nd drawer holds pajamas. The 3rd drawer has bibs, and blankets, the 4th holds sheets and linens and the bottom drawer is my outgrown drawer:


As Nell outgrows things, I just toss them into the bottom drawer of the tower, and then when she’s outgrown everything in that size range (some she outgrows faster than others – like one pieces, might as well just stop buying those for my tall kid), I transfer it to a storage bin. I tried putting them all into storage as soon as she outgrew them, and it was a daily chore, so this is how I handle it now. Everything into the bottom bin, every two months or so I relegate the too small clothes to storage.

On the right hand side of Nell’s closet, I hung up all the clothes she has to grow into over the next six months (or fits into now but needs warmer weather to wear) so that I don’t forget about them sitting in storage. I used to put everything she had to grow into into storage, but I would often forget we had something until she was too big for it. So this is my current solution – it’s a big closet, might as well use it. I do still have a tub on the floor of her closet for clothes that are more than six months out – as soon as I transfer the outgrown clothes to a bin, I’ll move the clothes she fits into over, and add more to the right hand side of the closet. I never had this problem with T – he wore onesies and sweat pants for the first 24 months of his life.


While I was cleaning her room, Nell decided to give pulling up to stand a try. She was so proud of herself.


And so I moved that little mover and shaker’s crib down to the lowest height. She didn’t seem too phased.


And with the closet as organized as it’s going to get until Nell’s wearing sizes for longer periods of time, I turned my attention to the deep clean. Vacuuming, dusting, and Room #2 is checked off the list.


This week I was supposed to take on the backyard, but it’s buried under a foot of snow. So I’m switching up my schedule and taking on the master bedroom. The kids rooms were just about getting rid of clothes and making sense of our storage needs. But our bedroom is a big project and needs a lot of TLC. Wish me luck.

If you were motivated to clean out a space this week, link up! Can’t wait to see what you did.


  1. Looks great! It’s always nice to have hand-me-downs, but they seem to multiply, don’t they?

  2. WHY did I not think about this??? K has so much free space in her closet and all her bigger clothes are sitting sadly in the attic. I’m pumped! Great idea! Thanks, Emily!!!

  3. So smart. I try to keep things hung for Henry, too, because otherwise I forget they exist. I recently went thorugh his closet and pulled out the next size, and, would you believe it? A bunch of the 12-month stuff fit?


    I love the pic of Nell in her crib. She’s getting so big. And the fact that she lets you put her in the crib while you do other things? Jealous over here.

    Thanks so much for hosting this party.

  4. seems like we were up to the same stuff this week! it’s such a chore to keep track of what fits and what doesn’t. i feel so sad each time i have to put away something she literally wore once, because i didn’t get it out soon enough or the weather didn’t match the type of outfit, etc. oh well – i can always just hope for another girl, i guess. 🙂

    and i just LOVE those colors in her room. it suits her so well. and she is SO adorable. i’m pretty sure i like each and every one of your instagram pics, but i just can’t help it – your kids are so cute.

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