Bookshelves for the Nursery

Thomas’s room is pretty much as you saw it in July.  The mattress is lower, but otherwise the room hasn’t changed.  But I’ve been on the lookout for a bookcase for Tom’s room – something that wouldn’t take up much floor space because the room is small, and something that wouldn’t take up much wall space because I love the board and batten and want that to be the room’s focus (thus the lack of artwork).

Originally, I had planned for B and I to make Thomas some library style bookshelves (copies of PBK bookshelves) via  But, if you’ll recall, we’re building the banquette in the kitchen and you still haven’t seen photos because we’re not done yet.  And I kind of wanted Thomas to have these bookshelves before he leaves for college.  So when I saw knock-offs of the Pottery Barn bookshelves on Target’s website (on sale at the time for $52 each) I jumped.  And I love them.

I love the slim profile. I love that they take up almost no floor space. I love that they don’t take away from or block the board and batten we love so much. I love that they display some of our favorite books forward facing for easy selection. 

Every night before bed, B, Thomas, Casco and I play and read books on the floor of Thomas’s room.  And our new shelves are the perfect complement to that little routine that we love.


  1. How beautiful!

  2. Those are great! I’m having the same issue–such a SMALL room, but a need for storage!

  3. Aw, those look really cute! 🙂

  4. Those look great! I just love Target!

  5. Oh, they’re so great! Such a perfect choice. And they fit so nicely with the board and batten.

  6. Love these shelves and what a great price you scored.

  7. Love these! I think bookshelves with the books displayed are perfect for nurseries….not that I am an expert on this yet….but I am thinking the same thing!

  8. Those are a great addition to the room Emily!

  9. Cracking me up – getting them done before college. 😉

    They look great. They really blend well with the whole room. I love that this nursery is so cozy, styled, but unpretentious. It’s great.

    PS – I want to see banquette progress, mmmkay? I’m really curious how it’s going.

  10. beautiful room. the shelves are such a great idea. 🙂

  11. Great find! Gotta love when you can find a Target knock off! 🙂

  12. That’s great- they blend right in. And on a deal- even better! Will they hold enough books? They don’t look very deep?