Baby Purchases

Just a stream of consciousness post, here, because it’s one of those weeks. Since I found out I was pregnant with #2, my focus has been on Thomas – focusing on every second with Tom, getting his new room ready and perfect, lots of special time together, etc. And that’s pretty much what I expected – I didn’t start work on Thomas’s nursery until April (due mid-June), when it seemed like everyone else had nursery’s decorated the second their kid was conceived. I’m not the type to have a baby’s room or gear ready months before the baby comes – I know myself and know it would just make me crazy to have everything but the baby, so instead I give myself the final 2 months of pregnancy to get things ready, generally.

But in an effort to keep my Amazon Mom prime benefits going, I had to make a purchase from the Amazon baby store – and Tom no longer really qualifies for baby store purchases. So I made my first baby #2 purchase – which spurred others, naturally. And it feels good.

I gifted myself with the Aden and Anais blankets I envied throughout Tom’s first six months (now my favorite new baby gift for second babies – because second babies should have special blankets, too). And since we don’t find out the sex of McKiddles, and the thought of pastel green didn’t excite me, I opted for bright Yellow, Red, Orange and Green stars. And I’m in love with them. They’re sitting in the hallway upstairs because I refuse to infiltrate Thomas’s current room with baby gear until he’s in his new room.

And while I was thinking baby, I decided to just purchase the carseat – especially when I found a price mistake online and was able to get it for a song. In theory, we could reuse Thomas’s carseat – always intended to, in fact. But it played a big role in the daycare neglect case we are still waiting to learn the outcome of, and so I decided that old carseat needs to be banished from our (and other children’s) lives – it was put to use well beyond it’s needs and despite the fact that I emotionally associate the daycare situation with it, I can’t guarantee that it didn’t fall, etc while not in my care making it a safe choice, still. I had originally planned to buy a fancy, european styled car seat because, dammit, I was going to have the carseat I wanted. But I’m more reasonable than that when it comes time to actually buy things, and in the end bought the same brand we had before so we could reuse our bases, just new and in a totally different color scheme (neutral with a hint of orange…weird). 

I would have been more excited about a fancy carseat, but this baby was safe and did the job, and in the end, I just couldn’t justify a $400 car seat and base buy based purely on emotions when the point was to buy something that was safe and new so that we could move on. 

And the other purchases are all in my head – a crib (T will be in his still, we suspect, come June), a comfy chair for the nursery that I decided I didn’t need the first time around and have thought better of this time, a double stroller, a stuffed animal I want the McKiddle to have, and new fabric to transform T’s nursery into this baby’s nursery. Good thing I’ve been busy at work and it’s tax return season. I’m ready to spend! (And a note for all of those who are wondering about our budget: in reality, we budgeted for the baby expenses and have an envelope of cash to spend on this stuff – I started stashing extra cash and cash gifts away in a “Baby Expenses” envelope as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Our tax return will go to savings, T’s college fund, the new McKiddle’s college fund, and having our fence painted…but it’s more fun to pretend like I’m shopping with it!)

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  1. Exciting!

    We’ll be able to re-use the crib, carseat, and stroller with future baby number 2…but the one thing that tops my list to buy is an Ergo.

  2. I love those blankets! Hoping I get a set from the shower 🙂 I’m also glad to hear that you started on your 1st nursery in April with a mid-June baby. I’ve been feeling behind from reading other blogs. We have a crib (still in a box), a changing table (also still in a box) and approximately 45 paint samples on the wall (which is totally against my normally very strong decision making skills….now my brain is mush and I just can’t make any decisions!).

    Random question for you since you also have “surprises”…I was wondering how much gender neutral newborn and infant clothing you stocked up on. I don’t want to have too little or too much…I’m just not quite sure what a good amount is. Thanks!!!

  3. I actually registered for the Aden and Anais blankets after your recommendations. They look fabulous. I love the star ones!

    I’ve started the nursery, but due to my laziness (which I’m blaming on pregnancy although I’m sure that’s a stretch), I’m sure it will take until June to finish the nursery at the Woodwards. We’ll see if it will still get done. I love the idea of having it all wrapped up in advance, but life has a way of laughing in my face.

  4. I love that you don’t find out the sex of your baby. I didn’t either and it was so exciting. All the burses and doctors were excited too. Of course durig pregnancy I had many people (including family) belittle our decision and it drove me nuts. How could you not want to know? I csn’t believe you aren’t sharing the names you picked out. yada yada yada. I loved te surprise and would never have chnaged a thing!

  5. @Katie&Ryan- I’m picky about baby clothes (pretty much just onesies and pjs, no outfits), so might not be the best opinion, but I honestly had very little in the unisex clothing department with T. I got a few yellow onesies and pjs at my shower (but mostly gear we needed – an unexpected perk of not finding out), and had a two packs of white onesies with mitten cuffs (I liked Carters better than Gerber after trying them both, btw). Otherwise, we got a lot of blue as gifts after he was born, and then I actually enjoyed shopping for my own clothes for him once he was out of the newborn stage instead of feeling like I needed to put him in every outfit we were given or already had.

  6. Those are my favorite baby blankets! I just bought a new pack for the new baby, too. But I played it safe and just got white.

  7. Cutest. Baby. Blankets. Ever! LOVE the stars. 🙂
    I got a pack of Aden & Anias blankets at my first shower last weekend and I’m so so excited about them. Thank you for the recommendation!
    I’m glad you banished the old car seat. I’m sure it was very cleansing.

  8. You’re off to a good start. I’m glad you got a new car seat- even if it is the same kind, it’s like a new calendar to start the year or new notebooks in September. My friend didn’t find out the gender either and got 99% of the stuff on her registry. I’m sure that is because people weren’t distracted by cute clothes. Although now that she had him I ran out and bought “boy” clothes…just ‘cuz.