Oregon: Cannon Beach and Portland

Mr. B, Thomas and I were in Oregon two weeks ago. We were attending the beautiful wedding of a best friend of Mr. B’s…to Mr. B’s 1st grade girlfriend. Scandilous.  But anyway, we took all of your wonderful suggestions to heart and had a wonderful trip.

We flew into Portland, then booked it to Cannon Beach to maximize our time on the coast. And can I just say? I love the Oregon coast. Cape Cod was always my ideal coastal spot, but the Oregon coast is so very similar. And so much closer to Colorado. I’m working on a plan to win the lottery, buy a house on the coast, and move there every summer, but come back to Colorado for the Fall, Winter and Spring. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

We stayed at the Lighthouse Inn right by Haystack Rock. Traveling with Thomas now, I do my very best to book suites when it’s affordable, and this was the most affordable. It was a nice place – but the Trip Advisor reviews warning of thin walls were accurate. But the suite allows us to put TMac to bed and B and I to stay up chatting and drinking yummy Oregon craft beer. These things make us happy, we were made for each other.

Thomas loved the sand just as much as he did in Florida. As we were all walking on the beach I said to B in amazement, “Can you believe that we have a kid who can walk himself on the beach?”. It was mind boggling. We had dinner one night at this fabulous little restaurant called Sweet Basil’s.
B and I split a flight of delicious Oregon wines, but the wine guy (ok, Somellier, but he was way more down to earth and fun than any other Somellier I’ve ever met, so I call him the wine guy) ended up pouring us each our own flight because “You guys are awesome”. Extra -free- wine and an ego boost? Obviously I was smitten.  I told the chef in my flight of eight wines glory “I’m going to tell all my friends about this place!” So there you go. If you find yourself in Cannon Beach, eat and drink at Sweet Basil’s. Oh, and be awesome.

Want to play a game called “Emily was absolutely not intended to live in a land locked state”?. K. Let’s look at my house:

And now let’s look at the pictures I took of Oregon beach houses:

I exclaimed at every turn, “OMG, now THIS is my favorite house”. And B finally said, “Em, these are all gray, white and blue. Let’s just assume they’re all your favorite.”  I just need an ocean in Colorado. And ocean air for my hydrangeas. I thought I had pretty hydrangeas before this trip. Turns out, I didn’t even know what “pretty hydrangeas” looked like.

So then we had to leave the beach. I considered crying, but I visions of Portland craft beer consoled me and I powered through the two hour drive away from what Heaven better look like.

We checked into our hotel and then did the typical B and Emily thing and walked every square inch of downtown Portland before returning to our hotel to put TMac down for a nap.

Have I told you that 14 months is my favorite age? Next week, 15 months will be. Every month is my new favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I miss the immobile, wrinkly, snuggly, nursing newborn stage, too. But this 14 month old is a kick in the pants and thinks he’s super funny. He loves books, walking, kicking balls, throwing balls, playing hide and seek, and his dad and grandpa. But I digress, other than to say, Thomas was awesome on the trip. Except for his sleeping, but we dealt because he was happy despite the lack of sleep

So, this was our first staying-in-a-city-and-trying-to-sightsee trip since we had a kid, so it was slightly different that past city trips. Luckily, the guy at the front desk told us about Jamison Square which was about a 15 minute walk from our hotel. Portland does parks and rec the right way.

Jamison Square is this cute little plaza that fills with water every three minutes to make a wading pool. Then the water drains, cycles through a cleansing system of some sort and refills. I wanted to move to Portland just to spend every day at this park.  We were there frequently to expend some toddler energy. We also hit up Washington Park and the rose garden; the Rogue, Deschutes, Bridgeport and Breakside breweries, Powell Books and VooDoo Donuts. Oh, and the wonderful, intimate wedding of our friends (shhh, I stole this picture from Facebook. Don’t tell, FB picture stealing is one of my pet peeves)!

Thomas was allowed to wear “real” clothes for the occasion of this wedding, only. I’m not a huge fan of dressing babies as adults (it’s a controversial stance, apparently, but whatevs). And, I’m not going to lie, I kind of loved him in a collared shirt.  But it’s back to cotton t-shirts, onesies, and knit rompers, pants and shorts for Lil’ Tom for awhile.

And, on our last day in Portland, we were all a little over the downtown portion of the city. We loved it, but after three days it was feeling like a big Boulder, so we drove up to the gorgeous falls and had a wonderful day.

So that was our Oregon trip. We had a blast. I’d totally live there. Oh yeah. And the no sales tax thing? Big plus for Oregon.


  1. super jealous right here. I love cannon beach. Hope you had a blast!

  2. You have such a beautiful family, Emily. I’m just kicking myself that we weren’t around there at the same time. Wouldn’t it have been awesome to meet up for dinner and a flight of wine?

    Looks like a lovely time. I’m also trying to figure out how to move to Oregon on the coast. It’s quite lovely.

  3. Deschutes brewery is J’s favorite by FAR. I cannot tell you how many Black Butte Porter empties are currently in our garage!

    PS- I have heard that So. Oregon winters are similar to Colorado. Just sayin’ 😉

  4. YAY! So glad you had an awesome trip! You managed to do some of my most favorite things. Glad T was a decent traveler.

  5. Now I realllllly want to go to Oregon. It looks awesome! The coast! And Jamison Square! Those things alone are enough to convince me. And I’m pretty sure the craft beer will be enough to convince Torsten.

  6. Looks like you guys had a great trip! Portland and the NW coast are on my list of must-travel-to since we live closer to the west than the east. I can’t believe how big Thomas is getting!

  7. What a fun trip! I’ve always wanted to go to Oregon! Maybe someday….. Love the pics of Thomas! He is adorable as ever!

  8. Glad you had a great trip. Thomas is so cute in that shirt- but I can see why it would be unpractical for daily life. I love gray shingled house, even better with a front porch, and hydrangeas …we were split at birth clearly. I have told John my plans of a “big ass bank” of hydrangeas behind the pool.

  9. When did Thomas get so big? And handsome? I adore his blonde hair. And I’m now going to spend my days trying to find a wading pool as awesome as that one.

  10. PS – Thanks again for tagging us on the meme post. I posted today.

  11. Ah, your post made me homesick! I’m from Portland (now living in Austin), and my grandparents have a place right on the beach in Cannon Beach that I loooove to visit. So glad you had a great trip! The NW is amazing this time of year.

  12. Oregon looks beautiful! I have never been. Thanks for letting me travel vicariously through you guys! Thomas is getting so big! 🙂

  13. I would have given you guys an extra flight too because I think you’re awesome too. Can we go on vacation together or is that weird? Ha. I want to have little dudes walking on the beach together in age-appropriate comfy baby clothes. Although I’ll allow baby jeans, for most days, I like G to look as young as possible. Speaking of babes, that picture of T&B on the hotel bed is so so good. And the one of T in the gray sweatshirt looking up, in disbelief, I love it. You guys are all too cute for life.

  14. I have always wanted to go to Portland. Now I want to go even more. Glad you had such a great time!