DIY Child Silhouettes

While working on Thomas’s “big” (not big boy – he’s far from one of those, unless you’re asking him, of course) room, I decided that he’d have a vignette above his dresser that included his monthly baby pictures framed (still working on that because it turns out I don’t like most multi-photo frames), a silhouette of my little friend’s profile, and a big “T”.

There are a ton of tutorials on how to DIY a silhouette, but I just did it the way I know how. I snapped a picture of Thomas from the side (harder than it sounds since someone…if I knew who, there’d be hell to pay…taught him that he can see every picture after it’s taken and he doesn’t know to wait until the picture is taken to come running to “See it, see it! Mama? Pease?”. Yeah, I have like 3 pictures of Thomas over the last three months as a result of this fun phase). 
Then I put it into Photoshop, deleted the background, and filled in his profile with black to make it easy to trace – it’s not perfect, but the dark silhouette it produced was enough for me to trace. My favorite way to do this is to use the magnetic lasso tool, select the inverse and delete the background, then select the selection again and color it in black. As you trace this, you’ll even out any imperfections that the lasso tool created – it’s no biggie.
So you print it out and trace the image onto white paper (or, if your home is currently technologically challenged like ours is and you can’t get your computer and printer to “talk” to each other, you can trace it from your computer screen onto paper. It’s time for a tech overhaul over here). This is a good time to add anything that your tracing missed – like little characteristic hairs that stick up or out. Then, attach black cardstock or construction paper to the white piece (tape or staple it in place) and cut carefully around the tracing. Glue, tape or otherwise affix to white cardstock, frame it, and you’re good to go. 
Just waiting for a dresser to hang above, this is Thomas at 19 months: cowlick, baby mullet and a tiny bit of a flat spot that’s still rounding out after his Craniosynostosis surgery. It’s our Tom to a T and I love every square inch of him. Thomas loves it, too. He points to it and says “This Ta-sis. Love Ta-sis”. The kid’s doing just fine in the confidence department.
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  1. This is SO CUTE, Emily. And I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one who can’t get her Computer and Printer to “talk” to each other. Geesh!

    And I’m loving the photo of Thomas where you can see B trying to distract him. Thomas is just such a little cutie.

  2. OH my……….how absolutely adorable. The story and your son!

  3. What a beautiful little head! Love it!

  4. So cute. I wish I knew how to use photoshop. Maybe I’ll take a class some time. What I love most is his “love Ta-sis” reaction. How cute!!

  5. Thomas gets cuter and cuter with each picture you post!

    Alas, my new printer refuses to talk to my laptop. Tres bummer 🙁

  6. I love this idea–though I’m not sure I could actually pull it off!

  7. Great idea! Super cute model!

  8. I totally did this! And made a tutorial too! Ha! But that was when Gabe was like 3 months old. I’ve been wanting to do another one but every time I take my camera out and get his attention, he’s running right up to it putting his face in the lens. I need B to get his attention. From Colorado.

    T is such a freakin cutie pie. I request more pictures of his adorableness stat.