Backup Your Photos

So, our computer crashed. Thus the longer than normal blog silence. The computer was only 6 months old – I was up late on a Sunday night, reading the unfortunate news coverage of some sad events that have taken place in our town lately, and it just shut down and wouldn’t start back up.  I was irritated, and then I realized that I hadn’t backed up baby pictures. I know, I know. 

I was distraught. Immediately took the computer to the Apple store where the genius told me I was pretty much out of luck – he’d never seen a hard drive behave this badly, but they’d try to save it. They couldn’t.

So I picked up our repaired computer last Thursday, and remembered that back in June I had read about a cloud photo storage company called ThisLife and signed up to check it out. And then I promptly forgot about it because life with two was chaotic. 

So last week, I cautiously logged in, hoping that I’d kept the automatic transfer from iPhoto to ThisLife on. And for the most part, I had. Everything (except one batch of photos that I remember canceling the transfer on because I was in a hurry…oh well) was right there. In the cloud. Which up until last week, I hadn’t taken the time to even understand.

Our Neller Bean’s baby pictures (and pictures of Thomas’s lats four months, too) saved! And I didn’t even know I was backing up 🙂

So, with Nell’s baby pictures saved, I started playing around with ThisLife a little bit and have decided it’s awesome. It includes face recognition – linked to Facebook if you want – so that you can notify friends or family when you add pictures of them. It recognizes duplicates and automatically saves the highest resolution version. You can save similar photos in stacks to easily browse your photos. You can select photos to create stories – so I could create a story of just Nell’s pictures, earmarked for her baby book. Or a story our upcoming family vacation. And there are tons of sharing options.

And beyond all of this, their customer service is phenomenal. I sent them a quick email just to let them know how appreciative I was, and I immediately heard back from Nicole letting me know how thrilled she was that ThisLife had saved Nell’s baby pictures, and following up with more information on ThisLife. 

And so, I wanted to tell you all quickly about ThisLife. I wasn’t paid or perked to do so, but a lot of my readers have kiddos, too, and I wanted to share this great company with you all. You can use this referral link to get 500 photos of free storage when you sign-up, too (their referral program will give me 500 photos too, and we all know based on the fact that this is my second computer crash in 2 years that I could use ’em). So, if you’re in need of a back-up system, check out ThisLife. And feel free to use my bad computer juju as a friendly reminder to back up your photos, friends!

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  1. That is my worse nightmare. I’m definitely going to check out the site, thanks for the link!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Two crashes in two years is not exactly a ringing endorsement for Apple…

  3. Ohthankgoodness!!! Thank you for the reminder. I really really need to remember to back up more often.

  4. I’m terrible about backing up photos. I keep thinking that at least I’ll have what’s on my blog/Instagram, but that would seriously suck, and I need to just bite the bullet.

    Do you do the paid ThisLife or the free version?

  5. I have been putting off backing up my pictures forever! Thank you for reminding me to do this, and of course the fun new app. I just downloaded it via your link so happy 500 pictures for you! 🙂

  6. so glad you saved them! she is so cute!

  7. I am so happy that they were saved. So happy that the website was there. Totally going to check that out. Look pretty awesome.