Making a Difference in the World

Mr. B was home sick for 4 days three weeks ago, and during that time I said a lot of “Thomas, we need to  practice using our inside voices because daddy is sleeping”. So now, anytime Mr. B – or anyone, for that matter – is not in Thomas’s direct line of sight, they’re sleeping. Every morning: “Shhh. Dada sleeping”, or if he can’t find his beloved Corduroy, “Cor-roy sleeping”, etc. So, I’ve been working on that issue so that Thomas doesn’t think that lying in bed is an acceptable way to spend one’s day, so now we have a lot of “Dada’s at work today, not sleeping”. So now, in T’s mind, everyone’s at work…or sleeping.

Here’s today’s conversation:
T: Dada work?
Me: Yep, Daddy’s at work. He’s working hard to make sure that when people build new houses and buildings that there’s enough electricity for them.”
T: (Blank stare, then) Yeah! Papa (my dad, T’s Grandpa) work?
Me: Yep, Papa’s at work. He’s working hard to make sure that everyone’s wills and estates are in order. 
T: Yeah! Gigi (my mom, T’s Grandma) work?
Me: Yes, Gigi’s making sure that all the kids at school are healthy.
T: Yeah. Kate work?
Me: Yes, Auntie Kate’s teaching all the kids science and math.
T: Yeah. Mama work?
Me: Yep, Mama works.
T: Puzzles.
Me: (Pause while I try to figure out if my job provides any social good…meh, not really). Yes, I love doing puzzles with you. But I also make people’s websites easy for Google to find, and tell them why they should use social media for their businesses.
T: (Blank stare). Nooooooooo. Puzzles.
Yep, kid. Those puzzles are what’s funding your 529. You’ve got it.


  1. Ha! I love this. So cute 🙂

  2. haha!!!! This is awesome. The world through T’s eyes. 🙂

  3. Love what ticks in their minds! Too cute!

  4. hehe- cute. Although T’s new skill of being quite while others sleep might come in handy with baby 2 this spring.

  5. I love all your explanations. What an adorable moment.