Random Thoughts

1) Thomas’s room is almost done. I was panicking in December because I couldn’t find anything in real life that worked with the vision in my head. And then on December 27th, I found the perfect bed (at a steal!) and the room came together in less than a month. Either Caroline or Mr. B are going to strip and redo an old dresser (my pediatric nurse mom and my protective husband are adamant followers of the no painting – and therefore no furniture stripping – rule during pregnancy. I hate not being involved, though), and then I’m going to figure out how to make some real (not mini-blind) roman shades (hopefully Caroline will help with that, too). Then it’s just a few touches and I’ll share the room!

2) Speaking of T’s bed, I had budgeted $200 for his twin mattress and box spring. We were driving home from church on a Sunday when my phone buzzed with a Groupon alert “$200 to spend on a mattress at Mattress Firm for $50”. B and I purchased our bed three years ago from Mattress Firm and have loved it – and had a great experience with our local store, so I dropped the boys at home, ran to the store to see if they had a twin bed that was comfortable and would be under – or around $200. Found an awesome one, bought the Groupon, dragged B and T back to the store and we had his mattress on his bed (though we’re not forcing him from the crib, I just want everything ready when he is) that day. I love when I “save” money off of what I budgeted, and “saving” $150 made my day!

3) Our daycare crap is coming to an end – or at least the criminal, legal portion is coming to an end. And sooner than we expected, which is nice in a way. I don’t want this event to define our lives. The long, sordid story isn’t something I want to recount for all of the world to see – we’re trying to move on – but long story short, the daycare providers we trusted with our son’s well-being pleaded guilty to reduced counts of child abuse (neglect) and they will be sentenced later this month. There are innocent children involved and their story is not mine to tell, and for that reason this is all I will say on the matter. We’re accepting the end of this case and committing to moving on – other than never trusting anyone ever again. Hope Thomas likes the idea of home school and his mom or dad coaching or being present at every single sport and activity he’s ever involved in for the rest of his life. Kidding…kind of.

4) I’m feeling especially blessed lately – #3 aside. We have really become a part of our neighborhood community since Thomas was born. Suddenly from our house to the end of the street, there’s not a house without a kid. We have built-in playgroup in our alley, and an amazing community of friends who – amazingly – lift each other up and support each other instead of tearing down. Isn’t that so rare – especially in moms – these days? We had everyone over for the Super Bowl on Sunday and it was just easy. I love when entertaining is natural.  A year ago (almost to the day) we had a house next door to us that was rented (illegally against our HOA covenants). And now that house is home to not just great neighbors but great friends. I was making a doctor’s appointment last month and had to give my address, and as I told her our street name the receptionist said “That sounds like a pleasant place to live.” It is and I fall more and more in love everyday.

5) I asked B the other night if he thought we should take a refresher childbirth course. He said, “I don’t really care, do you want to?” I said, “Do you remember how to coach childbirth?” B: “He he he hoo.” Me: “I don’t actually remember you doing that when I was in labor. Did you coach me?” B: “Coach? Em, I was the referee trying to handle your fight with the entire labor and delivery staff over Popsicle flavors, epidurals and c-sections.” We’ll be delivering at a different hospital with a different doctor, this time. And I’m considering bringing my own Popsicles.


  1. We only attended the first session of our 2-session childbirth class last month but one of the things that the instructor mentioned was to only eat red popsicles so that you don’t have blue or purple lips in your pictures with the baby. Such a random thing to tell people, but probably decent advice.

  2. Haha! B’s description of your birth is hilarious. I can totally envision it. By the way, maybe with your new hospital and doctor you will be allowed to eat things other than popsicles. I ate apple sauce all through my labor and it helped so much.

  3. I’d not heard the rule about pregnant women not being supposed to paint. Whoops.

    Also, I’m jealous that you got popsicles during L & D!

  4. The birth conversation is cracking me up. Did you decide to take a refresher or not? I’m pretty sure we need all the help we can get. 😉

    So happy that your legal stuff is coming to a close. I’m just so sorry that you had to go through that! But, it sounds like your neighborhood is fabulous! I’m actually quite jealous because we aren’t huge fans of our new neighbors. Oh well, it could get better, right?

    Also – I’m super duper excited to see T’s new room. I’m grappling with the painting issue. Ryan’s not thrilled with the idea of me painting, but I’m going a bit beserk and wanting to paint everything. (And maybe even repaint all the trim.)

  5. Sorry about the nightmare stuff – I’m super protective about who watches my kids and that might put me over the edge!
    On a different note – can’t wait to see the room!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your daycare situation. We had a very familiar experience with our daycare when my son was born 4 years ago. Since we went through all of that I have become a stay-at-home mom and now have a daughter and am proud to be watching one of my good friends little boys. He would have gone to a daycare otherwise and I’m so thankful that I could help them out and keep him out of it. Even though not all daycares are as horrific as we experienced, but after going through what we did, the idea just brings a shudder down my spine and I am thankful to keep him out of one. Keeping you in my prayers that everything ends quickly, justice is done and your lives can return to normal ASAP. If you ever need to talk, I can relate (sadly), but at the same time can possibly help if you need it. I’m also a great listener. 🙂


  7. Rob and I laughed heartily at #5. Rob doesn’t use the word “hilarious” lightly. 🙂
    I’m so glad the daycare horror is coming to a close, and there are such happy things brewing with friendly neighbors, baby #2 and T’s fancy new room. Can’t wait to see it!!

  8. I love these little snapshots into your life. I can’t wait to see T’s new room. In the past year we’ve built a little group in our ‘hood too- LOVE it! I’m sure with kids it’s even more amazing. SO glad that crap is coming to an end.

  9. I am so sorry to hear about the legal issues with your daycare, makes me sick for you! It soundsl ike you are doing everything you can to move on. I am sure you will be so happy when you can put it all 100% behind you.
    So excited for you that you are thrilled with your neighborhood, I feel the same way about ours and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Glad to hear the room is coming together, can’t wait to see it!