Bridal Shower Season

My college roommate is getting married in September. She and I have been through a lot together – she hid in the corner of our room in the sorority house when Mr. B and I had our first window chat (he lived in the Fraternity next door to mine – story here). I edited every single paper she ever wrote in college. She picked me up from numerous Greek sporting events that ended in sprained ankles. I held her hand through a few college heartbreaks and she held my hair through a few college nights.  I’m very excited for her wedding.

So anyway, I know that Brie’s favorite wedding gift to give is champagne flutes. She loves to give a couple something to toast special events with. In general I choose to play it safe and go off a couple’s registry, but when you’ve lived with someone for four years, I think it’s okay to be creative. So I took my knowledge of Brie’s favorite gift to giveand personalized it. I found an Etsy seller who does hand etching and custom ordered flutes with Brie and Brian’s soon-to-be monogram and their wedding date.

 I was super impressed with the glasses when they arrived – would absolutely recommend this Etsy seller.

They’re very excited about their 9-10-11 wedding date – so I definitely wanted to include it in their gift.

I enclosed a note for the happy couple:

And wrapped the whole thing up in my favorite way – in brown paper pacakges tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite thiiings!

Any great wedding or shower gift ideas you’ve seen recently?


  1. What a great idea! I love giving personalized gifts too. Lately, I have been creating framed prints of the couple’s new last name. I am working on one now, I’ll have to post pictures this weekend!

  2. What a thoughtful gift! I’m usually a registry fan, but I think if you can do something you KNOW the person will like, you can verge off the beaten path.

  3. What a cute gift! 9-10-11 must be a really popular wedding day.. because Ms Prissy Paige is getting married that day and also my friend from college.

  4. Awesome Idea! Loved it… !
    I have such a hard time choosing gifts for weddings, so I mostly end up giving what I’d like to get.
    Last Time I did monogrammed bathrobes, and they seemed to love it! and I was Glad they liked it.

  5. I’m usually a registry girl too but I always like to add a little something to personalize it. Or in this case, you know they’ll love. You’re a fine shower attendee!

  6. What a thoughtful gift and note! I am sure they will love it!

  7. Great idea, they look really nice. I like to get something from the registry and then something I know the person/couple will like- preferably something personalized.

  8. LMAO @ “she held my hair through a few college nights”. This is why I heart you 24/7.

    I wish someone would’ve gifted us these for our wedding–they’re beautiful. Sure beats the DIY wedding snowglobe we got from a distant aunt. No joke.

  9. Those are fantastic! In general, I think that getting something that is personalized or handmade from etsy is always appreciated. Plus, its nice being able to help out small business owners.