Cheap Retail Therapy

I’ve been kind of crabby about my wardrobe lately. And my attitude is pissing me off because my pet peeve is complaining (and me complaining to just myself counts) pregnant women. So I had a heart to heart with myself to figure out what the problem was and get me out of this funk. The problem is two fold: maternity clothes aren’t made to fit me (I have a boy shape – ribs, waist, hips and butt are all pretty much equal, no curves, and maternity pants are made to be held up by hips and butts, not those expanding bands), and I have spring fever and am sick of snow on the ground and jackets and jeans (plus, as soon as we have warmer weather, I can wear non-maternity skirts and solve problem number 1).

So, while I can’t do a whole lot about maternity pants falling off of me, I realized I can tackle the spring fever but not spring wardrobe problem – accessories don’t depend on hips and weather, right? For my handbag, I’ve carried a Longchamp Le Pliage tote for three years, but the navy and brown I own weren’t doing much for my Spring Fever, and I wanted a more structured bag. 

I turned to Dooney & Bourke for my inspiration, and decided I wanted a bright satchel. I’ve been known to splurge on a classic handbag from very rare time to very rare time, but I’d rather not spend $400 on a bag that’s likely to be out of style come June, so I took a birthday gift card I was given to Charming Charlie and went in search of the colorful, structured bag I decided would solve my crabbiness. And there it was, waiting for me as I walked through the door: Yellow, structured, big enough for a diaper and wipes when I don’t need the full diaper bag, and 50% off at $19.98, I can toss it guiltlessly when it falls apart in a few months. I threw in a pretty sunglasses case to protect my beloved Ray-Bans, paid for everything with my gift card, and was feeling infinitely brighter as I walked out of the store.

(Sorry about the nighttime iPhone pic, it’s been a week technology wise)

A little retail therapy goes a long way sometimes for self-mandated attitude adjustments.  Meanwhile, I’m living in yoga pants and my non-maternity jeans and hoping they button long enough to get me to my spring skirts. 


  1. cute! i love yellow. hope it gets you out of your funk!! 🙂

  2. I have serious maternity clothing issues too…for some reason “longs” in maternity are usually two inches shorter than longs in non-maternity clothes. So, I’m not looking forward to that next time around, but at least this time I won’t have to be in court every day, so I could kick around in yoga pants if I wanted!

  3. I LOVE the yellow bag! It’s easy to get the winter blahs this time of year… pregnant or not! I’m sewing myself a sunglasses case out of left over nursery fabric this week to fix my winter fashion blahs. 🙂

  4. I found dressing the lower half of my body while pregnant to be supremely annoying. One of the things that helped me was a pair of comfort waistband jeans by Lee. It’s normal waistband with a button and zipper, but the band is sewn onto a thick piece of elastic that makes it super stretchy. I was able to wear them buttoned for quite a while, and then unbuttoned until about seven mos or so. Maybe those will help?

  5. Retail therapy is a total must for me. I firmly believe in it.
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  6. Since John buys me black Coach bags every few years, I have to supplement with cheapy clearance Target bags to brighten up my life. I can’t resist the call of a yellow lattice print tote bag for $6.48, ya know? Plus they’ve got side pockets that are the exact size of our sippy cups. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

    Cute bag though and really really cute sunglass(es?) case. My glasses are currently covered in cheerio dust at the bottom of my bag so maybe I should head to Chipper Charlies. Or Charming Chuckies? Oy, why do stores I don’t have sound so foreign???

  7. I’m loving the yellow bag! So very fun!

    As for maternity clothes, blech. Sometimes I wonder who maternity clothes DO fit.

  8. I love the pop of color from your yellow bag. And seriously, you can’t beat the price!