Tuesday was my 28th birthday. I love New Year’s Resolutions, and I tend to hold myself to high standards with them, because they’re a shot every year at a fresh beginning and new challenges for not just a new year, but a new year of my life. This year, my resolutions fall into categories: Health, Financial, Family, Relationship, Personal Growth and Faith.

Health Resolutions
Give up Diet Coke completely. I’m well aware of how terrible diet soda is for you, and every year for Lent, I give it up. This year, I’m kicking it to the curb for good, and replacing it with water.

Workout five times a week. I’m told this is lofty, but a workout in my mind can be a brisk walk with the kids a few days a week – the goal is to be active more days than not.  I’d like to run a 5K and maybe even a longer race, but if I’m raising my heart rate for 30+ minutes 5 times a week, I’ll call it a success.

Financial Resolutions
Automatic Savings Transfers.  B and I also need to figure out our plans for the house we live in, etc, but for now we’re just focusing on transferring to savings automatically.

Relationship Resolutions
Be a more present and active friend. 2011 was probably the hardest year of my life – between the daycare disaster, family issues, my desire to do it all – work and be at home with my children, and then immediately throwing pregnancy and severe morning sickness onto my recovering body and heart, it was a hard year. But, it was a year that opened my eyes to the wonderful and supportive friends and family that we have. In 2012, I was just getting back on my feet emotionally from 2011, but being pregnant and then having a newborn made it physically harder for me to give too much of myself. Sometimes, we’re in places where we can give a lot – whether it be of our time, our money, our love. And sometimes we’re in places where we need to take more than we give.  True friends realize that the balance might not be completely even at all times, but it’s important to me to try to reestablish some equilibrium after my last needy two years. I’m in a place entering 2013 where I can give more, and I aim to give more to my friends and family this year than I take from them. 

Personal Growth Resolutions
Read at least two current events, political or finance articles every week. Now that my time in front of a computer is limited, I tend to skim through the local news every morning and that’s about it, and honestly, the way that things are going, I’d rather read home decor blogs than really accept what’s going on in the US right now. But, that’s not okay, and we have subscriptions to several current events and financial magazines that tend to pile up. I’m going to read (and most likely disagree with, but whatever) full stories twice a week or more in those publications this year for my own personal growth.

Faith Resolutions
Read a book about modern Catholicism. I grew up in the Catholic Church, and went to Catholic school for 10 years, but feel like I can always use a refresher on the significance behind the Church’s traditions and beliefs.

Become more involved in our community. We go to church with two sets of neighbors, so we have our own little community in the pew every Sunday and then go out for breakfast afterwards, but that’s where our involvement ends. This year, though, there’s no pregnancy standing in the way of me getting more involved, so I want to volunteer, join a small group, or attend a retreat to grow not only in my Faith but in our Catholic community.


  1. Giving up Diet Coke is so admirable! I only drink the caffeine-free kind (or I’ll be up all night) and limit myself to a little glass every evening, but I know it’s not good for me. I’ll be interested to hear how this goes for you. I may do the same at some point.

    I’d also love to hear your refresher on modern Catholism. We had a bad experience at the church we started going to (they hated small children attending), so now we’re not attending Mass. But, of course, I feel guilty about it!

  2. I am also in awe of the Diet Coke resolution! Every once in a while I stop cold turkey and then I start back up again. I need to just cut down my consumption!

  3. Good for you for giving up Diet Coke! I gave up pop several years ago and have never looked back. Now if I occasionally have a sip of my husband’s it is gross to me. Good lick on all your goals, I am sure you will do well with them! I also need to exercise more. I went from a workout queen/fitness instructor to not working out at all because of a back injury. I have found I hurt either way so I might as well work out. While I never will be in the shape I was in before I can at least walk briskly and perhaps even run a bit. Savings is high on my list as well as is becoming more involved in my church. Hope 2013 is full of blessings for you and your family!

  4. I’ve found several good books through Liguorian Magazine…a great magazine to which I no longer subscribe, but their bookstore is still a good source for modern books that relate to current times. My Catholic Catechism book from high school (thirty something years ago) is still a solid reference book that answers a lot of my questions. Good luck and thank you for the inspiration to keep growing in faith.

    • I wonder if my mom still has my old catechism text book 🙂 I’ll check out the Ligourian Magazine recommendations, I’ve also heard good things about the Dynamic Catholic selections and Matthew Kelley’s books.

  5. For a step up on current events, I’ve recently gotten into “The Skimm”. They send daily emails that sum everything up including key details in a fun way. It’s not a huge improvement from a paper skim, but it saves time and I feel more informed! Here’s the link from today in case you are interested:

  6. Happy birthday!! Good luck with these resolutions! They definitely sound doable (but challenging).

  7. Great goals, Emily. Well on your way to a wonderful 2013.


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