Imperfect Gardening

I’m ready for Spring. We had a really moderate early winter in Colorado – I was at the park with Thomas in a tank top several January days. But February reared its ugly head and I’ve got a big case of Spring Fever.

So, I’m planning our vegetable (and herb) garden. I’m making a conscious effort to be better about eating from the garden this year. I’m not a great vegetable eater, but I know the importance of A) eating healthily and B) setting a good example for my son who’s also not a great vegetable eater, so I’m committing myself to the process this year. Plus, I thought the garden would be a fun project for T and I to work on together this summer. I’ll have plenty of time on my hands this summer with a toddler and a newborn to have special projects for just me and Thomas, right? We don’t have a very big garden, and generally I successfully grow basil, one or two other plants (last year it was lettuce in spring and eggplant in the summer), and a too-late-for-my-patience-level harvest tomato. So this year I’m planning better.

Last year’s tomatoes were super late to produce fruit, so I’m doing an experiment this year – container planting and ground planting. I usually start the tomatoes from seed and am lucky to transplant one. But I decided last week that was ridiculous – we don’t have room to try lots of different varieties, so I’m just going to buy a few starts this year and call it good.. We’ll see how it goes. I’m also considering trying a Wall O Water for an earlier planting date. Verdict’s out on that one. 
While searching for square foot gardening inspiration, I found this photo and it’s a perfect depiction of the space we have, though I think we’ll opt for not building up the garden into a raised bed this year and do it next year if this year is a flop:

Anyone else have their garden plans ready to go? I can’t wait to get the dirt under my fingernails – Mr. B turned over the bed yesterday and we’ll mark out the plots this week, then it’s lettuce time!

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  1. Mine is ready to go, but we typically can’t plant until Mother’s Day weekend here 🙁

    The only advice I have is to maybe consider planting the butternut squash closer to the lettuce–when we did the square foot garden our squash took over five squares. For us, it has worked pretty well to keep it near the lettuce because the lettuce will probably finish before the squash really takes off and give the squash some more space to spread!

  2. Ry and I were just talking about plans last week. I can’t wait to get going! I love your inspiration photo – I love the neat, square foot gardnes out there.

  3. We always start our tomatoes from plants. We just don’t have the growing season here to do it otherwise. Although, this year I am thinking of starting some plants in our spare room in the downstairs. Also, I am jealous that your garden is all but ready to go. Ours is buried under snow. We will be lucky if we get ours in before Memorial Day.

  4. I’ve been thinking about my garden but still haven’t started hardcore planning. I know this year I won’t grow pumpkins or squash. I had really good luck with baby tomatoes last year (I forget their exact name) but we got lots of veg from late June-Sept. They’d be a great size for T too. We had such a mild winter the lettuce I planted in the fall never died….Chester has enjoyed using it as a personal salad bar.

  5. Can you come plant some plants for us to? I have a black thumb.. I have even been known to kill a catcus….

  6. The squash, spinach and kale are crops which do much better when planted in, say, September. So if you don’t have good luck with them, try planting them again later in the year.

    Good luck with the garden AND with introducing more vegetables into your family’s diet 🙂

  7. I LOVE that you garden! That’s spectacular! It’s a goal of mine… someday…