Breakfast Nook with Banquette Seating

If you’ve been reading imperfect from the start, you know that I’ve flip flopped over Banquette Seating for, ohhh…3 1/2 years now. Then, last February we bit the bullet and started construction. Yes, that was almost a year ago.  After much debate, I finally came across a real estate blog that recommended a one wall banquette over a corner banquette for resale (due to difficulty that getting in and out of a corner booth creates) – I’d link to that blog if I still could find it, but interestingly enough, 2 years later, I no longer have a record of it. But back to the banquette – my main concern with this project was always resale – and a vent underneath the window in the nook. Not to mention that one window is fairly low and wouldn’t be great to sit against. So the one wall approach helped to alleviate that venting issue that neither B nor I are handy enough to tackle ourselves, and also made me feel better about the long-term saleability of a banquette.  Still not convinced, though, I realized that we could have a built-in looking bench without actually building it in. Buh-bye resale hang-up, time to get started.  Here’s what we were dealing with:

Just an empty corner nook. The size of the nook prevents a rug from being very practical (vents and doors would open into the size we need), and there was no softness (a white curtain that didn’t photograph well). We needed fabric. We needed some color. We needed seating.

I consulted’s plans to see if she had anything that would fit the bill for a banquette – she had a few bench ideas, but nothing that was what I had in mind. And then I realized that I could modify the plans for the storage bed to make a bench. I did some rough calculations, handed them over to my resident engineer for “approval” (we all know I don’t give two hoots about approval…I just needed my long division checked.) and we were off to Home Depot and Lowes for the parts.

6 months later…we had this.

Don’t be alarmed, the cushion isn’t staying long-term.

I don’t love the cushion. It’s temporary – I cheaped out and bought a thin piece of foam thinking that thickness didn’t matter. Then I made a sloppy cushion out of clearance fabric because I wasn’t sure what I should do for fabric. It will do for now while I’m saving my house money envelope to re-do it…which will cost more in the long-run. Don’t cheap out is the moral of the cushion story.

I made square throw pillows from fabric projects around the house – I love bringing the whole house together with fabric. The geometric green is from my DIY Ottoman/coffee table in the adjoining living room, and the floral is the fabric I used for the kitchen curtains. I stole the grass green ticking from Caroline’s fabric stash with some excuse like, “Your house is blue and yellow, this would look way better at my house”. I’m an excellent daughter.

I’m on the hunt for the perfect (reasonably priced) locker baskets for the six cubbies, so for now this is all the decor that’s happening. But when the baskets are here, I’ll use them for paper plates, smaller appliances that I use less frequently, table linens, and the far end one for Casco’s leash, harness and collar. But in the mean time, it’s a less frequently used cookbook hang-out:

With the banquette complete, and our kitchen recently updated with painted cabinets, new Silestone countertops and a subway tile backsplash, I decided the rest of the nook needed an overhaul, too.

I stumbled across the Jackson Dining Table at World Market last year and took bad phone pics for Mr. B. But we never pulled the trigger. Right before Thanksgiving they had a huge furniture and I snatched up the table, intending to buy the matching chairs for myself as a birthday present in January. But that lasted 12 hours before I ordered almost identical chairs on Overstock. Happy early birthday, I guess?

I’m madly in love with the table and chars. I adore the industrial table pedestal with the more rustic top.

And the metal tub chairs make me smile as I walk down the stairs every morning. B pulled them out of the box when they arrived and said “These are not chairs I ever would have seen and thought, ‘Em will love those.'” But I absolutely love the combination of more industrial with traditional – and I’ve been lusting after a Tolix chair knockoff for years. 

Should we do one more quick before and after?


And after. Well, after-ish. I still need to remove the too-small chalkboard and find a solution for the wall behind the banquette. And then I need to make that blank wall on the right of the photo above our Grand Central station for keys and bags to hang. I’ve got plans, just need to put them into play!

And, if you’re looking for a dose of reality, Thomas’s booster seat is attached to one of the chairs, and there’s usually a dirty dish or two and a toddler art project at any given time:

So that’s the breakfast nook redo with banquette seating. What do you think?


  1. I don’t think I would have seen those chairs and thought of you either, but now that they’re in the room with everything else, I like them a lot, and actually DO see a lot of “you”!

    I think this was a great take on banquette seating–I really love it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow the banquette is fabulous. We have also been trying to figure out how to incorporate a banquette into an area with baseboard heaters in a corner. I also looked to ana white and could not find anything that would work. I LOVE your idea and can’t wait to show the hubs tonight!!!! I also just love that green floral fabric. Do you know what it is called? Lesley

  3. It turned out great! I love those chairs, so awesome.

  4. I love it – storage and lots of seating and so pretty! And fantastic picture of it too 🙂 I can’t wait to see how you change the wall stuff around. Makes me want to switch our living room/dining room arrangement back around so we could do a banquette too!

  5. This looks so awesome! I love love love the table and chairs. So awesome! What a great transformation. The whole area really steals the show, now. =)

  6. It looks so great Emily! I love the industrial look of the table and chairs and it’s not really “my style” either.. but it works!

  7. That fits your space so much better! Great job!

  8. Love it! The table and chairs are great. You did a better job on the cushion than I, I totally would have taken the raw unhemed ends and Velcroed them together on the underside.

  9. Looking great! The space is so much more colorful and welcoming now!! I look forward to seeing what you do with the wall.

  10. Yeah yeah – when do I get to come over? It looks fabulous and the banquette is AWESOME!!

  11. I love it! It looks soo good!

  12. It looks AMAZING. You have such flair!

  13. That looks really great! I love the chairs and the bright colors!

  14. I have the same dining table and chairs (though mine are the Cost Plus version)! Love your nook, it looks so much better!!!

  15. It’s DONE!!! And what a fabulous banquette it is!! Having that storage is, I’m sure, totally amazing. Also… what is that floral fabric called? It’s BEAUTIFUL!!

  16. Love the banquette! And the table. And those chairs. And of course that little cutie keeping it real. Great job!

  17. I think you did a great job!!! Love the dose of reality at the end:) Sounds like our house!!

  18. See, THIS is how you do industrial/rustic/functional the right way (unlike another well-known blog which shall remain nameless). I want your DR set in a bad way! Like, I’d totally do your DR….inappropriate? Yes, always.

    Thomas is just too much adorableness. When are we going to get Quinn & T together for the betrothal?

  19. This turned out great! I love those chairs, so awesome.


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