Evolution of the Master Bedroom

My mom was over on Tuesday to watch Thomas while I had a doctor’s appointment (Baby McKevitt’s pretty happy where he or she is at the moment, it appears), and after I got home she stuck around for an hour to help me organize my medicine cabinet and fold laundry. While she was folding and I was ironing the throw pillow covers for the living room, I tossed an ironed pillow cover on my bed and noticed that the green rugby stripes worked perfectly with my bright and graphic floral quilt on our bed. I said to Caroline, “Do you know what I love? Slowly but surely, my house has become mix and matchable – I could use these pillows in here if I wanted. Remember when the upstairs was all brown and white and the downstairs was all green and black?” Caroline commented that her house is the same way and it is – my mom loves blue and white with a little bit of yellow, while I opt for white and green and black for the most part.  So anyway, a look back at the evolution of our master bedroom – from hand-me-down kids to slowly but surely realizing our own style:

Here was our bedroom shortly after we moved in, hand-me-down bed and side tables.

A year after we moved in, we bought nightstands, mirrors and a dresser (not shown), and switched the bedding out for something lighter.

Eventually we hung a capiz chandelier and switched the bedding back to a richer color:

A year and a half after we moved in, Mr. B and I bought our grown-up bed (hooray for no longer sleeping on the double mattress that saw me through college…). I was obviously still feeling like the master bedroom needed to be brown and white:

My sister-in-law and I wasted no time making the now famous nailhead trim and burlap headboard that I still adore to this day:

That summer I made a white duvet with brown grosgrain trim and switched between the two frequently:

Until finally, I stumbled across this quilt in February 2011 – and haven’t felt the urge to change bedding once since I put it on the bed. There was something about putting that quilt on the bed that just made everything we currently had in the room work for me – I was allowing my personality to walk up the stairs (Mr. B was not in love with the idea of having a floral quilt on our bed originally, but I keep my house full of men pretty gender neutral so argued for a touch of pretty somewhere, and he did concede that he didn’t hate it, so it stayed, and now I’d say he’s neutral on it). That’s a record over here at imperfect, considering that the other bedding got switched 5 times in 3 years – and was rotated in and out frequently depending on my mood. 

Shortly after buying the new quilt, I updated the lighting for more modern (and more me – since at this point I was beginning to figure out who “me” was decor-wise) tear drop lamps with drum shades and took down the frames of Mr. B and me from college. Yep, that trio of frames hung in my room senior year of college. Not like we don’t have gorgeous wedding pictures we could frame or something.

That’s our master bedroom all grown-up.  Or at least the wall that hosts the bed portion of our bedroom – the rest of it’s still a hot mess. Don’t believe me? Here, let me prove it:

The eventual plan is to replace the low white chair with something more substantial – what, who knows? And maybe someday hang a wedding picture over our dresser. Novel idea.

I’ll figure out what I want to do with it one of these days. I’m beginning to think that I might actually need to check myself into Can’t Commit to Wall Decor Anonymous. Come on Emily, it’s been 5 years, let’s hang something on these walls.  Do you have a room that’s changed more times than the number of years you’ve lived in your house? 

PS – You can see a just-moved-in to how it sits now post on the living room here

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  1. At least yours evolves- mine hasn’t changed, which isn’t always a good thing!

  2. I like the changes. I think a great wicker chair in that corner would be so lovely, like the Seagrass arm chair from PB. And I love your head board I think I defiantly would like to do something like that for my master bedroom.

  3. I love to see how it’s evolved, and I really really like the “now”!

    PS- We have nothing on the walls of our bedroom.

  4. Hopefully I didn’t get a double post, but I’m not seeing my question appear on your comments. What color paint are you using in your bedroom? I would love to use this maybe for our bedroom.

  5. Hey Evan! The paint color is restoration hardware’s silver sage (color matched by Kwal). I know Valspar’s used to have an exact match with a different name, but I’m sure anyone can color match I’d you give them the RH name!