Out for a walk the Monday after Thanksgiving (still November) Thomas asked to start counting the “Christmas”. So we counted every house we passed that had lights in the neighborhood. When we got back to our house Thomas looked up at me from the stroller and said, “No Christmas at Thomas’s house.” I put the lights up the next day while he napped. 
 Our Christmas Light Stroll

Driving around looking at Christmas lights with my mom, dad, Nell and Thomas while B was taking his last final of his MBA career: “That is a lot of Christmas! It’s adorable.”

Thomas got a plasma car for his 2nd birthday from my mom and dad and he loves cruising around the house in it. Last week he cruised into the kitchen while I was making oatmeal and said, “I be back right quick, Mama. I going to McDonald’s for one large Diet Coke, first.”  I put a stop to my far too frequent calorie free but chemical laden caffeine fix that day.
Unrelated but pretty much sums up Thomas these days: Peyton Manning jersey with every form of sporting equipment he can shove in his golf bag. Oh Thomas.

I took Thomas to Nell’s 6 month appointment yesterday, but after his two year appointment Thomas associates the doctor with shots. I explained that we were going for Nell’s appointment and Thomas was just going to be my helper to avoid a breakdown when the nurse called us back, so as Nell started crying when she got her first shot, Thomas popped up on the chair next to us and said, “It’s okay Nell, Thomas is not getting shots, just you!”
While we were in Florida visiting, Thomas fell in love with a large tiger, a polar bear and a beagle stuffed animal that his Bunny and Pop had. When we got home, Mr. B’s grandparents surprised Thomas by sending him Tiger, Polar Bear and Two-ie (the beagle). Tiger does everything with Thomas, including watching golf, which is a bit confusing because Tiger Woods plays golf, and Thomas has been expertly coached to tell people that Tiger Woods is not a nice man, and he calls him “Boo Tiger”. T asked me in the car yesterday, “Mama, my Tiger is a nice man, right? Boo Tiger is not a nice man, but I like my Tiger.”
Eating Breakfast with the good Tiger.

We were driving past the neighborhood soccer fields yesterday on the way down to my parents’ house and Thomas and I had this conversation:

Thomas: I going to play soccer next week, Mama.
Me: You are? On a soccer team? You mean when you turn three next summer?
Thomas: Yeah! And I need a bag.
Me: {Asking for clarification} You need a bag?
Thomas: Soccer players have soccer ball bags.
Me: Okay, we can probably arrange that.
Thomas: I NEED a blue soccer ball bag when I three.

I love this boy with all of my heart.

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  1. 1) I sent this to Rob and he totally enjoyed it. I love knowing you in real life. 😉
    2) Aw, sweet Nellers – totally zonked out in the stroller. So cute.
    3) I’m pretty sure Nell was very relieved that her big brother was not getting shots. So helpful. haha!!!
    4) LOVE the distinction between Boo Tiger and T’s Tiger. That little boy of yours, Emily. He’s perfect.

  2. It’s ok Nell, Thomas not getting shots, just you.

    Bwahahaha!! Hilarious.

  3. Love these isms! Especially the Tiger & Diet Coke ones!

    I just did the same post today–I laughed out loud when I popped over to your blog and saw the same!

  4. oh man, i could listen to the stuff kids say all day long. what an angel you have there!!

  5. He is so cute. I love the diet coke story. And I’m really loving the need for a soccer bag. So smart, that boy. He has noticed that soccer players carry bags. Love it.