Thomas’s Vintage Boy’s Room

I always knew that when we were preparing for a second baby, Thomas would move to our former guest room because it’s bigger and affords more space to play. So, when I started thinking about Thomas’s next room – long before I was even pregnant with McKiddle 2, I really wanted a trundle bed for Thomas. I love trundle beds. They provide extra sleeping space for guests or sleepovers but don’t take up highly coveted floor space in smaller rooms and don’t take up the visual space of bunk beds while serving the same function. In actuality, the trundle was nearly impossible to find in a style I liked and at a price I deemed reasonable. I was about to commisssion someone to build the bed in my vision whenI  found this solid wood, not an ounce of particle board, espresso trundle for a steal online. I’m thrilled with the purchase.

Beyond that, the only certainty was that his room wouldn’t have a “theme” – I’m a big believer that a classic, non-themey, kid’s room gives lots of room for imagination and play. A classic base allows you to accent the room as the kid’s interests come and go, but as far as the main pieces go – bedding, furniture, color schemes – I like classics. And for T’s room, I wanted a classic, Americana boy’s room with a little bit of a vintage vibe. I like a mix of old and new in a room – I like a room to feel pieced together overtime, not catalog ordered. So this is what we came up with.

For a quick lay-of-the-land (I couldn’t find my wide angle lens when I took these), the door to the room from the hallway is not pictured, but when you walk-in you face the wall with the chair and bed on it. Thomas’s walk-in closet is through the door that’s visible.

Wall decor has never been my strong suit – I’d rather have blank walls than fill them with things I don’t love. But I LOVE the pegboard above his bookcase. The rest of the room’s walls will become minimally decorated as Thomas’s interests come and go over the years. I’m pretty sure Mr. B is on the hunt for something that I’ll deem worth of the room that’s golf themed – Thomas is a golf addict right now. And down the road I’m sure we’ll switch framed baseball pennants, maps and the like in and out. We’ll see what the future holds, though…I love that the room will grow with Tom.

The finger painting frame on the pegboard will be switched out for this frame – which will house Thomas’s monthly pictures from his first year. I really struggled to find a premade 12 opening frame that I liked anywhere but Pottery Barn, and when I started this project PBK only had silver leaf (more feminine than I was looking for) and oval options which I didn’t think would display the calendar shoots very well. I priced making my own frame and it was ridiculous, so I went to order the silver leaf one, discovered PBK had just released the Jackson first year frame, and ordered it. So we’re waiting for that to come back in stock and make it’s way to our house – then I’ll update on that.

I made the Roman Shades out of blue ticking stripe and blackout liner. The first one (small window) was tough, but I sailed through the second one and improved upon the technique…so I foresee redoing the first one in my future.

And for now, the room actually has both the trundle and the crib in it. Thomas is a pretty good sleeper, and I’m not willing to mess with a good thing, so we bought a new crib for the nursery. When T moves from the crib to his bed, we’ll retire this crib to storage in the basement should we find ourselves in a situation where we need two cribs again.

When we moved the crib, I laughed thinking that if McKiddle is a boy, in two years Tom and (insert still undecided traditional Irish Catholic boy’s name here) could be sharing this room – and we’d be back to a setup just like this. Good thing I inadvertently bought a very similar style bed to the crib (seriously, it didn’t even cross my mind that the two were similar when I bought the bed – I guess I just know what I like when it comes to furniture for boys?).

So that’s our Mr. Tom’s new room. Vintage Americana, Emily style.


  1. Super cute Emily. I love the pegboard!!

  2. This looks so great! I especially love the bed – I agree that a trundle bed is an excellent choice. And the peg board is TOO COOL! I kind of want one in the nursery because I love that it’s versatile and kind of masculine. It also kind of reminds me of Ryan’s grandpa’s garage, which was filled with pegboard. So cool!

    Great job on the roman shades! They look awesome and I love that they have blackout liner, too.

  3. The trundle bed is a great idea! We go back and forth between that idea and building a bed with storage underneath for Lizzy.

    I really like the room Emily–I think it’s really classic and kid-friendly!

  4. It’s lovely! I agree with you on the theme thing. This whole post makes me excited to do a room like this for Callum!

  5. I love it!! I may need to try that peg board idea, I think my son would like that. (He is almost 11.)

  6. we looked long and hard for a trundle bed for the girls but ended with the bunks because anyone who knew what a trundle was charged WAY too much for them! hooray for finding one! i love the bedding-it will remind Tom of his grandma 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love it!

    Do you mind sharing where you found the trundle bed? We are expecting #2 this summer and once the baby is sleeping through the night they will be sharing a room. A trundle would be a great investment for us!

  8. “Insert Irish Catholic boys name here” hahaha love it. I’m gonna work up a short list and see if I can predict it! This room seems just perfect for you guys. I’m loving the pegboard. I need more pegboard in my life. And I love the fact that T is a golf fan. Not surprisingly, Gabe is too. It’s one of the rare moments, he’ll sit next to John and stare at the greens on tv. It must calm him, because it does me.

  9. I love it ALL!!!
    The trundle bed is amazing, and how funny that it matches the crib so well!
    I can’t believe you made those shades! They’re awesome!
    Also, the combination of plaids is so “boy” and SO fantastic. 🙂

  10. I love the mix of colors and styles you used on the bed. They look great together.

  11. LOVE it! So well done!

  12. @Anonymous – It’s the Canwood Alpine II Trundle Bed, purchased on

  13. Love Love Love! I love that his room isn’t themey (is that a word?) and the peg boards are genius!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am thinking of getting the Canwood Alpine II Bunk Bed with Trundle. Nice to see pics in a real room. Looks great. I fell in love with a Pottery Barn version that was much more expensive (and probably higher quality), but it doesn’t convert to two twin beds like this one does. Perfect. Hope it looks as cute in my son’s room. I was thinking he could use the trundle at first as a “toddler bed” and then move up to the twin bed, and then we’ll add the top bunk when he’s 6.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Great posts! How is this Canwood bed holding up? It’s such a great price, even for the bunk and trundle additions, but I wonder about the quality. I plan to order online and do the site-to-store shipping, so I won’t see it in person before purchasing it. Thank you!

  16. @Anonymous – It’s holding up great. We’ve moved it around quite a bit trying to find the perfect placement and have to tighten the bolts after each move, but otherwise it’s very low maintenance! It’s solid wood and seems to be a good quality, though I’m not sure it will be family heirloom material. Hope this helps!

  17. Another question. Where did you get the bookcase for your son’s room? We just got furniture and I’m trying to convince my wife that our son needs a bookcase for baskets/toys and books. The style and color will match our Ashbrooke style from Haverty’s. My son’s room theme is train.

  18. Evan- the bookshelf is actually from Target – I think it was called the Carson 3 shelf bookshelf – I bought it in the store. Hope this helps!